Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 129

The office of Pellet Corporation.

"......What did you just say?"

Clarivan, who was busy working in the morning, asked again, surprised enough to miss the flag pen.

I said it again in a calm voice as much as I could.

"Perez is the owner of Monak top."

"......Are you sure?"

Clarivan looked back at Bate sitting next to me and asked.

"Yes, I"m sure. I was surprised, too, so I checked it several times before telling you."

"Oh, no...No way....."

Clarivan couldn"t speak as he washed his face dry.

I know how you feel.

I was quite surprised when I first heard it.

I don"t know how many times I"ve asked Bate if he"s sure, like Clarivan.

I said, pouring a glass of water to Clarivan, feeling like I was looking at myself.

"First, have a glass of water and calm down."


While drinking water, Clarivan was still dumbfounded.

After blinking a few times with a blank face, he muttered as if he had realized.

"That"s why he was so wary of me. He"s still competing with Pellet merchant in the north......."

"Did that happen?"

"Yes, just before Lady Florentia came from the banquet....."

"Don"t worry too much. If Perez was really trying to be wary, he would have completely hidden his innermost thoughts. To the point where no one would notice."

"Well, that"s true......."

Clarivan nodded and smiled in vain.

"I thought he must be an experienced merchant. I feel like I"ve been stabbed in the back of my head......."

"Oh, you"re right."

Bate said, putting a chocolate in his mouth for a guest on the table.

"He built the top with a middle-aged merchant named Nosier. But the real owner is the second prince."

"Well, it"s like me and Clarivan."


I was speaking calmly, but I was quite surprised.

I"ve never heard of the name "Monak Top" in my life.

"By the way, His Highness Second Prince is no ordinary man. I can"t believe he made a top with a borrowed name. Oh, of course not comparable to Lady Florentia."

Clarivan, who returned to his usual calm appearance, said, giving a lot of strength to the last word.

"But at this rate, the First Prince is truly no match for the Second Prince."

"It wasn"t the right opponent from the start."

There"s no such thing as Astana.

"But there"s an empress behind him, so it"s not an easy fight."

"Empress Lavini is not an easy opponent."

I don"t know anything else, but I acknowledge the Empress" political ability to quickly grasp what the other person wants and what she is weak at.

"The Empress is very active these days."

Bate also agreed with us.

"Recently, she have been close to Ivan in the North and have often been called the Imperial Palace."

"I"m sure she has got the Crown Prince in mind."

It was the emperor"s authority to choose the crown prince.

However, in form, there was a process of seeking the consent of the imperial nobles.

When the emperor embodies the Crown Prince, the aristocracy must first agree to it.

If the majority of the aristocratic associations agreed, then the representative families of the East, West, South, North and Central Empire needed consent.

The unanimous agreement.

The representative family will simply be in charge of the family, which has the largest territory in the area.

Luman in the east, Sushou in the south, Angenas in the west, Ivan in the north, and finally Lombardi in the center.

At the moment it is.

And this procedure has quite significant legal effect, so he was not entitled to a "fair" crown prince if he did not meet these conditions at the time of his inauguration.

Of course, in most cases, nobles follow the emperor"s orders.

"For now, His Highness Second Prince must capture the aristocracy. Since the Emperor has decided him to attend the conference, the problem will be solved easily."

Clarivan was right.

In my previous life, the aristocracy was not a big problem in Perez"s future.

The problem is.

"The key is to get the consent of the local representative families."

Said Clarivan, fixing his glasses.

"Even if the other families can be persuaded well, what happens to Angenas in the West? We need to get unanimous consent."

Bate asked, tilting his head.

In my previous life, Perez had to face Lombardi"s opposition as well as Angenas in the west.

And the West took down Angenas from his family, and Lombardi, in the center, closed the door altogether with tax evasion and aiding and abetting treason.

"Scary bastard."

I shivered at the sight of the spiteful Perez in my previous life.

Then Clarivan looked at me with a little worried eyes.

"Lady Florentia?"

"It"s nothing. Perez and Monak, let"s say. How are things going with us?"

"Although the Monak top is still bothering us, fortunately, the purchase of the tree is stable."

"Violet seems to be working hard."

"Don"t you know Violet"s personality, who doesn"t give up and hates to disappoint Lady Florentia more than to die?"

I laughed as if I couldn"t help it at Clarivan"s words.

Violet is the most diligent and hardworking person I know.

"But you need to know how to rest a little bit. We"ve been collecting tree trees since last year, so we don"t have to make aggressive purchases anymore."

"Then how can I tell Violet?"

"Keep buying Triba trees, but reduce the frequency of competing with the monak top. I"m afraid they have something to do with the tree."

I know what"s going to happen in the future, but Perez is keen to see what"s on his mind.

"Then I"ll go back to the store."

Bate, who greeted me like that, went away saying his job was done, and Clarivan and I continued our meeting.

Clarivan, who carefully received my instructions, was seen hesitating for a moment.

"If you have anything to say, feel free to do so, Clarivan."

"Oh, yeah, that"s......."

Perhaps ashamed of being caught inside, a slightly blushed Clarivan cautiously started to rhyme.

"I need permission from Lady Florentia."


Pellet"s work was left to the discretion of Clarivan except for the big ones.

He"s more commercially capable than I am.

But it"s a job to get permission separately.

"There was a time when Lord Gallahan consulted concerns to me at the birthday banquet......."

Clarivan explained his plan to me in a calm voice.

"So you"re saying that my father is building a port in Chesail that leads to the eastern seaboard, so why don"t we invest in it?"

"......Yes, of course, it will be the most expensive investment since Pellet was created, and I understand if you don"t allow it because it"s a risk....."

"Mr. Clarivan."


"Are you a genius?"

How could you come up with such an idea?

Clarivan, who was embarrassed for a moment, spoke to me in a cautious tone.

"Genius sounds more appropriate to a person like Lady Florentia than to a man like me....."

"No, Mr. Clarivan is a genius."

I got goosebumps on my arm with a shiver.

It"s like I know the future, so I can see the big picture that Clarivan can draw!

He must have raised Pellet alone in my previous life.

Perhaps there are hearts popping out of my eyes looking at Clarivan right now.

I can tell by the face of Clarivan smiling a little shyly.

I said after a short thought.

"Then let"s keep it hot while investing."


"Transfer some of the Triva trees that have been cut down and dried up to Chesail."

"Are you building a port with that?"

"No. Dad, the lord of Chesail, will do it. We"ll build a boat."

"Oh, boat......!"

"The Nocta and Elby rivers are the largest and widest rivers on the continent. It"s to make a boat big enough to match it."

"Then we can easily move our Pellet"s cargo to the East!"

"Not only that......."

Me and Clarivan started having a meeting excitedly after a long time.

* * *

After the meeting at Pellet, I headed straight to Laurel"s house.

Because I was invited to dinner.

Because I was hungry because of the heated meeting, I ate a meal and sat around the drawing room with a simple dessert.

I wasn"t the only guest at today"s dinner.

"Oh my, our Marlyn! Oh goo!"


It was Klang Devon, the eldest son from Marilyn"s father"s sibling, the head of the Devon family, the Lombardi vassal family, who was kissing his nephew Marilyn in front of me.

"Flint, treat each day as gold now that Marlyn is still young! How sad it is that she doesn"t play with her father even if she grows a little....."

"That"s because you"re so annoying......."

Flint, who said so, smiled softly with Laurel.

"You will laugh now! Watch the time pass. I"m not going to comfort you if you cry then, Flint!"

He was more talkative than usual about whether he was slightly relaxed by a glass of wine he drank with the meal.

He"s a weaker drinker than he look.

I"m fine after drinking wine together.

At that time, the eyes of me and Klang Devon, who were smiling, met face to face.


Klang had a lot to say, so he closed his lower lip.

"Tell me, Lord."

"I, this Klang Devon is the one who will not lose to anyone with loyalty to Lombardi, I am!"

There was a loud bang on the chest.

"Of course, without Devon"s "traffic business", many of Lombardi"s businesses would be scattered and all hell broke loose."

I laughed and played along.

But it"s not an empty word.

In fact, Lombardi Transportation, which Devon is in charge of, is one of the core of Lombardi"s many projects, including the top.

"It"s Lombardi transportation that allows branches scattered throughout the empire to communicate with the headquarters. It"s Lombardi traffic that makes sure the top stuff reaches its destination, right?"

"Yes! That"s right!"

Klang Devon nodded passionately.

"But why doesn"t anyone appreciate our efforts? Why!"

"Did something happen at the meeting of the Vongshin family?"

"Ha.......I don"t know if I can tell the young lady yet. Among the vassal families, our Devons are often ignored, yes......."

It was pathetic to see the big Klang Devon"s shoulders drooping down.

"It"s all because there"s no tangible result. Everyone builds buildings, or makes a lot of money on top. I"m doing something."

The depressed Klang Devon"s voice grew smaller and smaller.

"At best, we must be assisting other families. I can"t help it."

Something must have happened at the Vongshin family meeting.

It was good for me to have something to say to Klang Devon.


I put the glass of wine in my hand down on the table.

"Lord Devon."

Klang Devon slowly raised his head at my call.

I said, looking at the face, which was really upsetting and all over the place.

"You said you didn"t want Lombardi traffic on Devon to just assist other families?"

"Whoa, that"s our Devon family"s job. To be honest, yes."

"Then why don"t you change it?"


Klang Devon"s eyes shake.

"Would you like to do a business with me that only Devons can do?"