Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 132

Viege stepped in first with a thumping step.


Then Shannanet shook her head small as he sat in a chair in the middle with a loud sound.

There were four chairs in total, but Shannanet and Viege were the only ones attending today"s meeting.

asked Shannanette, who sat quietly away from Viege and a chair.

"Isn"t Laurels coming today?"

"Now it"s not easy to see to our father, what will Laurels be sitting here for?"

"Not just to look good....... Phew, it"s done. I can"t help it if he doesn"t like it."

"Why only Laurels when Gallahan isn"t coming?"

The ending conversation was dripping with oil.

"Gallahan went down to take care of his estate for a reason. It"s definitely different from being in the same mansion and not attending the meeting, Viege."

"If you have your own land, go down there and live there. Don"t waste any more Lombardi"s money. Isn"t that right?"

It was time for Viege to forcefully raise his voice.

"Lombardi"s money is not your concern."


As Lulac entered the office, he looked at Viege with his eyes wide open.

"You who abandoned Lombardi for more than a year for no reason, and went to Angenas, did not accept it again."

Viege clenched his teeth, unable to answer Lulac"s comments.

Lulac disapproved of such a Viege and began the meeting.

It was a time to hear their opinions on the big and small things that happened in the family for a week.

The meeting did not last long.

And after a brief meeting, Lulac said.

"You"ve both heard that Florentia is in business with the Devon."

At the same time, Viege snorted in discontent.

"......Is there anything you"d like to say, Viege."

"What"s important about my opinion? My father always has that way...... No, you"ve been generous to her, and you"ll turn a blind eye to me again."

"I was generous. Yeah, it could have been."

Lulac"s mouth, talking about Florentia, even smiled.

Viege looked at it with frowning eyes and turned away.

"Viege, your prediction is correct. I"m going to trust her again and watch her."

I can"t believe it.

Viege grumbled inside.

His father had never trusted Viege for a single moment, he"s sure.

But what"s wrong with that girl?

He doesn"t know what she does with Devon, which is the most lagging family among the vassal families, but should he go and disrupt them.

It was when Viege thought so and looked up casually.

Lulac, who was already watching him, said a word in a low voice.

"So leave Florentia alone."

Viege flinched in surprise and hurriedly avoided eye contact.

After the meeting, Viege and Shannanet left the office.

They were siblings, but there was no friendly conversation between the two.

Too much has gone awry to do so.

But at the end of the long hallway, Viege called Shannanet.

"Are you going to leave Gallahan"s daughter alone, sister?"

"What if I don"t let it go? Didn"t you also listen to our father"s orders?"


Viege unknowingly raised his voice, then sneaked a glance at the office on the other side of the hall and said.

"This is a disgrace to the name of the family name. People are laughing at me! Lombardi"s little child is counting on her family"s power!"

"......what? Hahaha!"

Shannanet, who opened her eyes round, suddenly burst into laughter.

Not knowing what the hell she was laughing about, Viege was just frowning and gazing at it.

"Ha ha, Viege! What a funny thing to say! You"re worried that Lombardi"s power will bring you to your family"s reputation. You!"

"Are you saying that I only believe in the power of my family and I"m installing it?"

Only then did Viege grind his teeth, realizing why Shannanette was laughing.

But Shannanet was still amused, wiping tears from the corners of her eyes.

"Thanks to you, I haven"t laughed in a long time. And it is Tia"s right to be involved in the family business, Viege. There"s nothing we can do about it."

At the easygoing words of Shannanet, Viege shouted.

"Aren"t you bothered! It"s not like you don"t know what it means to use immediate authority! That too is a young girl who is so blue!"

"You"re quite afraid that she"ll be competing with us for the next major position?"

"Fear? Who"s afraid of who? Ha! Competition! I"m just talking about fractions. If this is the half-blood without knowing the subject!"


Shannanet shook her head with a sigh at such a Viege.

"Viege, I"ll give you my sincere advice. Don"t think about stopping her and focus on making your own progress. It"s the only way you"re gonna win."

Shannanet, who left the words, turned around and walked first.

Viege spat as he watched the back of the high-altitude walk in the middle of the hallway.

"Pretending to be proud alone."

And turned to the other side and huffled along.

It took quite a while to go to his own house, but Viege"s anger had not abated at all.

As soon as Viege opened the door, his wife, Serral, welcomed him with a big smile.

"Are you here, honey?"

Perhaps reading the letter, Serral held a purple envelope and letterhead in her hand.

And Serral, as always, read Viege"s mood sensitively.

"What happened out there?"

Serral, who said so, gently tucked Viege on the drawing room sofa.

"Whoa, that"s what I"m talking about."

Viege began to confide in every unpleasant thing that had just happened.

Serral listened silently to Viege"s story without saying a word.

"I"m telling you, your father"s weird, too. Now that you"re eldest, his judgment is the same as before. You can"t just call that low thing and give it a good scolding."

"I know what you"re talking about. Rumor has it that it"s some kind of delivery business."

"De, delivery?"

"Yes, the only thing she do is move things, but it"s Devon. It"s such a family, they"re responding to Florentia pranks."

"It made us feel embarrassed by doing business with the commoners with Gallahan clothes store."

Viege grumbled in discontent.

Trying to ignore Gallahan"s short-term wealth as a ready-to-wear business.

"What else will people say about Lombardi for a while?"

Serral sighed with genuine embarrassment.

Then she held out a letter to Viege that had been set aside.

"The Empress sent me a letter. Would you like to read it, honey?"

Viege obediently read the letter.

It contained a brief greeting, and a message that the western development plan would be moved forward several times.

"As expected of the Empress! What a determination!"

"The royal family is in a mess because of the Second Prince, who doesn"t know his place. I"m afraid she"s in a hurry to settle things quickly."

"Yeah, it"s best to nip it in the bud before it comes out."

Viege, who repeatedly raised his thumb by saying, "As expected of the Empress!" showed no sign of further thought.

Serral, with her tongue glued to Viege"s stupidity, smiled as beautifully as she was irritated, and said in a subtle voice.

"So, honey, I have an idea."

"Good idea?"

"It"s probably far from enough for the Angenas workers to rush through the construction. So why don"t you join in there?"

"Me, me?"

Viege opened his eyes wide in surprise.

"Yeah, to be exact, you take Lombardi Construction and participate in the development of Angenas."

"When it comes to construction... I"d have to use my direct authority."

Viege did not have the courage.

It was a "direct authority" that could exceed the authority of the Vongshin family and its chief at once, but if it failed, it was followed by such a great responsibility.

"What do you say? A child like Florentia uses authority."

"Well, that"s true......."

"And it"s Angenas. It"s the work of the Empress herself. Don"t tell me you"re going to fail."

Viege was being persuaded by Serral before he knew it.

"This is an opportunity, honey, think about it. How different the people of Lombardi will see you if you get big results like the development of the Angenas estate."

Viege was lost in thought, but Serral waited leisurely.

It was because she was just taking the time, and she knew he"d already fallen for it.

A little time goes by.

Viege said as Serral expected.

"Then can you send a letter to the Empress?"

* * *

Crenny drank tea for a while, and somehow he went away, saying he had something to do.

It was only me and Perez left in the parlor of my room.

"I"m actually here to give you this."

Perez pulled a small box out of his arms.

And open it and show it to me.


It is not just a diamond either.

"Did you carve this yourself again?"

It was a diamond carved into a small chick shape.

"Why...? Why, is it a chick?"

With these expensive diamonds?

"I was trying to cut this, and I happened to see some chicks passing by. Because it"s cute."

"Oh, that"s why a chick......."

Only for that reason did I take a somewhat despondent look at the thick-egg diamond carved in the shape of a chick.

"And your skills are good again."

The round little chick was quite cute.

"Thank you."

Perez smiles with his eyes folded, saying it"s good for my praise.

"Come again... Did you cut it?"

"Yeah, obviously diamonds are hard. I had to use the aura hard."

I don"t think that"s what aura be used for that.

How the hell would Grandpa Croyley react if I showed this to him?

Thinking so, I put the diamond chick back in the jewelry box.

Then I stood up and told Perez.

"Follow me for a second."

It was the room across from my bedroom that I took Perez with me.

"Can you take a look in here?"

I opened the door and told Perez.


Perez looked in the room and was silent for a while.

Yeah, you don"t have anything to say either, do you?

I comforted Perez"s shoulders and said as little as I could not to offend him.

"These are all the gifts and letters you sent me while you were at the Academy, Perez. Can you see it?"


"There are wooden dolls and jewels carved and sent. This big box is a letter. That"s the book over there, and that big teddy bear you made yourself. You"re good at sewing, too.

The room was already saturated.

There"s no room for more presents.

"So even if you don"t give me any more......"

"Thank you."


"Thank you, Tia. For keeping them all like this."

Perez was genuinely pleased.

Just the fact that I didn"t throw away the gifts he sent.

I said in a moment of embarrassment.

"Oh, no, I should say thank you. You"re the one who sent me the gift."

"Is that so? No, it"s not. As expected, I should be grateful."

Perez" eyes glistened brightly as he looked around the room.

"I feel really good when I send Tia a present."


"Because it means I can give you something now."

Perez smiled blurryly under his long eyelashes.

The smiling face overlapped the image of young Perez sitting in a falling star palace.