Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 125

"It"s the birthday of Florentia, the only daughter of Sir Gallahan Lombardi, and nobody else. Can I miss a special day like this?"

The Empress has been busy all these years.

Perez is busy recruiting the nobles while he is away at the academy.

Her original social power and the top of the Angenas Durac led the nobles to aggressively support Astana.

In many ways, the families of the empress and Angenas had to line up with their wits.

In addition, she thought Lombardi was completely out of the state"s nomination as my father cared about the Chesail area.

Outwardly, she was trying very hard to establish a friendly relationship with me anyway.

"And my dear cousin Serral"s nephew."

Empress Lavini said so and pointed to Serral, who was standing on the left.

I could also see Larane poking her head out from behind.

I couldn"t bring myself to say hello to Larane, who greeted me passionately with her eyes, and then looked at Serral.

"Happy birthday, Florentia."

I guess who"s not the same Angenas.

Even though she smiles, her eyes don"t budge, it"s the same as the empress.

It was not only that Serral was similar to the Empress.

Just as Lavini Angenas did not hide her ambition for her family even after she became Empress of the Empire.

Serral was gradually showing up.

"Viege couldn"t come because he was busy, but he asked me several times to say happy birthday to Florentia."

After Shannanet became acting householder, Viege went on vacation to Angenas.

And it wasn"t until a year later that Viege was back a little different.

No, Serral and Viege both did.

As if there had been a subtle change in the power structure between the couple, Viege began to listen to Serral in earnest.

From small to no more trouble, to big business advice from Serral.

This has led to the involvement of the real estate business in Lombardi, where Viege is in charge, with Angenas in many ways.

Since the two powerful families are creating synergy together, there has been no opposition from within Lombardi.

"I"ve sent the presents to the room. Open it later. It"s a set of finest pearl ornaments that I chose with special care, so I hope you like Florentia."

Serral spoke in a slightly louder voice, telling everyone around her to listen.

And the Empress took over the baton.

"I"d like to rent my villa in Angenas for a month for your birthday. What do you say, Florentia?"

"If it"s a villa...."

"It"s Peapot Castle, where the hot springs come out."

It was the hot spring tourism project that Angenas, which has poor farming and no underground resources, is pushing for these days.

It"s still well-known and word-of-mouth, but after a few years, it"s perfectly established as a resort for the aristocrats.

Then, Angenas will start a passenger business that regularly moves the nobles to the West using luxury carriage, and earn quite a lot of money.

It"s a story a few years from now.

"I"ve been wanting to go! Thank you, Empress."

I"ll never go, but I have a lot of eyes to see, so I"ll take it.

The Empress" blue eyes quickly scanned the area as I thanked her by grabbing my skirt.

She"s trying to make sure a lot of people are listening to our conversation.

Of course, today is my birthday banquet, and the empress led all her aides, so people were paying attention here.

Oh, this is a bit ominous.

I have a bad hunch that I don"t know why.

Too many people"s eyes gathered.

And this opportunity cannot be missed by Lavini.

I brought up to leave my seat.

"Then have a great banquet, and I"ll leave you to......."

"Now that Florentia is of age, it"s time to find a suitable mate."

What the hell are you talking about?

I stared at Empress Lavini, who was talking nonsense with a smiling face.

I almost forgot to control my expression because I was so ridiculous.

"I"m still thinking......."

"Gallahan is not interested in that kind of person. It would be good for Florentia if the Empress comes forward."

How dare you.

As if they"ve kissed in advance, Serral quickly comes forward and responds.

"Really? What do you think of Florentia?"

Empress Lavini looked at me and asked.

But she"s not really asking for my opinion.

There was no father here, my guardian, and no matter how adult I am now, I still have a few years left until my marriageable age.

Even Larane, who is 4 years older than me, has not decided who to marry yet.

Nevertheless, Empress Lavini deliberately brought it up in front of many people.

So that I can"t say no.

Moreover, it is not easy to reverse the situation even if my father or grandfather finds out about it later because the opponent is the empress.

The eyes of the empress smiling at me glistened.

You would have thought I"d nod my head in the air because there was no grandfather near me who could face the Empress.

"Would you leave it to me to find Florentia"s marriage partner?"

But they chose the wrong opponent.

I can"t believe they"re using the surroundings to pressure me.

I looked around quickly.

It just so happened that I saw the person I was looking for not far away.

Grandfather is not the only person in this banquet hall that the empress is reluctant to deal with.

I cleared my throat with a "hmm" and shouted in a rather loud voice.

"Hello, Second Prince!"

Responding quickly to my voice, I smiled broadly and waved slightly at Perez looking back.

She"s making me very uncomfortable.

I"ll make it more difficult for her, Empress Lavini.

As Perez began to walk straight toward me, the spectacular view unfolded.

The nobles standing in the middle stepped back, clearing the way for Perez as if the sea were splitting.

He didn"t ask anyone to step up and get out of the way.

Those who had already been paying attention since Perez appeared at the banquet hall moved themselves.

And I was at the end of the road in the middle of the banquet hall.

Perez strode, looking at me at the end of the way, without saying a word.

Like a person who can"t feel the eyes of others.


Perez stood in front of me, with the dull sound of shoe heels.

And spoke in a low voice.

"Long time no see, Lady Florentia Lombardi."

"......Thank you for attending my birthday banquet."

To be honest, I was a little surprised.

I thought for a moment Perez would say things like "Tia" or "Are you here?"

Because he has a personality that he didn"t care about the people around him.

But to my surprise, Perez called me "Lady Florentia Lombardi".

It was the first time.

In addition, he added that he acted as if he had met me for the first time in six years.

I"m so proud.

Is this how the teacher feels to see a well-educated student?

I smiled and said to Perez without even looking at Empress Lavini.

"I heard you graduated from the academy with excellent grades this time. It"s been 5 years since you graduated at the same time. What a piece of work!"

I said it deliberately, making more fuss.

At my words, the nobles around me nodded with smiling faces.

It was only the empress and her group that were rotting their faces.

"Luckily, as much as I tried, good results just followed."

Perez added to the aristocracy"s favor by giving a humble and courteous answer to it.

Then Perez looked at Empress Lavini.

"See the Empress."

It was a dry greeting, with no family attached.

It was also a very insincere greeting to the empress whom he met after a few years.

Still, the empress, who had deep experience, said to Perez with a smile.

"Congratulations on your graduation, Prince."

But that"s also for a while.

The empress soon lowered the tail of her eyes and created a thin and wounded face.

It was a real sword match between Perez and the Empress.

It"s interesting.

"But I"m disappointed. It"s the first time I"ve seen prince"s face after six years at a banquet."

Oh, it wouldn"t have brought that up!


"I"m sorry, it was drawn because I arrived at the Imperial Palace late yesterday afternoon. I barely greeted His Majesty in the middle of the conference, so don"t be too sad."

This is how Perez can bring up the conference.

And then.

"Oh! I heard some people talking today. I heard you"re going to be present at the next conference, because you"ll be able to play along like this."

"At the conference......?"

"Isn"t that great?"

As it just happened last night, there were more nobles who had not yet heard from.

Surprised, they glanced at the empress and whispered.

From the beginning, the people who the Empress deliberately brought together to weave me, and the people who gathered around Perez appeared.

Including those who watched the situation further away, dozens of aristocrats now know that Perez had attended the conference like Astana.

"That"s right."

Perez nodded and admitted plainly, and people"s buzz grew even louder.

Oh, you"re seducing me.

I was barely holding back the laughter.

This is what happens when you mess with me, Empress Lavini.

After giving the nobles enough time to wonder and the Empress enough time to flutter her eyelids in anger, I stood by Perez and said with a grin.

"I"ll go introduce the surroundings to the Second Prince, Empress. Since he returned to the ecliptic after almost six years, there must be a lot of people to meet."

It was my completely impeccable and considerate suggestion.

So there is only one thing the Empress can say.

" be it, Lady Lombardi."