Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 136

In winter, traffic conditions get very bad in snowy areas.

That"s why we rushed to put the delivery business in a stable position before the fall.

Not only Devon but also Lombardi Transportation"s employees have been busy, allowing them to hold business briefings before the summer.

"You"ve been very busy, haven"t you?"

Larane asked me.

"It"s about involving multiple families at the same time. That"s how much I had to care."

The delivery business is a very large business.

It was only the Devon responsible for Lombardi transportation that I used my authority to move directly, but they are not the only ones involved in the delivery business.

Herringa at the Scholarship Foundation, Dillard at the Lombardi"s top, and Bray at the Lombardi Bank who borrowed the investment.

In other words, it was a large business with four families moving at once.

"But everyone is cooperating well, so I don"t worry about tomorrow."

To be honest, my feelings for tomorrow were more like expectations than worries.

"Amazing, Tia."

"I"m just running forward, you know."

I got up from my seat with a bunch of lilies that Larane had given me.

"Well, I"d better get going, Larane. I"ll put the lily at home."

It was just when I was about to leave, greeting like that.

"When you"re busy getting ready, you"re free to chat here. Have you already given up?"

It was Viege who just entered the greenhouse and teetered.

The unique condescending face was full of smiles that I didn"t want to see it.

Thanks to Larane and pretty flowers, the feeling of blooming became very dirty as soon as I saw Viege.

But I greeted with a bright smile.

"Hello, uncle."

"Yes, I"m fine, but how about Florentia?"

It"s not a question.

As if I couldn"t endure the fear or pressure and was broken, whether I was running away and crying, I can clearly see the inside that is looking through my face.

"I"m fine, too, uncle."

"Yeah, yeah. It should be okay. You made a big deal out of Lombardi"s name. What Gallahan did without stopping you."

He even clicked his tongue at the end of his speech.

Viege was so elated because he recently won the development project of Angenas through the construction of Lombardi.

Viege that really don"t help Lombardi.

In other words, he was attached to the empress and obtained the rights to develop Angenas.

Now the construction of Angenas and Lombardi was nothing short of a ship.

It is very difficult for me to know what will happen to Angenas in the future and to drive the Empress and her family to the brink.

It was for a while, but I even thought about whether I had to stop the plan to ruin Angenas.

However, not receiving construction payments will not ruin Lombardi, and it is also perfect for Viege to show its incompetence to make sure that the family is bleeding heavily.

In a way, thanks to Viege, I started eating pheasants and eggs.

Viege, who had no idea what he had done, kept on smiling at me.

"Even if this fails, think you"ve learned a good lesson."

"Oh, Father......."

Larane said with a troubled face as if to stop Viege.

But that"s not the kind of Viege that"s gonna stop.

"Listen carefully, Larane. It"s not easy to get in the way of adults. Stay close to that child and don"t think about anything useless, and you do what I tell you to do......."

"Stop it, Father."

When Larane almost cried, Viege stopped talking.

But I don"t intend to finish yet.

It"s up to somebody.

It"s my turn to hit him.

I looked crookedly at Viege and said.

"You keep telling me if I fail. What do you do if I succeed, swear like that, uncle."

"What? curse words?"

"Can you describe what uncle says in other words than the curse word?"

I asked as if I was really curious.

"Are you afraid that the delivery business I led will be successful?"

"It"s not like that......."

Viege with a distorted face in anger tried to refute something.

But I beat him with a face of real disappointment.

"No matter how much I do, it"s your nephew"s job, so I thought you would encourage me to do it well. My uncle really has a small bowl."

He shook his head and murmured with a deliberate "ehyo" sound.

"Isn"t this the same as a tea cup......."

You"re the only one who can make fun of people.

Because I"m better at it.

I took a look up and down at Viege, greeted Larane briefly and turned around.

"See you next time, Larane."

I deliberately did not mention tomorrow"s business briefing.

"You, you little girl......!"

If you don"t have anything to say, you"ve lost.

I left the greenhouse for the last time, remembering to smile at Viege.

* * *

The office of Pellet Corporation.

Clarivan, who was on duty, was greeting a sudden visitor.

The guest who came to the meeting without even contacting him in advance was the owner of Durac top of the Angenas family.

"Long time no see, you!"

Long ago, they met face to face several times when they were in the Coroy business.

But they"re not close enough to call each other "you".

Clarivan"s eyes became sharp as he walked into the office.

"Sit down."

Nevertheless, Clarivan spoke politely to keep his dignity as a representative of Pellet Corporation.

By the way, his efforts didn"t last long.

"What did you just say?"

Clarivan snarled, raising one eyebrow.

At the sight of the blade, Durac flinched at the moment.

But he couldn"t back down from here.

It was because Empress Lavini in the palace was scarier than the Clarivan in front of him.

said Durac Top"s owner, who cleared his throat once.

"I told you to hand over all the triva trees that the Pellet Shop has to our Angenas. No, she said, "Give it all out.""

Still, the voice staring at the Durac top"s owner was as low as scratching the ground.

"What right is it that you are telling me to "give out"?"

When asked by Clarivan, Durac top"s owner answered with a stiff neck.

"You"ve always rejected our Durac top"s constant request that the Angenas development project requires Triva wood, haven"t you?"

"So what?"

"You don"t know that the Angenas development project is a project you"re pushing for yourself, so you"re so brazen?"

Who the hell is shameless here.

Clarivan crossed one leg and leaned crookedly against the chair, looking at the Durac top"s owner.

Let"s see how far it goes.

" what?"

"What! If you know it, you should cooperate as an Imperial citizen. Unless you dare to interrupt the Empress"s will!"

Even with the word "Empress," Durac top"s owner screamed as he taught in the Clarivan"s response, which has not changed.

"This is why young merchants! Chew."

Durac top"s owner was filled with disapproval.

But Clarivan didn"t react much to it either.

It was because he knew well that Durac top"s owner was an ugly jealousy of him who succeeded at a young age.


The tactless Durac top"s owner judged that his operation was working as Clarivan became silent.

It"s not as if he used to work beside Lulac as a Lombardi.

He doesn"t seem to have much to do with Lombardi anymore.

It was natural in a way to read the imperial court"s mind.

So Durac top"s owner began to speak with a low voice and a gentle admonition.

"I"ve come to know that you still have a lot of Triva wood other than the one you sent to Chesail. So sell them to our Angenas. Isn"t that the right thing to do?"

"Is that all you need?"

Clarivan asked quietly.

But Durac top"s owner, who thought he had won, went one step further.

"No, there"s one more thing. You"re still buying a lot of Triva trees in the north. From now on, don"t compete with Durac at auction."

"So, to get out of the way so that the Durac top can hog the tree?"

"Yes, that"s the order of the Empress."

As if he was an empress himself, Durac top"s owner jug proudly raised his chin.

The answer was already out of the picture.

Today the Durac top"s owner was not here to ask Pellet for a fair deal.

He was only here to blackmail Clarivan by citing the Empress" name and to get what he wanted.

"Then how much do you want to buy it?"

He"s right.

Durac top"s owner replied with a pleasant feeling.

"The average auction price was 20 silver per 50 trees, wasn"t it?"

No, that was months ago, and these days when the auction overheated, the wanted is up.

"So 25 silver per 50 trees would be a reasonable price," Durac top"s owner said.

Durac top"s owner pretended to be good-hearted.

"But for Pellet, especially 30 silver per 50 trees......."

"100 gold."

Clarivan snapped as he cut off Durac top"s owner"s words.

"What"s 100 gold?"

"It"s the price of 50 tree trees set by Pellet."

"Are you kidding me?"

"Do you see my face now as a joke?"

Clarivan asked, his blue eyes shining.

"Well, then 50 silver per 50 trees......."

"100 gold."

"Oh, my God, I see! Up to 70 silver per 50 trees......."

"100 gold. If you can"t pay for it, get out of here."

Clarivan said, staring crookedly at the Durac top"s owner.

"No, you don"t know how to bargain like that way....!"

The embarrassed Durac top"s owner said in protest with a red face.

"Do you think you can call what you said a little while ago a bargain?"

Clarivan said, raising the corner of one mouth.

He"s trying to steal at a ridiculous price with the name "The Empress," and if he see the Durac top at the auction, he"s out on his own."

The more he think about it, the more ridiculous it is.

Clarivan stopped talking and laughed "Ha".

Then pointed straight at the door and said.

"100 gold per 50 trees. If you don"t have one, get out of here."

"Hey, Pellet!"

"You don"t seem to want to go out."

Looking coldly at the Durac top"s owner, who still occupied the seat and raised his voice, Clarivan pulled the red one out of several long lines down next to the chair.

Soon after, several burly-built men opened the door to the office with heavy footsteps.

"Did you call, Mr. Clarivan?"

"The Lord of Durac top is leaving, so see him off."

Clarivan"s words drew the eyes of the men at the Durac top"s owner.

"Stand up."

Pellet"s boss guard said in a loud voice.

"Oh, today"s work will not be forgotten by our Angenas!"

As he got scared and reluctantly got out of his seat, Durac top"s owner shouted, stretching out a lot.

Clarivan, who was watching the scene with his arms folded, said lightly.

"Because of what you just said, in the future, Durac will not be able to see the triva tree at the northern auction."


"No matter how much it costs, our Pellet Corporation will win the bid at the auction where Durac participated."

"Well, that"s...."

Clarivan smiled and said to Durac top"s owner, who now realized what he had done.

"And when the Empress, who was so angry, asks the lord top why it happened, you must answer, "I misrepresented the pellet business.""

He doesn"t know if he imagined his future in Clarivan"s words.

Durac top"s owner"s face, half-drawn by the guards, was pale with no blood.