Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 141

"Well, I"d like to hear what my granddaughter"s good idea is."

Grandfather told me.

First of all, the response is not bad.

To be honest, I swallowed a sigh of relief, with a nervous heart.

Using the authority of the direct-line household to engage in Lombardi"s work, and to make suggestions to grandfather about what happened in the north are quite different stories.

I took my breath indisputably and then carefully took my chance.

"In fact, sometimes Sir Clarivan asks me for my opinions about the affairs of the superiors."


My grandfather said with his eyes wide open as if it was unexpected.

Clarivan is one of the few people grandfather admits.

But it hard to believe that Clarivan is discussing things with me.

I continued, feeling that my grandfather"s eyes looking at me changed a little.

"Yes, and that"s what happened this morning. About the landslides in the north."

"Umm. Yeah, Tia, you heard it too."

"It"s a shame."

Grandfather nodded at my gloomy face.

"So I was discussing a few things, and I thought it would be a good opportunity for Pellet and Lombardi."

Grandfather stared at me for a moment without saying anything.

It was far from my grandfather"s usual appearance, who looked at me and burst into laughter, saying, "Huh!"

It was more serious and deeper than ever.

"I have a question before that, Tia."

Grandfather spoke to me in a low voice.

"What do you think our Lombardi should do after seeing this landslide in the North?"

"Helping the North. It"s been devastated by a landslide."

Fortunately, Patriarch Ivan accepted Violet"s words and there were no more disastrous casualties than in my previous life.

Still, many people have lost their homes.

"I don"t think we should turn a blind eye to the crisis in the region, which is one of the pillars of the empire."

"How come? It"s far away and it has nothing to do with us."

"The empire is divided into East, West, South, North, and Central, but it is never divided again."

Like it or not, the families are all intertwined with all sorts of ties and deals.

We should not sit back and do nothing about the far north.

"If we look at the mines right now, we"re going to have to get the north back to normal so that our Lombardi mining industry can get back to normal. Roll up our sleeves and step up to the plate to help. But."


"But I"m sure there"s a way for Lombardi to benefit from helping the North."

Grandfather nodded with a "hum" sound and asked.

"So what was the first priority in helping the North?"


I did not hesitate to answer immediately.

"The first priority should be to help rebuild the people of the North so that they can rise again on their own. And if there"s one more thing......It would be taking responsibility."


Grandfather rubbed his short beard and spoke in a low voice.

"Yes, The Ivan family has greatly increased logging. The great lords are responsible for them."

"Aside from Ivan, I think there is one more family to share responsibility for the landslide, I think."

I looked at my grandfather with eyes that didn"t contain laughter.

"What do you think, grandpa?"

"......It"s good to be so reassuring to hear that I and my granddaughter have the same thought."

My grandfather, who paused for a while, smiled secretly.

I also spoke in a much brighter voice.

"Of course, helping the North rebuild safely will come first!"

"Of course, of course!"

"And in the process, Lombardi is showing off!"

"What kind of showing off do you mean?"

Grandfather asked, crossing his hands on the armrest of the chair.

It was one of my grandfather"s habits when he concentrated.

"The Pellet Corporation has a lot of triva wood, Grandpa. Sir Clarivan wants to return the woods back to the North."

"That"s what Clarivan was thinking. Well, it"s uncharacteristic, but it."

Grandfather said so and smiled.

"Right? If he sell it to Angenas now, it"ll be worth the price."

If it was in Clarivan"s character, he would probably hand over the woods to Angenas without hesitation.

After receiving a huge amount of money.

Now that the supply and demand of triva trees in the north are uncertain, Angenas will rush in with his eyes lit, so he can take his part.

But I"m the one who has the final say in Pellet Corporation.

And triva wood was collected from the beginning in preparation for this landslide.

Money that could have been earned was not a waste at all.

Because there"s a greater purpose than earning Angenas" money.

"Sir Clarivan intends to resell the triva tree owned by Pellet to the northern families, including the Ivans, for reconstruction. It"s a price that doesn"t leave any transportation costs. And I"d like Lombardi to join here."

"It"s not just Lombardi"s talking about buying wood and sending it to the north."

"Isn"t the presence of an engineer as much as durable materials are needed at the disaster site, Grandpa?"

"You mean the civil engineers of Lombardi Construction."

Great grandfather.

He point out my thoughts right away.

"Of course, they"re busy with the Angenas development project, but......."

I muttered so small that I read my grandfather"s mind.

Sure enough.

My grandfather"s face hardened slightly when the story of the Angenas development project came out.

Not only did Viege sign an absurd contract to receive the payment later, but now that the supply and demand of woods has been disrupted, the construction itself is uncertain.

I"m sure my grandfather has a lot on his mind.

But that"s also for a while.

Grandfather soon spoke in a calm voice.

"It"s time for some engineers to leave for the west as a latecomer. If they stay in the north for a while, it won"t be a big problem."


"Yes, I will send a letter to Clarivan."

All right, then.

This leaves the North, especially the Ivans, deeply indebted to both Lombardi and Pellet.

"Oh, that sounds cool."

"What do you mean, cool?"

"At the conference a few days later. I thought it would be so cool if my grandfather said, "The Lombardi will help the North." like this!"

A different level of coolness from other nobles who fear they will be robbed of every penny for relief!

That"s Lombardi!

"Huh, that it"s."

My grandfather laughed as if he didn"t hate what I said.

I suggested while I was at it.

"Before the conference, why don"t you call in Deputy Patriarch Ivan yourself and tell him? The good news is that you"re supposed to tell it to his face!"

I don"t know if there"s a saying, but it is!

Grandfather thought about my words for a moment and said.

"Then will you try?"


"Would you like to speak to Deputy Patriarch Ivan yourself?"

I was really surprised this time.

Deputy Patriarch Ivan himself, but he"s the one with the official "Deputy Patriarch" business card.

Talk to someone like that in person.

This is a huge job.

I looked at my grandfather who was waiting for me without rushing me.

What kind of answer does Grandpa think I"ll give?

What expectations does he still have beyond his friendly face?

I answered,

"If you"ll leave it to me, I"ll give it a good look, Grandpa."

At that moment, a big smile spread all over my grandfather"s face.

"Yes, I"ll leave it up to you, Tia."

Grandfather tapped me on the shoulder and said.

* * *

Deputy Patriarch Ivan, Roncent Ivan, sat in the reception room of the Empress" Palace with a stiff face.

After hearing the sad news at yesterday"s conference, he was so distracted that he didn"t know how time would have passed.

After returning from the palace to the mansion, Roncent was able to get a little more detailed correspondence from his father, Patriarch Ivan.

Fortunately, there were not many casualties compared to the size of the landslide.

It was said that it was thanks to someone at the Pellet Corporation for warning in advance.

The bridge connecting the trade route was broken, and the walls of some important citadel in the north collapsed.

However, such things can be restored as long as the people of the land are safe.

In that sense, it could be said that this landslide was sent by heaven.

But apart from that, Loncent"s mind was heavy.

It was the will of heaven that there was a lot of rain that had never been before, but it was man"s fault to indiscriminately cut down trees in the mountains.

It was decided by the Ivan family.

Other families were also attracted to provide the woods to Angenas.

In addition to the Ivan family"s land, the tree was cut down in the mountains owned by other families.


Due to the landslide, members of the Ivan family were feeling responsible.

It was the same with Roncent Ivan.

It was Roncent who recently sent a letter saying that logging should be increased to meet the demands of Angenas.

However, he did not visit the Empress Palace to resent Angenas.

Earlier this morning, there was a letter arriving from Ivan.

Upon receiving it, Roncent Ivan rushed to the Empress" Palace.

However, it was only a few hours later that he met the empress.

It was not until noon that the empress woke up.

As is often the case, Roncent"s refreshments while waiting were overwhelming.

They don"t know what"s burning inside Roncent.

However, it was impossible to wake the Empress up recklessly.

Perhaps it was his least consideration for the Empress to let her sleep with a little more comfort.

Even if time goes by, nothing has changed.

"Here comes the Empress."

At last Empress Lavini showed up.

"What brings you so early, Sir Ivan?"


Roncent Ivan hesitated how to bring it up.

And after a few lips flapping, he managed to spit it out.

The heavy news from Ivan"s estate.

"I"m sorry, Empress. Patriarch Angenas was swept away by the landslide and died."