Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 133

How can I tell him to stop sending it?

I swallowed a sigh inside.

So we looked around the presents one by one and talked.

When Perez explained the gifts he sent during his trip, I sometimes asked questions.

"Perez, you"ve been everywhere, haven"t you?"

"Yes. I traveled during vacation."

"So you didn"t come back to the zodiac?"

Perez hesitated for a moment to answer my question.

"That was my promise to the Empress. I got paid to go to the academy, and I"m not coming back to the zodiac until I graduate."

"Ah, as expected."

It costs a fortune to make a top.

I was wondering where he got the money.

"That"s why I traveled. I"ve seen a lot, learned a lot. I"ve only been near the palace since I was born. There was a lot I didn"t know."

Perez said a little bit bitterly.

Until I met him, Perez"s world was all about the falling annex and the surrounding woods.

After meeting me, he moved to Poylac Palace and things got better.

Even that was all about the ecliptic and Lombardi"s radius of action.

So there must have been a thirst to see, hear, and experience more.

I tapped Perez on the shoulder and said.

"Well done, now it"s a good time. I can"t believe you"re extorting money from the Empress."

Perez smiled after me and said.

"I"ve been around Lombardi a few times. I couldn"t go to see Tia. It"s dangerous."


"Sometimes I"ve been attacked or something."

"The Empress tried to kill you."

Perez nodded.

He looked too calm.


I shouted halfway out of frustration.

"You"ve been like that since you were a kid! Be afraid, Perez, of dying of injury, of being more afraid, of being angry for yourself."

I was upset to think of a small Perez who said not to help him because he was addicted to poison and was dangerous with a bloodless face.

But Perez smiles at me like that.

"Why are you laughing?"

"It"s good. You care about me."

"Perez, this is a really serious......."

"I know."

Perez in a low voice.

But the smile said with a face that hasn"t disappeared yet.

"Don"t worry, Tia. I"m gonna survive. Because you told me then to live, to survive."

That was what I said in the woods.

I can"t believe he remembered that again.

At the same time, my fighting spirit boils up after a long time.

We should push the Empress and Astana away as soon as possible.



"I"m going to be a little busy."

"...yes, I heard. You are in charge of the Lombardi family"s business."

Rumors had already spread to Perez, too.

"Yeah, and Perez, you"ve been busy lately."


Perez tilts his head.

Oh, right.

Monak top was a secret.

"There is a conference in which both His Majesty and the Noble Association participate. You don"t have to prepare for that."

"Oh, yeah, that"s right."

"So from now on, call me in advance. I"ve split up the time, but I don"t want to cross the road."

"......Yes, I see."

He"s a little sullen and asks.

"Should I call you a week in advance?"

"What? A week?"

"If it"s too short....... Ten days? Will that be okay?"

Perez"s face was very serious, perhaps asking sincerely.

His innocent look made me smirk without realizing it.

I reached high and stroked Perez"s head and said.

"One or two days is enough. I meant to tell you to contact me in advance."

"......That"s a relief."

Perez murmured and laughed, relieved.

* * *

Riding on a horse to leave Lombardi"s mansion, Perez suddenly looked back at the sight he felt.

Tia was standing in the window of her room waving to Perez.

"Hi, Tia."

Far from being heard, Perez waved his hand together to greet.

"Let"s go."

Perez gently stroked the horse"s neck and spurred it.

Dagdag, Clapdak.

He was quickly running out of the city of Lombardi, with a heavy hoof echoing the ground.

Perez did not slow down his gaze, wary of his surroundings, even as the cold wind hit his face.

It was because he knew that this situation, in which he run alone on a deserted road, is the best condition to attack.

Fortunately, by the time he reached the zodiac, all he ran into on the road was a few top"s carriages.

There was no dangerous situation.

However, Perez went around for a long time even after entering the ecliptic.

And only after confirming that no one was following him did he drive to a secluded inn.

Familiarly climbing up to the second-floor room, Perez met two people who were waiting for him.

"Nosier, Lignite."

Lignite, dressed in the clothes of commoners everywhere, and a neat-looking middle-aged man greeted Perez.

"How"s work going, Nosier?"

Perez asked in a dry voice that was completely different from when he was with Florentia a little while ago.

"As the Prince had expected, Angenas had contacted us. They wants to buy the tree."

"As expected of Perez!"

Lignite cried out in surprise, but Perez remained calm.

"Not only did I graduate from the Academy and return to the Imperial City, but I was assigned to the conference. It"s obvious what the Empress would do in that situation." (T/N: Sorry if I"m late to tell this. It seems Zodiac=Ecliptic=Imperial City=Capital)

"But you could"ve done something else."

At the words of Lignite, Perez shook his head.

"The Empress is as obsessed and proud of her family as she is of making Astana the Crown Prince. Developing Angenas would have been the best way the Empress thought. Maybe I made the same choice."

"So.......what shall we do?"

Nosier asked carefully.

"I"ll sell it."

Perez"s answer was quick.

"......Will that be okay?"

Nosier was still worried.

He worked his whole life as a member of the top, and only served as a boat for others.

And at the age of over 40, he finally became independent and formed a top, but soon lost everything.

The owner of the large top, which Nosier has been working for, intentionally ruined Nosier"s new top.

It was Perez who helped him in despair and lost everything he had collected all his life.

At a child"s age, Nosier admired Perez.

So he followed Perez" suit without question.

But this time, he"s old-fashioned, too.

"Triva trees on monak top will be used to develop the land of Angenas. And that"s how much it"s going to increase the power of Angenas."

"Well, Nosier is right, Perez."

Lignite agreed on the sidelines.

"If we do something wrong, we may be able to gain the weight of Angenas with our own hands."

However, Perez remained unwavering despite concerns from the two.

He just answered in a dry voice.

"There is no way that the West will remain the land of Angenas forever."

Then he turned right around and asked Nosier.

"How much can we buy in the future?"

"If you work hard, you can buy as much as you"ve saved before the fall."

Upon hearing Nosier"s answer, Perez tapped the armrest of the chair with his fingers.

Tuk, Tuk.

A moment later, the steady ringing stopped and Perez said at that moment.

"Let"s start by selling a tenth of what we have now to Angenas. We have nothing to rush."

"Then the price is......."

"From five times the amount they"ve called. I will allow you to go down three times through negotiations, Nosier."

Five to three times.

Experienced Nosier has never made such a profiteering bargain.

But it is Perez"s name.

He had to make it.

"Yes, Sir Perez."

Nosier replied, bowing his head.

Perez was the last to speak to such a Nosier.

"Keep that in mind, Nosier. The purpose of our purchase of the triva tree is to extract as much money as possible from the pockets of Angenas. Sooner or later all their funds run out, making them look for other investors. That"s the ultimate goal of the Triva Tree deal."

A chariot of a vassal family stood in Lombardi"s mansion.

It was a carriage in which Romassie Dillard was riding, who was in charge of Lombardi top.

Romassie, who is so busy running the top, the day of visiting the mansion was picked up unless it was a meeting.

But today, he was on his way back, leaving everything aside.

The reason was a letter that arrived a few days ago.

The sender was Florentia Lombardi.

The point was to use the authority, but before that, to hear from the top operator, please come to her house today.

Romassie, who did not even know that Florentia had left Gallahan"s house and gained independence, repeatedly doubted his eyes.

"Lady Florentia invokes authority over Lombardi..... Ha."

It was well known that she was especially intelligent when she was young.

But "smart kid" and business were a completely different story.

Nevertheless, Romassie Dillard took his own steps today because of the red ribboned connection that remained in the corner of his head.

The first time he saw Patriarch bragging about "this was made by my granddaughter," and after that, his son, Clarivan, who claimed to be a teacher for Florentia.

He led Lombardi"s top state to split its own busy time and head for Lombardi.

"Isn"t that Herringa?"

As he was just getting off the carriage, Dillard murmured at the sight of the first Heringa carriage.

Don"t tell me you"re here on the same business as me.

Romassie shook his head, calling it a useless idea.

He must have stopped by to report to the Lord because of the scholarship meeting soon.

He thought so.

There is no way that Florentia, which has just become an adult, will try to move to Herringa at once, as Devon and Dillard are not enough for her first business.

Romassie thought so and headed to the residence of Florentia.

And when he raised his hand to knock on the tightly closed door.


A big, cheerful smile came from inside the closed door.

He couldn"t understand the contents of the conversation, but the voice of the conversation sounded very harmonious and pleasant.

Romassie took a few steps back from the door and waited for the guests to come out.

After a while, it was none other than Herringa"s householder that the door opened and appeared.

"Oh, is the Lombardi"s lord top here?"

Herringa"s householder, with a smile on his face, looked at Romassie and asked.

"And Herringa was there. This is true."

She"s such a tough little girl.

Romassie Dillard thought so and looked at Herringa"s householder.

By the way.

"Hurry up and go in, too."

Herringa said with a smile as if he knew what was going on in Romassie"s mind.

"It"s been a long time since I"ve had opened my heart, so I"ll have to walk around the mansion a little longer and then go back!"

"What do you mean of opened your heart?"

"Oh, if you go in there, you"ll see an eye patch!"

Herringa"s householder, who left only that word, has gone away.


Eventually, without clearing his doubts until the end, Romassie Dillard opened the door after knocking on the door.

"Welcome, Lord Dillard."

The first to greet him was Florentia, sitting comfortably in a chair, drinking tea.

Although her youthful appearance remained, there was plenty of room for her smiley face, who grew up as an adult.

And next to her, there was a person who made Romassie Dillard tightly tense.

"It"s been a long time, Lombardi"s top"s lord."

Clarivan Pellet, the owner of the Pellet Corporation, considered the first of the Empire as a single top without the power of a noble family, stood behind Florentia and was waiting for him.