Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 144


There was a sound of something falling in the quiet conference room between conversations.

When the nobles turned toward the sound, they silently picked up the minutes of the meeting that the Second Prince sat on the top of the floor.


Emperor Yovanes raised his eyebrows by a completely unexpected name.

"Yes, Gallahan"s daughter......, she is the childhood friend of the second prince."

The eyes that had shifted to the emperor once again turned to Perez.

As always, the second prince silently drew the gaze with a mask on his face.

"That"s right, that kid."

"But it"s not Gallahan, are you saying you"re going to put that girl in charge?"

The emperor asked wonderfully.

The same was true of the nobles.

But Lulac answered without embarrassment because he was already expecting such a response.

"Clarivan Pellet of Pellet Corporation, who now has a large volume of triva wood, is a teacher who has taught Florentia for a long time. My granddaughter acts as a bridge between Lombardi and Pellet."

"Even so....... Hmm."

Despite his explanation, Yovanes" continued frowning made Lulac feel uncomfortable at heartily.

He"ll spend his money helping the North with his granddaughter.

He don"t know what"s wrong with him.

In addition, this was due to the emperor"s opening of the treasury.

But he came forward because he knew Yovanes was as stingy with spending his money as the aristocrats gathered here.

He suddenly wanted to cancel everything and save money, but he endured it for Tia"s sake.

Lulac hid his disapproving expression and told the crowd.

"My granddaughter is young, but she"s smart enough to believe in Lombardi"s main business. This Lombardi delivery business is also her work."

"Oh, the delivery business!"

"The business was Gallahan"s daughter"s!"

Fortunately, there was an explosive reaction among the nobles.

All of them visited the delivery business briefing room at least once.

The corners of Lulac"s mouth crept up without anyone knowing.

His shoulders naturally shrugged, and his nose slightly raised.

"Sure Lombardi! Not only the children, but the grandchildren are wonderful!"

"We don"t have any worries, go to Lombardi!"

The atmosphere of the conference hall, which had been rigidly stiff, was loosened for a moment.

Lulac also smiled and nodded secretly because he didn"t hate the reaction of those praising his granddaughter.


In the middle of that amicable moment, Emperor Yovanes could not smile as comfortably.

Obviously, the center of the conference hall is him, the emperor, and before he knew it, the initiative of the atmosphere was transferred to Lombardi again.

In addition, Lulac Lombardi, who was elated for having a good afterthought, looked up.

Lombardi stepped up and gave it to him, so he can"t stand still.

After a moment of agony, Emperor Yovanes hid his grumpy temper and said with a nice smile.

"The imperial family will send 5,000 gold and relief goods to the north. And if you need anything else, I"m willing to send someone in charge of the imperial family with supplies."

The imperial family is in charge.

Whose name will be called, people are paying keen attention.

Yovanes" gaze was also busy sweeping the crowd.

He is choosing the appropriate personnel to be appointed as the person in charge.

Then, there was a young and strong voice.

"I"ll go north, Your Majesty."

It was Perez.

"I"ve traveled north for a long time, just like the east. I am well aware of the geography of the area, and I will do my best to facilitate the support on behalf of you."


Yovanes" complexion brightened up.

Yes, there was a second prince.

Lulac Lombardi is proud of his granddaughter, but the second prince is his son.

The emperor grinned and said.

"Yes, that"s very reliable! I"ll order the Second Prince to be in charge of the Northern Relief Project. Take care of the North for me."

And, as you can see, the reaction of the aristocrats.

"Yes, Your Majesty, leave it to me."

The eyes of the aristocrats who looked at the second Prince politely bowed, were quite to Yovanes" liking.

Surely the second prince was different from the first prince.

No matter what he does, he was able to trust him because he was so smart.

It would have been better if he had been born in the body of the empress, not a maid of humble commoners.

It was quite a shame that the obstacle of being born that he couldn"t overcome.

"Then let"s move on to the next agenda. Next item on the agenda is......."

Emperor Yovanes, who was reading the list of agenda items posted by the chairman of the aristocratic council, spoke out.

It was because it was an issue that he wanted to avoid.

"Time to determine the cause and punishment of the landslide, Your Majesty."

In case Yovanes slipped over, Lulac quickly announced in a polite voice.

"A landslide is a natural disaster, but what can we do to find the cause? The important thing is to rebuild the North as soon as possible......."

"Please take a look at this."

Lulac Lombardi handed over some thin documents.

"What is this?"

"The reason there was so little human damage from this landslide is that a geologist hired by the Pellet Corporation was investigating near the northern mines, predicting the landslide in advance, and alerting the Patriarch Ivan to the danger. It is a copy of the report."

"Is that... is that true."

Yovanes asked deputy Patriarch Ivan.

"Yes, Your Majesty. I asked my father to confirm it."

"The geologist"s report clearly states two causes: The first is high precipitation, and the second is excessive logging. And as the scholar had expected, there was a huge landslide."


"I mean, landslides in the north are a man-made disaster."

Yovanes showed discomfort by keeping his mouth shut.

How can we not know that Angenas has been holding hands with Ivan and logging too hard?

But he didn"t want to punish Angenas.

It was no sympathy for the Empress who lay in bed with her food and drink.

It was a matter of pride.

It was impervious that Angenas, the imperial family, was punished for this.

"Deputy Patriarch Ivan."

"......Yes, Your Majesty."

"What do you think?"

Of course, it"s a natural disaster.

Emperor Yovanes laughed inwardly.

Who in the world wants to be punished.

"I am..... We, Ivan, will be punished with atonement from your Majesty and the people of the provinces."


The emperor was embarrassed and asked again.

"Will you be punished?"

"Yes, Your Majesty. Despite the pressure of Angenas, Ivan was the first to fail to fulfill his duty to consider the interests of the people of the land and the people of the North."

Deputy Patriarch Ivan, who watched Lulac Lombardi with a dry mouth in tension, continued to talk.

"To reflect on this, Ivan will not cut any more logging than is necessary for the lives of the people of the country for the next five years, nor will he make any profit by trading out of the territory."

"Are you going to give up forestry for the next five years?"


The Ivan family chose to throw the book at themselves.

Forestry was one of the most profitable businesses in the North.

But he can"t believe they gave it up.

"And I humbly accept your punishment if you do."

This was Ivan"s fault before the Emperor, as if he was lying on his stomach.

Emperor Yovanes clicked his tongue inside.

Now that Ivan has come out like this, if Angenas goes over without any punishment, there will be no choice but to talk about equity.

In addition, a little while ago, Deputy Patriarch Ivan even mentioned the "pressure of Angenas."

Yovanes had to punish Angenas in some form.

Before he knew it, the nobles were quiet.

Everyone is waiting for the emperor"s words.

And then, Perez spoke in a low voice.

"How about an amercement?"


"Yes, I think that would be appropriate."

The amercement was the lightest and most dignified punishment a nobleman could afford.

Sure enough.

Lulac Lombardi said in a low voice.

"The walls collapsed and there were casualties. It"s not just about an amercement."

"Isn"t the amercement also depend on the amercement?"

Perez retorted Lulac"s words.

And looking at Emperor Yovanes, he said.

"I think it would be meaningful to impose a high amercement and add a certain amount of money to the reconstruction work in the North, Your Majesty."

"That"s a great idea!"

Emperor Yovanes slapped his knee and said.

If such an amercement is imposed, it will save the public"s reputation and honor of the imperial family.

Yovanes hurriedly declared before further opposition.

"We will impose an amercement of 10,000 gold on the Angenas family and use half of that, 5,000 gold, for reconstruction work in the north."

There is no room for further discussion, as the order of desolation has already been made.

Lulac stared silently at the second prince.

He doesn"t like him.

From going with Florentia in the north to claiming the amercement a while ago, he"s not happy.

No, he hasn"t liked anything since the first day he saw Perez at the falling annex.

Even though Perez may not be unaware of Lulac"s hostile gaze, Perez looked at Lulac and smiled uncharacteristically.

Not much on the surface, but Perez is in a good mood now.

It was also the case that he could go with Tia to the North, but most of all, the empress and Angenas spent a large sum of 10,000 gold.

He was worried that he didn"t have enough triba wood that he has saved so far to dry Angenas" money completely.

An amercement of 10,000 gold to be paid immediately was a very reasonable amount.

Perez smiled silently as he walked out after the emperor leaving the conference room.

* * *

"10,000 gold....."

Hearing the results of the conference, Empress Lavini bit her lip.

Normally, if it was an amercement, it would be said that the operation worked, but not now.

The funds were far short.

"Shall we... dispose of the estate?"

Duigi Angenas, who was wary, asked cautiously.

"......that"s the only way, isn"t it?"

Empress Lavini replied in a cool voice.

The family that owns the largest manor in the West has a representative qualification.

So disposing of land was a last resort.

But at the moment, no other sharp moves were seen.

"Then send a letter to the other families in the West......."


The empress stopped Duigi and approached the desk.

And picked up a letter that arrived in front of her a few days ago.

Empress Lavini, who had felt the smooth texture of fine paper, told Duigi.

"If we sell any more land to Western families, your position may be dangerous, Duigi."

"So...... what should I do?"

"Someone who would not pose a threat to our leadership, even if they had a Western land document. I"ll have to hand it over to them."

The empress muttered something unexpected and sat right in front of her desk and held up a flag pen.

Then a moment later, she held out a tightly sealed purple envelope to Duigi.

"Send this letter to Sushou."

"I couldn"t find anything strange. It would be a waste of time to investigate the pellet market anymore."

Lignite spoke to Perez in a very low voice.

"What the hell are you looking for? If you let me know, the investigation would be much easier."

"......I don"t know exactly what it is. But something"s not right."

Lignite sighed softly at Perez"s response.

However, he did not complain.

Perez"s instincts were always frighteningly beaten.

That is why he patiently followed the orders despite Perez" unfounded suspicion of the Pellet Corporation.

"It"s definitely weird. A merchant can"t resist money and release it as a relief package at the expense of losses. It"s a political move."

When he heard that triva wood, which had only been piled up hard, was eventually used for reconstruction in the north, Lignite doubted his ears.

With Angenas buying wood with their eyes open, the tree could have brought astronomical returns.

"What in the world did Pellet get by giving it up?"

"Find out more about Pellet, especially Clarivan Pellet. Then all the pieces will be put together."

It was just when Perez ordered it.

"All set for departure, Your Highness Second Prince."

The servant of the palace approached and announced.

"......then have a safe trip, Your Highness."

Lignite bowed his head politely as if he had spoken informally.

Perez received the greeting and asked the servant.

"Did you hear from the selection team?"

"Yes, they say there"s nothing wrong."

"Are you ready to protect the rear guard?"

"We"re all set to leave the rear wing exactly three hours after the departing of the procession."

"Are all the conveniences for Lady Lombardi prepared?"

"......Yes, Your Highness."

They can"t believe he"s taking care of the Lady"s convenience.

Is he not trusting us?

A moment of disappointment flashed across the face of the servant.

But that"s also for a while.

"Good job."

As he said so, the regrets of him to Perez, who touched his shoulder, were all blown away.

"Everyone"s ready and waiting. What are you doing there, Your Highness Second Prince?"

Florentia, who had been in the carriage earlier, couldn"t hold it in the end and came up with a quick walk and asked.

"We won"t start going until the sun has fallen."

Seeing that her eyes were not smiling at all, she seemed very dissatisfied with Perez.

But she looked pretty, too, and Perez said, swallowing a smile.

"...sorry, Lady Lombardi. We"ll be on our way."

Perez politely escorted Florentia back to the carriage.

And he said, getting on the same carriage afterwards.

"Let"s go."

The carriage doors closed, and the procession carrying relief supplies for the North began to move slowly.

The back of a luxurious large carriage specially prepared by Peres" request.

Perez"s empty carriage"s horses, which did not carry its owner, made a loud noise and rolled his feet lightly.