Be the Householder - 2

Chapter 122

It was nice to see him after a long time, and Perez had a smile on his lips.

His body is so big that I have to look up, a face with a clear line, and a voice so low as if he was someone else.

There were many different things, but Perez was definitely right.

"Who are you?"

I could see Perez embarrassed by my cold words.

I don"t care.

"I"m sorry, but I think you"ve got the wrong person."

I said and turned around.


With a perplexed look on his face, he gently grabbed my shoulder.

"It"s me, Perez."

"Perez? Come to think of it, I think I knew someone like that."

The red eyes looking at me were shaking finely.

It really seemed like he thought I had forgotten himself.

I said, staring hard at such a perez.

"Ah, the Perez who spent almost six years without showing his face?"


"Or the Perez, who graduated early in five years and has been unsentimental for half a year?"

Now you understand what I"m saying.

Perez said in a low voice, slightly lowering his head.


You"re not sorry, are you?

Hearing the apology directly from him made me emotional and angry.

I slapped Perez on the shoulder with all my might with the bag in my hand.

"Bad boy."

Like in previous life, both civil servants and military officers became chief at the same time.

Perez also graduated early in five years by reducing one year.

He could stop me from hitting his arm with his eyes closed.

Perez only stood still.

"Let"s just say you was busy at the academy and couldn"t come back during the vacation. But how do you explain that I haven"t heard from you in the last few months?"

"That"s... I"ve been wandering around for half a year after graduation, so I couldn"t send and receive letters."

As soon as he graduated, I know he went on a quick trip with his friends.

As soon as Perez lost contact, I found out through Bate.

And it"s not like I"m worried.

It"s Perez, who had already pulled out aura at the age of twelve.

How many dangerous situations would such a person travel around the continent with friends he met at the academy?


"You could send a letter "I am alive." to Lombardi everywhere! A smart guy who graduated at the academy can"t even think of that much?"

It"s a weird emotional sensation.

But Perez"s face looking at me angry was strange.

I feel like he"s smiling or frowning.

After staring for a long time, he asked in a voice of doubt.

"Were you worried about me, Tia?"

He"s really.

"Then you don"t? It"s like a friend suddenly went missing......!"


"......I"m glad."

Before I knew it, I was in Perez"s arms.

Something similar happened when I brought my grandfather to the palace to rescue him.

Perez is incomparably big then.

To the point where my whole body is completely trapped in his arms.

I blinked a couple of times in surprise and called Perez.



"Let me go."

Then Perez obediently lowered his arm that had locked me up.

The sound of clashing between the fabrics rang clearly in my ears.

Looking up, Perez was smiling.

It wasn"t the faint smile he was building a little while ago.

The long black eyelashes were slightly bent.

That"s mean.

I can"t believe you"re trying to spill your beauty.

I squinted as I pushed Perez out of my body.

"I"m not relieved of my anger yet."

"Yes, I"m sorry."

He nodded and admitted obediently.

Apologies are fast-paced, though.

I muttered, suddenly feeling Perez"s gaze looking down at me.

"You"ve grown so tall."

Before returning, it was the way I saw him in the distance.

No, he"s prettier maybe because he has a brighter complexion than before.

And his eyes are a little different.

He had very dry and cold eyes that mistook the crowds who gathered to see him.

"Tia"s grown up a lot, too."

Perez in front of me was full of life.

He seemed to be happy somewhere.


"Big dog."

A big black dog wiggling its big tail slowly.

It sounds a little weird, but it"s already over the point of being called a puppy.


"No, it"s nothing. What"s wrong with you, Perez? Aren"t you from the palace?"

There"s no way Caitlin and Kylus would let Perez out like this.

His messy hair and clothes are crumpled like the man who just got off the horse.......

"Did you come to see me without going to the palace?"


Yes, it is.

I can"t believe you came to see me without returning to the palace.

I said as I brushed off my slightly disheveled clothes from being hugged by Perez.

"Go back to the palace."


I can feel Perez a bit sulky in my words.

But I said more emphatically.

"Go and show everyone that you"re back. After five years of graduating at the same time as a civil servant and a military officer, the second prince, Perez, has returned."


Perez replied with a soft smile around his mouth as if he understood what I meant.

"Yes, I will."

I waved my hand a little at Perez like that, then started walking towards the mansion.

Then, I looked back thinking of something I forgot.

He was still standing there looking at my back.

"Don"t be late tomorrow."

Perez, who was traveling, couldn"t have returned today for no reason.

I had a feeling that it was to attend my 18th birthday banquet.

Sure enough, Perez smiled, folding his eyes finely again.

"Yes. See you at the banquet tomorrow, Tia."

I waved my hand again and turned around, and my wrist is slightly sour.

It was the part where I hit his arm when I swung my bag at Perez a little while ago.

"I didn"t hit any rock."

I"ve never hit a real rock, but I thought it would feel like this.

I slipped my prickly wrist and took a busy step again.

Lignite, the second son of the eastern family, Lumanga householder, doubted his eyes.

"Am I looking at something in broad daylight?"

He rubbed his eyes with that murmur, but the view from a distance didn"t change.

"Is Perez...... laughing?"

Although he was the prince of the Lambrew Empire, he became friends from the first day of the academy and was comfortably called by his first name in private.

There were many who followed Perez, but Lignite was the only one who could call Perez"s name.

But even such Lignite has never seen Perez smile.

Until today.

Spring has come, but it was this morning that he arrived in Lombardi by running his horse frantically through the frightening winds of the still biting north.

Lignite thought something was going on in the palace because Perez said they had to arrive at the center of the empire by today no matter what.

But Perez drove the horse to the wrong place.

No matter how much Lignite ask where he is heading, Perez insisted on "If it"s hard, I"ll go alone." so he cried and followed with sour.

And it was Lombardi that they arrived.

"Did he even know how to laugh?"

Seriously, Lignite thought Perez was out of order somewhere.

In particular, it has been suspected that the part that oversees emotions and facial expressions is functioning properly.

But Perez, who met a woman, was smiling.

With eyes like honey dripping down.


Lignite sprang up from his seat.

It was because Perez gave her a big hug.

"This...... If I tell other people, no one will trust me."

He"d be glad if he didn"t be kicked for lying.

Then there was something flashing in his head.

"By any chance......."

Lignite"s legs trembled with impatience.

Peres, who remained at the place where the woman left first, returned to the place where Lignite had been waiting only after her back became invisible.

"Now let"s go over to the ecliptic."

Perez, who came at a great pace, flapped his cape, was returning to his usual expressionless face.


"What is it?"

Perez, who was checking if the horse"s saddle had been loosened, roughly answered Lignite"s call roughly.

"She"s the main character of the letter, right?"

Stand tall.

Perez"s movement stopped, tying the knot tightly with his blue tendon hands.


Lignite grinned.

"She"s the one you"ve been writing every time that you"ve never shown anyone?"

There were several hypotheses among colleagues about the recipient of the letter.

It is the maid of honor that came to bring something for Perez to use once a year.

No, it"s a report to the Emperor on his achievements at the Academy, seeing that he writes as thick as a report every time.

There were a lot of different things to say.

But the biggest laugh was what Lignite once said.

-"Maybe Perez has a crazy crush on someone?"

The people who heard it laughed while holding their stomachs, saying it was ridiculous.

It was unimaginable that Perez liked someone that much.

By the way.

"As expected, I was right!"

Lignite shouted, clenching his fists.

And said Perez teasingly.

"There are a lot of surprises? It looks like you only like bloody steaks. It"s not like you have to eat sweet food."

Perez"s love of sweet food was famous at the Academy.

When asked, he said he didn"t like sweet food, but he found something sweet once a day.

And when he put it in his mouth, Perez"s face, which had always been stiffened as if it would make a clinking noise, seemed to loosen.



"It"s noisy."


Perez was first on the horse.

Lignite followed suit and asked.

"Are we going to the palace now?"

"No. I have one more stop before that."

Perez ended it and started to drive again.

The place where the two stopped talking again was the cemetery outside the zodiac.

It was like a well-managed park, mostly where nobles were buried.

Perez, who tied the horsetail at the entrance of the cemetery, took out a small bouquet of flowers that had been in the saddle"s pocket for several days.

The flower had withered slightly, but Perez held it in one hand and headed deep into the cemetery.

The chatty Lignite also kept his mouth shut and followed in this place.

In time, Perez, standing in front of a well-decorated cemetery with marble and statues, carefully laid down the bouquet.

"I"m here."

Perez said so, sweeping the monument with a short inscription on it by hand.

[The proud servant of the imperial family, Fontime Impigra. Rest in peace here.]