I Reincarnated As A Cannon Fodder Villain??!!!


I am sorry if you guys thought it was an update because it's not.

After the break I took for my exams I thought about editing the story and ended up re-reading all seventeen chapters. And there were many parts in the story that I didn't like. I noticed that the things I hate in a story written by others were also written by me. Like the part with a sudden change in Issac's attitude or the part when Alex got powers because of a small mana ring or how I never described who Reebell's higher-ups were.......these are just some examples. 

I thought these parts were weird when I was writing them but didn't mind them much. But after reading the story from a reader's POV this story can be very confusing. 

So I have decided to put this story on hold for a while until I have figured out a way to actually make it good. 

I am very thankful for those like this story and vote for it but I just can't get personal satisfaction because I know it can be so much better than it currently is. 

Once again I am sorry for leaving all you guys in the middle because I don't like it too when writers drop their stories But it's not dropped. I will continue it after a break.

Be sure to comeback to know things like:-

Why did the real Alex die?

Why did the assassins come to kill him? (Yes there's a story behind that)

Who is Kaleb?

Suggestions to make the story better are always welcome. Infact, I am begging you to give me some good ideas to keep it interesting.