Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 134

"What are all those carriages?"

Viege, who was dressing up to go to the palace and coming out to ride a carriage, asked the servant dissatisfied.

"He, Herringa and Dillard"s carriage."

"I know that! I mean, what are they doing at the mansion? We don"t even have a weekly meeting today."

The servant, who was the target of angry Viege, cried and answered in a small voice.

"Flo, they"re going to meet the Lady Florentia.


The servant"s shoulders shrank a lot when Viege asked him again.

"It was all a lie to be busy! How could they come to the mansion in person to meet a great man?"

Viege was huffing with anger.

The servant, who was waiting next to him to lower the carriage door and foot support, was anxious that the household owner of the vassal family would run into Viege while coming down to ride the carriage.

Fortunately, however, that did not happen.

Likewise, it was because Serral, who had finished dressing up, appeared.

"......people who are slow, right, honey?"

At a glance, Serral soothed Viege with a soft voice.

"I can"t believe you ran straight to them because a little kid called them. I"m sure they have pride."

"Hmm, everyone have been curious about what"s going on."

Viege climbed into the carriage and said grumpyly.

Saying something completely different from when he was angry.

However, Serral, who is used to that look, said peacefully as she got into the carriage and closed the door.

"Good day, we"re on our way to the palace for good things. Don"t worry about that, honey."


Viege nodded, coughing vainly at his wife"s words.

"Yeah, I was a little sensitive. What"s wrong with that business that"s going to fail and humiliate itself anyway."

"Yes, the Empress has already given her permission, so go and give her favorite gift and have a good time, let"s go."

Pointing to a carefully packed tea set on one side of the carriage seat, Serral said.

"When people find out what you"ve won for the construction of Lombardi, maybe in a few days everyone will be talking about you."

"Yeah, that kid"s business will be a laughing stock and forgotten."

With Viege"s fishy words, the carriage departed to the imperial palace.

When the carriage running along such a well-polished road crossed the threshold of the imperial palace, Serral suddenly asked.

"But you don"t have to talk to the Lombardy construction in advance?"

Viege answered Serral"s question with a smirk.

"I don"t have to say in advance to use the authority of the direct family. How can it be "authority" if we ask for the understanding and push things forward?"

"How?... "

Serral nodded in agreement with Viege.

"Oh, there"s the Empress!"

As the carriage began to slow down, Serral looked out of the window and shouted with delight.

The corners of his mouth crept up after checking Empress Lavini, who was waiting for them at the front door of the Empress" Palace.

The appearance of the empress coming to meet him in person made Viege shrug.

"Here you are, Lord Lombardi. Welcome Serral."

The empress greeted the two with a very happy face.

In addition to the empress who greeted him gladly, Viege"s mood improved as all the empress" maids came out and climbed the stairs lined up side by side.

The empress was very pleased with the gourmet tea set up by Serral.

She thanked her and even made tea by herself using a new tea.

"Did Lombardi Construction want to take charge of Angenas" development project?"

"Yes, it is."

She couldn"t stop laughing at all of Viege"s quick answers.

"Certainly, if you"re an experienced Lombardi construction company, you"ll be able to move forward faster."

"You"re right. In addition, buildings such as a large number of luxury homes for recreation take up a lot of time and materials unless they are most skilled workers. Leave it to Lombardi and you won"t have to worry about that."

But the empress" reaction was a little strange.

Apparently, his wife said, "It"s likely she already gave permission."

Empress Lavini, who seemed to be agonizing, made Viege"s back sweated a lot.

"Tell, tell me what you"re worried about and I can explain."

"Ahh, if I was Lord Lombardi, Serral"s husband, I"d trust him to do the job. There"s one condition."


"I understand that when you start working, you will split the payment several times from the beginning, right?"

"Yes, usually after completing construction before starting, in the middle. It"s divided three times."

"Then can you adjust the payment later in the construction and after completion?"

"Yes... ..."

Viege rolled his head fiercely.

Due to the nature of the construction project, many people were paid in installments of four or five times, not three times.

It is not about building a few buildings, but about developing an estate called Angenas itself.

It was an unreasonable request to pay such a huge amount of money later in the construction and after completion.

Viege had to say no.

But the moment he saw the empress" eyes as if to test himself, such courage disappeared.

And a few days ago, something Shannanet said, laughing at himself.

-"Don"t think about stopping her, focus on making your own achievements. It"s the only way you"re gonna win."

How dare to think Gallahan"s daughter is comparable to him.

He"ll show them the difference with this Angenas business ticket.

That"s how Viege decided.

If this happens, no one will be able to ignore him again.

"I will do that, Empress."

said Viege.

"If I don"t trust my wife, Angenas, who am I to trust?"

"Oh, thank God. Thank you for understanding, Lord Lombardi."

The empress smiled broadly and offered another cup of tea.

"Th, thank you."

Empress Lavini and Serral exchanged glances quietly while Viege was deliriously drinking tea.

And there was a quiet smile on the lips of the two.

* * *

"......This is a rough explanation of the delivery business. Of course, if you want, I can send you a more detailed business plan to the top."

I have completed a short but refined explanation to Romassie Dillard, the lord top of Lombardi.

"That"s a very... ingenious idea."

Romassie Dillard murmured, impressed.

I knew he was genuinely admiring it.

He has been surprised several times throughout my explanation.

Nevertheless, Romassie Dillard was still dithering.

"What are you worried about, Lord?"

"Well, I know it"s a good idea, but I wonder how practical it is. I wonder how much aristocrats will use the fact that it"s a completely unfamiliar....."

I shook my head and said.

"You misunderstood one thing. The target customer base of the delivery business is not just the aristocrats. Money is no longer the exclusive possession of nobles in the Empire, is it? Above, the number of commoners who accumulated a lot of wealth through the imperial palace"s green peak is considerable."

"But that"s incereally......."

"I"m also suggesting that the top of Lombardi, which has the same roof, make the "practical" of the Lombardi delivery you just mentioned. In the early days of the business, the variety of items that can be purchased through delivery service will be the practicality of delivery."


Romassie Dillard rarely made a decision.

I thought about it for a while, too.

The Dillard"s householder I know is not this indecisive.

He was a man who knew how to jump in without delay when he saw the opportunity.

It was the same now in old age.

Then obviously there"s a reason why he"s reluctant to hold my hand as the head of the huge Lombardi top.

I asked Romassie Dillard straightly.

"Is it the delivery business or me that concerns you?"

"Well, that"s."

His embarrassed face was telling the answer instead.

It"s no use asking, I just wasn"t trustworthy.

I spoke in a calm voice.

"I"d appreciate it if you could be honest, Lord Dillard."

"If you say so......."

Romassie Dillard hesitated for a while, and soon opened his mouth as if he had made up his mind.

"No one has ever thought of a new type of transportation called delivery. I knew you were bright from an early age, but I didn"t expect you to have a business talent. I was really surprised. But......."

That"s the point now.

"I"m a merchant. And merchants value experience more than anything else."

Romassie Dillard said cautiously.

"No matter how smart you are and how ingenious you are, you don"t trust them if you don"t have experience."

It"s not surprising.

It was a merchant-like belief in real life, which counts the experience he gained by running on his feet as the most valuable asset.

On the contrary, however, Dillard also meant that he trusted experienced merchants that much.

It"s a very good thing for me.

"So, the only problem is that I"m inexperienced?"

"Yes, to be honest, yes. This is directly related to the gains and losses of Lombardi, so please understand......."

"Then there must be no problem."


To the absent-minded Romassie Dillard, I spoke one letter, one letter at a time.

"It"s not like I don"t have a lot of experience."