Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 140


"What kind of rain is this......."

Violet murmured as she looked up at the sky pouring out so much rain that she couldn"t see properly.

But even that voice was buried in the loud rain.

The sight was dim because the sun was hidden by the dark clouds.

Violet stood on the balcony of a tall building with long eaves, looking down at the interior of Ivan Castle, which is simple compared to Lombardi.

People running around with their heads covered, trying to get livestock into their homes, crying.

No matter how much the rainy season comes back every year, everyone was confused by the unprecedented heavy rain.

"There is a high risk of landslides centered on logging sites due to high rainfall."

Yesterday morning, Violet said to Patriarch Ivan.

Of course, she didn"t just predict the future.

Along with the results of research by geologists who have been helped a lot since the time of the diamond mine, and a letter from a mountain keeper who has been guarding the loggers farm of the Ivan estate for decades.

In particular, even though the mountainous period is still before the rainy season began in earnest, a few days ago, a small hill outside had already collapsed, signaling the urgency of the situation.

"There"s no harm in being prepared."

Fortunately, Patriarch Ivan was not a tight-lipped man.

He understood how dangerous it was for a landslide to occur defenselessly and how much time and resources it would take to restore it.

In addition, considering the recent logging of considerable numbers of trees, simple preparations immediately began.

Until the rain subsided, each gate was sealed to block the passage of the mountain path and to withdraw the manpower of logging fields deep in the mountains.

"I hope everything"s okay......."

Even if the position of informing Patriarch Ivan of the danger was somewhat embarrassing, she hoped that there would be no landslide.

However, Violet"s eyes, which looking at the high mountains peculiar to the north, remained concerned.

-"There"s going to be a landslide, Violet. When the rainy season begins, Patriarch Ivan must be informed of the dangers."

On the day she left for the north, the voice that was talking to herself was still clear in her ears.

"What Lady Florentia said was never wrong."

And ironically, that fact was making Violet more anxious.

"I"m telling you to open the door!"

Then a loud voice came through the sound of rain.

It was on the side of the nearby gate guard where the door was closed a little while ago.

"I am Ferdinand Angenas! I"m the Patriarch of Angenas family! Who dares to stop me!"

Violet, with a frown on her brow, wore an umbrella and went out into the street.

The scuffle continued until she arrived in front of the guards.

"Are you the captain of the guard?!"

Ferdinand Angenas asked the person who had just come out of the building.

"What"s the matter?"

"Open this gate right now!"

"It was sealed at the order of the Lord Ivan. I can"t open the door until I have another word."

"Do you know who I am? I am the father of the Empress and the family of Angenas! I must leave this castle to carry out the order of the Empress, open the door!"

When the word "Empress" came out, the captain of the guard faltered.

And spoke in a much more placid voice.

"We closed the gates because of the high possibility of landslides because of the rain. It"s dangerous if you leave now......."

"I"ll take care of myself! Open the door now!"

The captain frowned and shook his head.

It seemed like he didn"t want to deal with that overbearing Patriarch Angenas any more.

"If you say so......."

At this rate, the guard captain is really going to open the door.

Violet, who was watching, quickly cut in between the two.

"It"s dangerous to go out now, Lord Angenas."

"......Who are you?"

Ferdinand Angenas asked, looking up and down at Violet.

"I"m Violet, the director of Pellet Corporation. Not only landslides but also the heavy rain that it"s dangerous to move through rough mountains. So, first of all, being in a safe castle......"

"Violet, the commoner of Pellet?"

Ferdinand Angenas muttered with contempt at Violet, who smiled kindly and approached him.

And he got angry.

"How dare a commoner talk to me? You carried Pellet on your back, unaware of the subject...... oh, oh."

While speaking, Patriarch Angenas squinted as if he had realized something.

Then he took a step closer and pushed Violet roughly on the shoulder.

"You know I"m going to the log cabin now, don"t you?"

"It"s not like that. It"s really dangerous out there......."

Violet stumbles and tries to explain properly, but Ferdinand Angenas doesn"t listen.

"Do you think I"m gonna let you monopolize triva wood?"

Angenas, who said so, looked at the guard captain again.

"What are you doing without opening it!"

" up."

Ivan"s guard chief spoke to his subordinates with irritating eyes.

He saw with his eyes how much he was gossiping to those who stopped him, but there was no reason to stop him anymore.

It was an order from Patriarch Ivan, but the captain of the guard didn"t want to get involved anymore when this side called the Empress.

Eventually, the closed door slowly opened, and Ferdinand Angenas, who last glared at Violet, got back on the carriage.

"Let"s go!"

When he shouted loudly, a shuddering-faced coachman hit the horse on the back.

Dagdag, Clapdak.

Seeing the back of the Angenas carriage disappearing through the hazy rain, violet once again recalled the voice that had reached her.

-"There"s going to be a landslide, Violet."

"Landslide. How serious is it to send an urgent letter?"

Yovanes asked half-off where he was sitting.

"Well, that"s....... Once sent by Patriarch Ivan, many large trade routes were cut off and small mountainous areas around the logging site were sunk. Even the walls of Ivan Castle have been partially torn down....."


"It"s a big deal!"

The nobles who were listening together lamented.

Yovanes was no different.

He took the glass to his mouth and clicked his tongue a few times.

At that time, Lulac, who was sitting in front of the left camp and listening to the report, asked the emperor.

"Your Majesty, how many casualties does it have?"

"The casualties? what did Patriarch Ivan say?"

Only then did Yovanes realize his duty as emperor asked his aide who came to report.

There was no mention of casualties in the letter from the Ivan family, so the embarrassed aide handed the red paper in his hand to Yovanes.

The emperor who was handed it looked through, but there was really no mention of casualties.

"Another family is contacting us, so we"ll gather them and report to you soon, Your Majesty."

"Yes, hurry up."

The aide hurried out of the conference room, and the remaining aristocrats" murmur grew even louder.

"Deputy Patriarch Ivan, come this way."

Deputy Patriarch Ivan, who had remained in place with a firm complexion, walked in front of Yovanes.

"You may read it."

It was only a small piece of paper, but the emergency letter was also a stark official document sent by Patriarch Ivan to the emperor.

It was the Emperor"s consideration for Deputy Patriarch Ivan, who allowed him to read it.

"Thank you, Your Majesty."

The hand of deputy Patriarch Ivan, who accepts the paper, was shaking finely.

" Apparently, the damage to the Ivans wasn"t that great. Why do you have such a dark complexion?"

Yovanes asked, wondering.

"What? Oh, that"s......."

Deputy Patriarch Ivan hesitated for a moment and shook his head.

"No, even in the rainy season, I"m a little surprised that there"s been a landslide at a time when there"s not much precipitation, Your Majesty."

"Hmm? Come to think of it, it really is. Even if the north is a mountainous area, landslides don"t happen very often."

Despite the emperor"s question, Deputy Patriarch Ivan only sidestepped his gaze, but did not give a significant answer.

"We"ll have to come up with measures against the situation in the north. What do the lords think?"

Yovanes asked the nobles who remained in the conference hall.


But this time again, the right answer didn"t come back.

They were reluctant to say anything wrong and then pay a lot of money for relief.

"Let"s hold the conference again."

Lulac Lombardi stood up and said.

"If you give us a few days, why don"t we all come up with a solution?"

Lulac"s cool gaze glanced through the inside of the conference hall once.

Yovanes also said in unison.

"Then we"ll have another conference meeting in two days. Come up with measures against the Northern landslide."

The emperor, who said so, turned around and looked at Perez and Astana.

"The same goes for princes. Then I"ll see you in two days."

Yovanes and Lulac Lombardi leave the conference room together.

The remaining aristocrats also grumbled and left the conference room in twos and threes.

"Lord Angenas? How come you don"t look so well?"

Someone moving with Duigi Angenas asked.

"I just remembered my father who went to the North to do business."

"Is everything all right? He"ll be safe and well in Ivan"s lordship."

"The Ivans are like allies with the Angenas. He was probably the first one to take care of."

"That"s right, if anything had happened, there would have been a mention in the emergency letter. Isn"t he the father of the Empress?"

"Yes......, I guess?"

Duigi Angenas left the conference room, nodding his head at the words of his acquaintance.

* * *

Today is the third day of the week.

In other words, it means that there is a small meeting between the grandfather and the second generation.

Grandfather started working early in the morning, but the meeting didn"t start until almost noon.

I was waiting in front of the office with sandwiches and fruit for my busy grandfather.


Maybe the meeting was over, but the door opened and Viege came out.

And Laurels with a sleepy face.

Those two were over.

"Hello, uncles!"

I greeted Viege and Laurels with a smile as fresh as the green grapes I was holding.

"Uh, yeah."

Unlike Laurels, who answered awkwardly, Viege stared at me with disapproving eyes and came up to me and said.

"Yeah, this kind of job suits you a lot. They just carry food and take care of tea water. Do what suits your subject."

He"s really.

I"m laughing it off, but I"m getting a little angry at the words that dig up my past.

I said with a bright smile as much as the lid was open.

"I"m good at business and I"m good at this. Well, it"s understandable that the uncle is very upset because there"s a big problem with the construction business. Now that the fuss is over......."

"What? What"s the fuss?"

He didn"t know that.

Well, I"ve known him since he was attending my grandfather"s meeting today.

I think Shannanet, who works closely with the mines in the North, has already come to work after hearing the news.

I covered my mouth with one hand and said with my eyes wide open.

"Oh, my God, haven"t you heard yet?"

"Hearing? What do you mean?"

"Oh, no one has told you yet....."

"Don"t beat around the bush and say it right!"

Why would I? Who do you like?

I stepped aside from Viege and snuck into the Oval Office and said, closing the door.

"Good luck, uncle!"


Beyond the door"s closure, Viege was heard swearing low and running with a quick step.

Humph, you"re going to get on some poop rope.

It"s probably the beginning of a nightmare after arriving at the construction company.

I hummed softly and approached my grandfather.


"Oh, Tia is here!"

"I brought some for grandpa!"

"Oh, Tia is the only one who cares about this grandfather!"

Grandfather was pleased with my visit.

Sitting face to face, eating affectionately, I asked secretly.

"I heard something went wrong in the north, grandpa?"

"Huh? How do you know that?"

"I stopped by Pellet Corporation early in the morning. These days, I go to the company more often because of the delivery business."

"Yes, well, I"m afraid there"s going to be a blow to businesses based in the North."

"Our Lombardi will be affected. In particular, mine, top, and construction were a little surprised when the luck opened the eyes to my grandfather.

"Tia, I can"t believe you counted that far. Oh my, when did you grow up like this?"

My grandfather"s slightly rough hand strokes my head.

It was still a touch like treating an eight-year-old granddaughter, but I laughed and became childish.

"I"m the smartest person in Lombardi these days. Only grandpa doesn"t know."

"Huh! Yeah, you"re right. You"ve done a great job in the delivery business."

"So now you"re acknowledging my abilities? Everyone says I did a good job. I haven"t heard from my grandfather yet, compliments."

My grandfather"s smile became a big smile when I spoke without disliking it.

"Is this grandfather"s praise so important?"

"Sure! What"s it like to my grandfather?"

"Huh, actually, I went to the briefing session with the vassal families householders! How proud of my granddaughter!"

Grandfather laughed loudly.

Hmm, I think the atmosphere is good enough.

"So you"re going to admit me now?"

"Of course!"

Grandfather nodded his head in a big way.

"Grandpa, I have something to tell you."

Then, get ready.

"Landslides in the North. I have a good idea, would you like to hear it?"