Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 143

"I am even more grateful to hear such comfort from the young Lady."

Deputy Patriarch Ivan spoke to me in a slightly dazed voice.

"Not because she"s my granddaughter, but she"s just an adult, but she"s very broad-minded and smart."

My grandfather secretly compliments me next to me.

"This Lombardi delivery business is also her work."

"Oh, is that so?"

The eyes of Deputy Patriarch Ivan, who looks back at me, have changed.

I smiled and pointed to the seat where the tea was ready.

"I have a tea ready to help you sleep well. I"ll tell you while drinking."

The tea I chose myself is actually a calming tea rather than a good night"s sleep.

Certainly working, Deputy Patriarch Ivan, who sat down and sipped a few cups of tea, clearly improved his complexion.

His face, which seemed to be frozen, melted warm and soft.

It"s just as good to poke and go down on its own.

"How is the damage situation?"

As Deputy Patriarch Ivan had said before arriving, my grandfather first started the rhyme.

"Fortunately, so far, there aren"t that many casualties. But......."

Deputy Patriarch Ivan unexpectedly candidly spoke of the situation.

"At this rate, we"re not sure whether the people of the land will be able to farm properly in the spring after winter."

"What"s wrong with farming now? You"ll have to worry about getting through the winter right now. The winters in the north are harsh."

"......that"s true."

Deputy Patriarch Ivan"s shoulders drooped further down.

And I could be sure when I saw it.

He stopped by the empress" palace early this morning, and his relationship with the empress is not the same as before.

If he had still had a strong relationship with Angenas, Deputy Patriarch Ivan would have kept his eyes on me and grandpa until the end.

Indeed, the Empress cannot continue to be faithful to Ivan, who can no longer procure triva trees.

It"s no wonder they don"t fight with blood in their necks, putting off responsibility for the landslide.

Anyway, what"s important now is that Ivan, the head of the North, is now in a kites-like position.

"The Ivans were rash in this case. You should"ve done enough logging. They say the walls can be rebuilt, but what about those who have fallen victim to the landslide?"

Grandfather said in a stern voice.

I quickly sided with Deputy Patriarch Ivan.

"Nobody knew it would rain so much, Grandpa."

"But a lord must be prepared for such a situation."

It"s not really my grandfather and I at odds.

Just stick to the role, according to the pre-arranged script.

Instead of scaring and screaming on one side, cover and soothe the other.

Then the target person naturally leans emotionally on the one who protects him and listens to him.

"It"s no use arguing now, Grandpa. The most important thing is to get people back to their original lives quickly. Isn"t it, Deputy Patriarch Ivan?"

Let"s cover up the past and come up with a solution.

It"s a favorite word for people who have responsibility.

Deputy Patriarch Ivan was no different.

"Yes, families in the North are now focusing on damage recovery."

"And to help you with that, I asked to meet Deputy Patriarch Ivan today."

"I can"t believe you"re helping...."

"The most necessary thing to make the North the same again is wood, right?"

"Yes, that"s right."

"But you can"t do active logging because you"re worried about a landslide again."

"The roads to the unbroken logging grounds were blocked by landslides of course......."

"Oh, my God......."

I said it after I put in a twist.

"Clarivan Pellet, the owner of Pellet Corporation, is my teacher who taught me from an early age. And fortunately, there is a large amount of triva woods that was not used by Pellet Corporation. We"re thinking of selling the wood at cost due to the dire circumstances of the North."

Actually, it wasn"t Clarivan"s, but I wanted to do that.

"Is that true? Do, as much as money. No, it"s a little hard right now, but if you give me time, I can pay for it!"

Deputy Patriarch Ivan was delighted.

Ivan is by no means a poor estate.

But they can"t spend a lump sum of money right now when mining, agriculture and forestry, which are central industries, are all closed.

"You can let go of those worries a little. Half of that timber will be purchased by our Lombardi and sent to the north as relief supplies."

"Oh, no, that"s a lot of money......."

Surprised by what I said, Deputy Patriarch Ivan quickly stopped talking.

He realized that the people he"s facing now were none other than Lombardi.

In fact, that amount doesn"t affect Lombardi"s finances even if we spend ten times.

Deputy Patriarch Ivan hesitated and lowered his head slightly.

"It"s embarrassing, but Lombardi"s help...... I"ll take it. Thank you."

And the voice that was continuing to speak was dull.

"I"ve been asking for help from place to place all day today, but I"ve only been rejected....... How should I express this feeling?...."

Deputy Patriarch Ivan said facing my grandfather.

Grandfather spoke in a relaxed voice to such a Ronchent Ivan.

"What am I looking for? This child has full control over this work."


Ronchent Ivan, who was about the same age as my father, looked at me and muted.

"Thank you, Lady Lombardi."

"Natural disasters can happen to any of us. We should help each other at times like this."

"If there"s anything that Ivan can do to repay you......."

Yeah, that"s it!

This is exactly what I wanted to hear!

With a slight smile, I sneaked out the main points that I prepared for this occasion.

"There"s one thing, then......."

"What is that?"

Deputy Patriarch Ivan asked as if to say anything.

"I hope that tomorrow"s conference will take measures to make sure it doesn"t happen again. The best way would be for everyone responsible for this landslide to be properly punished."

"If it"s punishment...."

"Of course, the North has already paid the price of landslides, so now it"s time to focus on reconstruction."


Deputy Patriarch Ivan"s gaze shook again.

Help keep the Empress and Angenas in check.

He understand what I"m saying.

"I guess it"s my turn to talk."

My grandfather, who had been listening quietly to the conversation between me and Deputy Patriarch Ivan, said.

Grandfather then began to tell the Deputy Patriarch Ivan what he had to say at the conference.

The Deputy Patriarch, who was listening silently, later nodded.

Those words are not unreasonable at all, and as he heard, there were definitely words that Ivan could say.

"See you tomorrow, then."

Deputy Patriarch Ivan greeted my grandfather politely and left the office.

Grandfather and I, who were left alone again, enjoyed silence for a while.

And my grandfather said to me with a grin.

"That"s pretty good."

I also told my grandfather.

"And my grandfather."

"What? Hahaha!"

Grandfather"s laughter roared in his office.

My grandfather, who smiled loudly to the point of wrinkles on his face, patted my head.

"Yes, you are my granddaughter. I can see that you"re roasting and boiling Deputy Patriarch Ivan today."

The granddaughter of the grandfather.

It makes me cry every time I hear it.

I swallowed that mind and smiled instead.

"I was just showing off with Lombardi"s stuff, well."

To me shrugging, my grandfather said with a strange look.

"Well, what"s wrong with Lombardi being condescending with Lombardi"s."

"Ha ha!"

This time it was my turn to laugh out loud.


My grandfather is cool.

A conference was held to discuss northern relief.

Although some aristocrats were dissatisfied with it because it had already been a regular meeting a few days ago.

No one had the guts to complain openly in the presence of the emperor and even the two princes.

However, the hall was a little noisy because many of the nobles were talking to Astana on the excuse of the obituary of Angenas.

"How heartbroken you are, Your Highness First Prince."

"It"s a little sad, but I"m fine. But my mother is so heartbroken that she hasn"t been eating and drinking and can"t get up."

Astana, who appeared in black mourning, was parroting the same words.

"Now let"s start the meeting."

At the emperor"s words, the nobles returned to their seats and exchanged glances.

They were the second thing to be disappointed by their quick wit.

Angenas is aware of what they are trying to get at the risk of not attending the conference, and is thinking about which line to take.

After a while, the contest began and the emperor immediately got down to business and said his first words.

"Tell me what you"ve been thinking."

However, there was no one who stood up to speak.

In the midst of silence, an aide to Angenas, the Baraport family, spoke.

"Like the last drought in the East, why don"t we cut taxes in the north?"


Emperor Yovanes frowned disapprovingly.

Less tax means less treasury after all.

The aristocrats who actually gave their opinions had nothing to lose.

"Is there anything else you can do?"

There was silence in the hall again.

At this rate, it really seemed to open the imperial pocket and help the North.

But that doesn"t mean they can"t pretend they don"t know the North.

Emperor Yovanes was in a hurry when he saw Deputy Patriarch Ivan sitting there with a firm complexion.

"What a disappointment to the lords! Is this what"s best for you!"

"Your Majesty."

At the end of the furious Yovanes rant, Lulac Lombardi slowly rose from his seat.

"Oh, something Lombardi."

The emperor welcomed such Lulac with a big smile.

Yeah, Lombardi can"t just ignore it.

Yovanes" eyes glistened with anticipation.

Looking at the crowd with calm eyes, Lulac Lombardi said in a loud voice.

"We, Lombardi, have spent a lot of time thinking about the way in which the relief would be carried out, because we can"t just wait to see the tragedy of the old friend and ally of the North."

Old friends? Friend?

The nobles looked at Deputy Patriarch Ivan with puzzled faces.

Until the last conference, Ivan was a member of the empress" side.

Perhaps the First Prince even tried to divert the eastern subsidies to the north.

But a few days later, the northern part of the empire, including Ivan, was saying Lombardi was an ally.

What the hell was going on?

The nobles looked at Lulac Lombardi with round eyes.

"As a result, Lombardi will work with Pellet Corporation to provide large amounts of triva wood for rapid reconstruction in the North, and we will send five key technicians to the North to help with the smooth reconstruction."

Lombardi in the center moves so suddenly in the far and far north.

The crowd roared at the unconventional remarks.

But Lulac Lombardi went on regardless of that.

"And the whole process will be managed and supervised directly in Lombardi by sending a person in charge to Ivan"s estate."

"Oh, you"re in charge. You"re going to do something very important. Who"s in charge, Patriarch Lombardi?"

Yovanes asked in a curious voice, half-waisted from the backrest.

Then Lulac, who smiled once more, said with a proud voice.

"Yes, Your Majesty. The person in charge of this relief effort is Florentia Lombardi, the daughter of Gallahan Lombardi, the granddaughter of Lulac Lombardi."