Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 135

"I don"t know what you"re talking about....."

I smiled and looked at Clarivan standing next to me.

"Just in case, I asked Clarivan to come with me. That"s a relief."

Clarivan smiled at me face to face.

"Lady Florentia always puts everything together as if she could see the future. Now I"m not surprised."

Romassie Dillard alternately looked at me and Clarivan, who were having a friendly conversation, with unknown eyes.

It"s definitely between a teacher and a student.

The atmosphere of conversation is the opposite, so it must be very confusing.

I called him in a calm voice, to end the confusion of the lord top.

"Lord Romassie Dillard."


"Do you happen to remember the diamond mining business of Pellet?"

"Of course...."

Romassie Dillard replied, nodding his head.

"I know you were at the mine auction site at that time. What did you think?"

"I thought that our Lombardi top, who had been complacent with the new Pellet Company, had learned the right thing. Since then, we"ve regained our original intentions and changed our minds."

Even though he was answering my question.

He still looked puzzled because he couldn"t relate me to the business that led to today"s Pellet Company.

I spoke to such a lord top.

"The diamond mining business was my first business."

"First business......."

Romassie Dillard shook his head, mumbling blankly after my last words.

"I"m sorry, I don"t quite understand what you"re saying. Could you repeat that, please."

"You said you can"t trust me because I don"t have any experience. Experience is important. I agree with you to some extent. So let me tell you a secret."

I spoke in a low voice.

"The real owner of Pellet Company is me, Florentia Lombardi."

"The real...... owner?"

The eyes of Romassie, trembling as if it were an earthquake, headed for Clarivan.

"Is what she just said true?"

Clarivan answered immediately.

"As far as you know, I"m teaching Lady Florentia. As a matter of fact, it"s the opposite. Every day. I"m learning so much from her, Lady Florentia."

"But, but how can a young lady......."

Perhaps the shock was too great, Dillard stuttered.

But Clarivan said firmly enough to sound a little heartless.

"For Lady Florentia, age is just a number. I assure you, this Clarivan Pellet."

Clarivan shook his head again at the reasonable doubts that he was just assisting the young lady under the leadership of the Pellet Commercialist.

"From the Diamond Mine and the Eastern Great Drought trade that led to today"s Pellet Corporation to the Pellet Corporation Academy Scholarship, which began last year. It"s all by Lady Florentia. The Pellet Corporation"s owner itself."

"Hey, don"t make it too high. It"s Violet and Clarivan who brought Pellet all the way here."

"I"m only telling you my true feelings, Lady Florentia."

Clarivan said so and smiled at me with friendly eyes.

Wow, handsome people are cool even when they get older.

Beauty doesn"t go anywhere!

Then I took my eyes off Clarivan and asked Romassie Dillard, still dumbfounded.

"How is it, Lord Dillard. I think I also have some experience at this level."

* * *

Gallahan"s only daughter, Florentia, resembled Gallahan"s father enough to be seen separately.

The big green eyes and smiling mouth shapes were especially so.

But with her confident eyes and imposing temperament, it was nothing like Gallahan, who was timid.


It was time for Romassie Dillard to casually recall someone resembling Florentia.

"Higher Lord Lombardy."


"No matter how much experience you have, it"s hard to trust at once and get into a new business together. But."

The green eyes, sparkling with conviction of success, were charismatic to Romassie Dillard.

"I"m the one who came up with the idea of delivery, but it"s Lombardi who leads the business. He is Householder Devon, who has been in charge of the top of Lombardi, and Herringa, who has nurtured many talents. If you don"t trust me, trust them."

Romassie Dillard nodded unknowingly, who was listening blankly to what Florentia was saying.

There was not a single word wrong.

But he was still dazed as if he was dreaming.

No matter how much you put it in your pocket, the awl always shows.

Do you mean that you haven"t seen someone like this right in front of you?

He was ashamed of himself for being proud of how to see people.

"I"ll be back soon with a detailed proposal from the Lombardi top."

Romassie Dillard greeted politely, saying so.

It was quite a different attitude from when he entered the drawing room.

Clarivan also followed him out.


As soon as the door closed behind his back, Romassie, who looked around and confirmed that no one was there, held Clarivan"s shoulder and led him to the corner.

"Really, really?"

Just in case he could hear it inside, it was a very low voice.

"You still don"t believe in Lady Florentia?"

In a very unpleasant way, Clarivan bit back, smashing the hand on his shoulder hard.

At the first sight of his child, who always thought he was cold, the lord top of Lombardi lost his words again.

On top of that, Clarivan took another step and said, warning.

"Lady Florentia revealed her secret because she believes in the lord top. Don"t betray her faith."

Romassie Dillard nodded slowly.

Gallahan"s daughter, now only 18, was actually the real owner of Pellet Corporation.

Who"s going to believe this?

"For your information. The Lady already knows about my relationship with the Lord top."

"Did you say it yourself?"

Romassie Dillard was genuinely surprised.

The fact that Clarivan was out of wedlock was a tight secret.

Above all, it was because Clarivan himself wanted it strongly.

However, his trust in Florentia is high enough to say all of his own privates.

Householder Dillard nodded silently.

It was because the strong trust between Clarivan and Florentia was measured.

Afterwards, Clarivan saw off Romassie to the carriage.

And while some of the mansion"s servants were moving busily, brushing off dirt from the inside of the carriage, he suddenly spoke.

"The lord top once told me about it. It"s about the days when you learned about the abilities and ambitions of the current Patriarch Lombardy, who was still competing for succession in his youth."

At the words of Clarivan, Romassie looked back on him.

"You said you wanted to go along with him, even if you gave it all."

"......Yes, it was."

"The day I found out who Lady Florentia was. I could finally understand what the lord top was like at that time."

There was a subtle, deep smile on Clarivan"s face.

"That"s why I"m so quick to stick with her under the pretext of being a teacher."

A small smile seemed quite pleasant at the end of the sentence.

He has never seen Clarivan like that before, so Romassie opened his eyes a little wide.

"From now on, Lady Florentia will make Lombardi greater one by one."

Clarivan"s blue eyes, saying so, were as sure as Florentia a moment ago.

"If Lord Dillard doesn"t want to fall behind, you"d better seize this opportunity."

Clarivan spoke as if he were advising and took a step back and greeted briefly.

When Romassie Dillard saw the upright back of Clarivan walking without any lingering feelings, a smile spread to the lips of Romassie.

"Yes, I had that day, too."

Romassie recalled the memory of the day he told Clarivan.

With the same sparkling eyes, Lulac"s image of Lombardi"s dreams and goals in his heart was still in front of him.

Yeah, she looks like him.

Romassie mumbled happily, recalling the granddaughter and grandfather who looked very similar.

"I think I"ll take this opportunity."

Clarivan"s enthusiasm seems to have spread to him as well.

Romassie"s heart no longer bothered as he grew older was pounding pleasantly.

I was spending time with Larane, taking advantage of my time after a long time.

A place full of all kinds of strong flowery scents and fresh grassy smells.

These days, Larane spent most of her time in a small greenhouse on one side of the mansion.

Because it is located in a corner, it is rare for people to visit here.

In addition, it seems that the flowers in full bloom are glossy.

"Here you go. I"ll give you a lily as a present today, Tia."

Larane said, handing me a bunch of pretty lilies tied together with yellow straps.

"Wow, thank you! Thanks Larane, I can"t smell flowers in my room."

"I"m glad I could be of any help."

Larane laughed prettier than the flowers saying so.

But it bothers me that the end of the laughter withers away like a bent lily.

"What"s the matter, Larane?"

"Huh? Oh, no......."

But even that word quickly hides its tail.

"If you let it out, wouldn"t it make you feel better?"

Larane, who blinked her big eyes slowly at my words, said in a small voice.

"I"m just a little jealous of Tia."


Larane smiled helplessly and nodded.

"I"m ashamed of myself, but I feel stuffy these days. So I think about it sometimes. What if I"m as cool as Tia and I can do something big."

"If it"s a big deal... You mean business?"

"Yeah, I think it"s really cool."

"Is there any business you want to do?"

Larane thought a little about my question and shook her head.

Her thin bangs that came out a little bit shook as if they were shaking.

"No, I don"t think so. I just like taking care of flowers like this. But my parents......."

Ah, Viege and Serral. How could Larane born between the two?

It was indeed the wonder of Lombardi.

"My parents, as Tia knows......."

Larane couldn"t bring herself to speak and laughed bitterly.

"I think that"s what made me think. What if I was a man who could do business."

Larane, who smiles like that, looks so weak today.

I held Larane"s hand with a little dirt on it.

"If you want to do anything, tell me, Larane. Let me help you. But not everyone has to do business or something. Larane just needs to find something that makes you happy."

"......what makes me happy."

But then there was a slight but truly pleasing smile around Larane"s mouth, muttering like that.

Then our eyes met.

Larane said with a slight blush of shame somewhere.

"......I"ll tell you later."

Then, in a bit of a hurry, she turns the topic.

"Now is it tomorrow? I"ll be there too, Tia."

"No one from Larane"s family is coming. Are you going to be okay?"

Larane nodded at my question.

"My mother won"t know if I come back for a while. It"s okay. It"s Tia"s first business briefing, and I really want to attend it."

"I"d be honored if you could come."

I said so and took a deep breath of the scent of the lilies that Larane gave me.

A summer day when the heat is now clear.

Lombardi Transportation"s new business briefing is just a day away.