I Reincarnated As A Cannon Fodder Villain??!!!


I forgot to explain why Isla is in the same class as Alex and Issac even though she is a year younger. It is because she skipped a class saying she wanted to be in the same class as her brother Issac.

Also, I am changing the name of Army of Dark to Army of Chaos.



"I never saw you before. Are you a new student?" He asked innocently.

He is lying. He knew about me even before I entered the academy.

I study in his class. We are classmates. Does anyone not know their classmates??? Is he trying to tell that I am too insignificant for him to notice my presence!!??

"No, I have been here for quite some time now. Infact, I actually study in your class. My name is Alexander." I said getting up. I am not going to stay here one more second. 

Jabari just stared at me as I packed my things up ready to leave. When I was about to exit I noticed that he did not have any food with him, probably because his maids don't care about his well being. And according to the story he never liked going to the cafeteria because he despised those stuck up commoners and hated those over-arrogant nobles. 

No don't do it. Don't. do. it. My mind was constantly yelling at me to stop me from doing what I was about to do.

"Do you want to share my food?" I did. I myself just in the pit.

Jabari was shocked, waves of emotions flowing on his face. 

boohoo why you stupid? 

But since I already said it, I can't take it back. I went to his side and sat down.

"I-i--you-" He stuttered.

"Here." I raised my box to him since he was still standing. He looked at it and contemplated before sitting down and taking the spoon. We ate in silence. He was constantly staring at me making it a bit awkward.

The food was enough for both of us and soon the bell rang indicating that break was over. 

I quickly got up not wanting to be there any longer. When I was about to leave Jabari said something I never thought he would say, especially to me.

"Thank you, Alexander." He said quietly but I still heard it. He made no effort to get up.

Seems like he is skipping.


It was the last period of the day and I dreaded it. Can you guess what it was?

Magic control.

We are currently standing in a large fighting arena. This was the time when others would take their revenge on Alex as he couldn't fight and neither can I.

'Hey reebell. lend me your powers. quick.' I said with urgency.

'I told you I cannot give it to you without any prior practice. It can cost you your life.'

'This match will cost me my life. Do you want to see me die?'

'Don't worry. They can't kill you. It's against the rules. They could get suspended for breaking the rules.' Reebell said nonchalantly.

But it would still hurt. I cried in my mind.

"Alex! Where were you during the break? I was looking for you." Lawerence came to my side and said.

"Huh! Why were you looking for me?" I asked confused.

"To eat." he said in an it-is-obvious tone. 

"Okay everyone. Gather around." The coach said while clapping his hands to get everyone's attention. 

We all gathered around a huge transparent tv screen that was floating in the air. 

If they have something like this then why can't they have smartphones??

"We are going to randomly pick two people to fight each other one by one. Put all the skills that you have learned till now to good use. The rules will be the same. I hope you remember." He said.

"Who do you think we are gonna get?" Lawernce spoke in my ear.

Why is he here anyway? He should be with his friends making jokes about me being useless.

"I don't know." I said. From the corner of my eyes I saw Jabari looking at me. 

I hope I don't get him otherwise it would really be my last day.

And thankfully the first match was between Jabari and Wade, another whom I don't know.

Wade closed his eyes and soon the land beneath started to shake and sharp spikes of stone started emerging from the ground. They were coming and going back in. Jabari dodged them with great effort. Or at least it looked like he was putting in effort.

Jabari conjured a ball of flame in his hands and started throwing it at his opponent. Wade formed a rock shield to cover himself from the upcoming attacks. Jabari kept throwing fireballs. If he keeps it going then-

Soon the rock started to melt and a pool of molten lava was covering Wade. 

Rocks melt at 600 degrees celsius. Simple science. 

Lawerence fought with a girl whose name I don't know. Everyone thought that he will lose since it was his first day. But he easily won.

Soon enough I saw my face on the screen with another girl named, Nyla. 

We both stood at the centre of the arena. Everyone around us was cheering for Nyla.

'Show him his place'

'Beat him to a pulp, Nyla.'

'You can do it Nyla. He is a worthless piece of rock.' 

Wow, they are going all out with the insults. 

Nyla was a water elemental. As soon as the whistle was sounded she clasped her hands together and a huge wave of water materialised behind her.

"Well, I can't disappoint my classmates. Now can I?" She sneered and guided the water towards me. I was stuck between waves of water. Panic came over me. The aggressive waves carried me with them, throwing me into the air and then bringing me back down before throwing again. After a while the waves disappeared. I sat on the ground coughing trying to get the water out. I thought it ended but boy I was wrong.

I was soon covered with water unable to breathe. I wanted to gasp for air but didn't dare to. 

I looked at the coach standing there hoping he would mediate the situation but he stood there watching. 

They are all the same.

Black dots started clouding my vision and in the hope of finding air my brain automatically opened my mouth and huge amounts of water flooded into my system before I passed out.


I slowly opened my eyes and saw a white ceiling above my head. 

Hospital? School infirmary?

I sat up and through the window saw that the sun was about to set. 

"Ah! You are awake. Wait here, I will inform your homeroom teacher." An old lady in a lab coat said. Yup, it is the school infirmary.

"Are you alright?" Reebell looked very worried.

"Yes, What happened?" When I said that huge rivers of water started flowing out of his eyes.

"I thought something happened to you. You wouldn't talk to me. I'm sorry I couldn't help you." His tiny body hugged my finger. 

"Were you that worried?" I patted his head.

"Wh-who-who said I was worried. I don't care if something happened to you. it just means less work for me." He said then disappeared with a blush coming across his cheeks.

Ms Abigail came in with a worried look on her face.

"How do you feel now? Do you need anything?" She said coming over to my bed.

"I am fine now." I smiled to reassure her.

"Thank you Lord." She said a silent prayer with her hands clasped together. 

"How did I come here?" I was curious.

"Oh! It was the new kid, Lawerence. He is a real nice kid and it looked like he really wanted to be your friend. He even wanted to stay here till you were awake but I was able to send him home since I didn't know when you will wake up. So try to be more open about your feelings. Ok?"

I smiled and nodded. So it Lawerence.

"Can you walk? I will arrange a carriage for you to go home." She said.

"Yes, I can walk and no, no need to prepare a carriage for me. I would like to walk home." I said. She looked shocked as if she saw a cat that actually loves its owner but later she smiled and patted my head.

"Ok! Here's your bag. Be safe." She handed me my bag and I walked out into the orange glow of the sun falling onto my skin. Pleasant air was blowing making me want to lay on the grass and not go home.

It isn't your home anyway when your father is waiting for you to turn 18 so that he can throw you out.

So I did just that. The streets were not quiet. People were all around shouting, some kids crying. It was simply chaotic

So I went deeper into the woods in hope of finding a nice cosy place. I was reminded of the place that Kaleb took me. 

It shouldn't be far from here. 


It was a bad idea.

The sun had completely disappeared. It was total dark. I was not able to see anything and this world did not have flashlights.

Why have flashlights when you control elements? I thought sarcastically.

I heard a growl behind me and I tensed up. I slowly turned around to find a weird animal. He had sharp long teeth that looked like they could tear through my bones with ease. Its eyes glowed red and it had red blood stained tail. I Reincarnated As A Cannon Fodder Villain??!!! - Chapter-8

Saliva was dripping out of its mouth and it was growling hungrily. It slowly took a step towards me and I took a step back. I didn't even dare to breathe.

'Reebell....Reebell come out. Please. It's not the time to play games.' 

 Beads of sweat were forming on my forehead as the bloodthirsty animal continued to come closer. The next things happened very quickly.

I was backing away when my foot tripped on a rock and I fell. The animal attacked me with its deadly mouth open ready to tear my flesh. I turned my back to it and curled myself into a ball in hope to protect myself. I saw someone coming towards me at an inhuman speed and in a single blow cutting the animal's head away from its body. 

I was shivering. My eyes were closed and I was still curled into a ball when I felt warm hands engulf me and picking me up bridal style. I kept my eyes clenched tight not wanting to see anything like the animal I saw before. 

"You are safe now." A deep voice said gently and I finally opened my eyes.


Can anyone guess who saved him????? 

Imma leave you guys here. Bye-bye until next time. (≧∇≦)/