Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 124

An unprecedented grand banquet in recent years has been held today in Lombardi"s mansion.

It was the 18th birthday party when Florentia Lombardi, became an adult.

Originally, Lombardi"s immediate family members tend to hold a big banquet on each birthday, but this time it was different.

Half a year before her birthday, rumors circulated in society.

Gallahan Lombardi is preparing a huge banquet for his only daughter"s coming-of-age ceremony.

In addition, there were rumors that the former social legend Shannanet Lombardi, who is mentioned as the next candidate for Lombardi as a female body, was helping Gallahan.

And when the invitation to the banquet arrived, the nobles were overturned again.

It was because of a piece of paper contained with an invitation to the banquet.

It was a "Gallahan Clothing Store Premium Dress Coupon".

If they visit a clothing store with an exchange ticket regardless of whether you attend a banquet or not, you can get an expensive dress!

Along with Gallahan Lombardi"s love for his daughter, they could feel that his assets were truly enormous.

And at the end of the invitation, it said.

[For those who attended the banquet, we will give you a gift certificate worth 10 gold that can be used at "Pellet Home & Interior" as a return gift.]

"Pellet Home & Interior" was a luxury ornament store that opened extensively in the middle of the empire at the Pellet Merchants" Association.

Ten golds were enough to buy a very good quality vase or teapot there.

Of course, it was Tia"s new business promotion strategy that forced them to knock down 10-gold gift certificates and spend more money looking at stores, but they didn"t know much about it.

They just said, "She is a Clarivan Pellet"s disciple who has been taught by him since she was very young, and they are so close that he spend a lot of money on her birthdays!"

So it was the day of the banquet.

Naturally, attendance rate was very high.

Because of the long line of carriages waiting for their turn, they had to wait more than an hour to enter the banquet hall.

"The banquet hall is so beautiful that I"m enchanted!"

"How much did it cost?"

"I heard that she"s Patriarch Lombardi"s favorite granddaughter, my God......."

Everyone who came in couldn"t shut up for a while.

There was such a common exclamation they uttered.

"It"s Lombardy!"

The banquet hall was decorated with gold.

In particular, gold curtains and tablecloth glistened more brilliantly in the light of a huge diamond chandelier hanging in the middle of the banquet hall.

Especially for today, the window frames were gold-plated, adding to the extreme splendor.

It wasn"t just that.

Finely crushed gold leaf floated in the champagne carried by the servants.

All were overwhelming expressions of wealth that couldn"t even be imitated without Lombardy.

"What dress does Lady Florentia Lombardi, wear today?"

"I"ll take a good look at the Lady Lombardi"s dress is wearing and ask my dress designer."

After watching the banquet hall, the ladies stretched out their necks and looked for Florentia.

"Oh, there she is!"

A woman beckoned when she found Florentia standing where the food table was.

And there was a moment of silence between them.

"......How can it be so classic yet new?"

"The slashes on the arms and the slightly cut breast line are gorgeous and alluring!"

It was completely different from the existing style, but strangely, there was no rejection.

That was why the imperial community paid attention to Florentia Lombardi.

"Well, it"s a dress, though. Doesn"t Lady Lombardi look so beautiful today?"

Everyone nodded at what someone said.

"That"s what I was just thinking....... She has always looked pretty, but she looks really beautiful today."

"Especially those big, fair eyes, and white-skinned women, was it the moon that made me stare blankly?"

"And there"s a unique atmosphere. It"s young, but it"s hard to approach....."

Everyone agreed with the words.

"The cousins standing next to her right now seem to be a characteristic of Lombardi."

Again, there was a slight silence.

All the ladies gathered in one place were staring blankly at Florentia.

At that time, I think I felt the gaze from afar.

Florentia looked back at them and smiled slightly.


It was a pretty smile that made them forget that they were caught peeking.

As the brief smile returned to conversation with her cousins, a young lady who looked blankly at her said, lifting the hem of her heavy dress.

"I can"t help it. I"m going to get closer and check her dress."

Then she said, as other women who were a little too late followed her.

"Go with me too!"

"What are you doing, Tia? Who are you smiling at?"

"Do you know anyone over there?"

Her twins stretched their throats and looked where I looked.

"No, just. I could feel the gaze."

Is it image management?

The two nodded and understood my answer.

"Tia is too nice."

"Right, Tia is already an adult. We"re so worried these days."

"......Why are you two?"

"Now this guy...... No, no, this guy and that guy are going to follow because they like Tia."

"Then we"ll have to kick those annoying flies out. I"m a little busy these days, so of course I"m worried."

The twins said with a small sigh at the same time.

The two, aged 21, joined the Knights of Lombardi two years ago after being proudly knighted.

As a result, they became an official member of the Lombardi family, not just their direct lineage.

It was a completely different move from my previous life when they returned to Scholes and became an adult and changed their last name.

In addition, the twins, who seemed to be attached anywhere, were divided into the 1st and 3rd Knights respectively.

They said it was what the two wanted.

"If you have a child who bothers you, you have to tell us, Tia."

Gillieu made a new request.

Mairon nodded enthusiastically next to him.

If there"s a rumor that someone likes me, I think they"ll run right away and grab him by the collar.

Considering their personalities, it"s possible enough.

I smiled and turned the topic.

"How about the Knights? I heard you took the promotion test a few days ago?"

"Of course I did."

"I"m done with my low life."

"It"s the first time in nearly a decade that someone has been promoted as fast as us."

Gillieu and Mairon spoke with great pride.

That"s right. It"s worth showing off.

Lombardi"s Knights are not sloppy enough to allow them to join the team just because they are Lombardi"s direct line and pass the promotion test.

It can be seen from the fact that Astalieu was a trainee even after joining the team belatedly in my previous life.

"Amazing, you two."

The shoulders of the twins shrugged once again at my words.

"Sister, sister. Me too!"

Craney, standing next to Gillieu and Mairon, called me as he approached one step closer.

As expected, Craney grew tall.

Now that he"s fifteen years old, he"s already taller than I am, and he"s catching up with the twins.

"I passed the Academy entrance exam!"

Unlike Perez, who was a free pass because he was the prince, Craney had to take the Academy entrance exam.

But I"ve never been worried.

Craney used to be smart, and I"ve been teaching him early since he was young.

But I can"t ignore Craney"s eyes twinkling for a compliment.

I patted Craney"s head, now taller than me.

"Good job. Good job, Crenny.

"Hehe. It"s all thanks to you."

Oh, you"re such a nice talker.

"Let me know if you need anything to help you prepare for the academy, Crenny."

Of course, even if he doesn"t tell me, I"m going to give him a lot of money from the finest luggage to pocket money.

But Craney murmured whether he really needed anything.

"Well, then. Is there a textbook that the Second Prince..... No, I wish I could just shake hands and get some good vibes......."

His white face turns red and scratches his cheeks.

"Perez? What about Perez?"

"He has been at the top of his class at the same time and graduated early. When I was young, I didn"t know he was that amazing....."

There"s a fan of Perez here, too.

"Yes, of course. He"s supposed to come to the banquet today. I don"t know the textbook, but I"ll let you say hello. Ask him if you have any questions at that time."

"Really? Thank you, sister!"

Craney rolled his feet with a big smile.

At that time, the twins, who were smiling together next to each other, suddenly frowned.

"Oh, there she is."

I looked back at the way the two looked.

These days, the most annoying person to deal with was walking toward me with a lot of her aides.

It was Empress Lavini, who did not age at all as if she had sprayed preservatives over time.

Even though she entered middle age, her blemish-free skin still made me feel at odds.

I have to see that face until my birthday.

"Because it"s annoying. You two go over there."

I spoke to the twins.

The Empress had a sort of rivalry with the same-age Shannanet and Lombardi families since she was a child.

So if she happened to bump into Shannanet at the banquet, she bumped into everything.

It has gotten worse since Shannanet pushed Viege away and became deputy chief householder.

The twins, who grew up next to each other, shivered at Empress Lavini.

"Crenny, you follow your brothers."

Left alone, I sighed softly and drank the drink I had in my hand.

And not long after, a pretty but somewhat dreary voice spoke to me.

"Congratulations on coming of age: Lady Florentia."

It was a sweet, sweet voice that hid her innermost thoughts thoroughly.

I can"t lose either.

I turned around and said hello with a big smile on my face that I"ve been fond of ever since I started socializing.

"I can"t believe you"re attending my birthday banquet in personally. I"m so grateful, Empress."