I Reincarnated As A Cannon Fodder Villain??!!!


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Lawrence's POV

I looked at the smiling face of the boy in front of me. After apologizing to my mom, I felt much more comfortable playing with the rumored 'brat' or 'trash' or 'spoiled' or 'stupid'. There were many nicknames that he was given. Some are even worse than those. But he is nothing like those rumors described him.

When he smiled the whole room lit up. When he laughed flowers started blooming everywhere. 

"I am coming." I heard a soft voice announcing its arrival.

Currently we were playing hide and seek and Alexander was the seeker. 

I hid behind the bush trying to hiding my whole body. I looked at him from where I was hiding. The wind gently blew his brown locks with it. He had a soft blush on his face from running around. His green eyes searched everywhere trying me find me. I felt delighted that his whole attention was currently on me. I was in such a daze that I didn't notice him coming towards me.

"Found you." He giggled. I smiled.

"Lawerence it's time to go home." I heard mom say from far away and looked up at the sky.

The sky was very dark indicating that it's almost night. Time passed away quickly. 

I really don't want to go but I don't want to appear as a clingy person to Alexander so I just nodded.

We are gonna meet again at the academy in two days.

With that thought I smiled and said my farewell.

3rd person POV

Today was the last day of Alex's probation. He would have to go to the academy from tomorrow. 

He sat on the bed in his room rocking himself.

I am bored....he thought with a sigh. Vera was busy and he had not seen Lawerence ever since their first meeting.

"I heard the city market is beautiful." Reebell said as he flew across the room trying to fight his boredom.

"Can we go there?" Alex asked excitedly.

"I don't know. Its up to you. If you can escape from this hell hole then....of course." He said.

Alex smirked. According to the game there is an old passageway in the garden of the mansion that Elijah used to sneak out of even after growing up.

He got up and quickly dressed up in his most normal clothes and took a black cloak in his hand.

He got to the garden and looked around. The garden was very beautiful and had different types of flowers. Alex didn't have time to stand and admire the beauty but he made a mental promise to come back here.

He went behind the empty fountain that was at the corner of the big garden.

He shifted the right arm of the state that was standing in the fountain.

Khhhhhahhh A door opened with a weird noise. 

Alex looked at Reebell and they both smiled before dashing down the passageway. 

It was a dark journey but they soon saw light coming from the other end. They got out in a deserted area but they could tell it was not far away from the market as different noises could be heard.

Alex threw the cloak over his head so that his features don't stand out. 

The market was bustling. Some people were hastily walking trying to reach somewhere while some were slowly walking while looking around to see if something caught their eyes.

Alex's eyes brighten like a little kid...well technically he was a kid.

He did not forget to bring the money with him so he ran towards the crowd going straight for the shops that contained food items. 

"Ohh!Ohh! Buy these. I heard from other faires that these are good." Reebell said pointing to a stall that had fish and chips. Alex had known them from his world but he never tried it before. So he was excited to know what would they taste like. 

He bought them along with many different food items like candied fruit, cakes, cornish pasty until his hands were full. 

He then went to a deserted area where there were not many people and removed his hood. He looked at the food with drool in his mouth. He sat on the dirty floor and opened the bags. 

Reebell was quick to take some of the food for himself but Alex didn't mind. He bought too much out of excitement anyways. 

The pair ate with content and satisfaction in their eyes. Suddenly Alex could feel eyes over him. He looked to his left and saw some children looking at him with desperate eyes. They looked undernourished and wore torn clothes. 

Alex couldn't help but feel bad for the children so all he got up grabbed Reebell by the leg (who by the way was still eating) and went out of the alley leaving all the food behind. He hid at a safe distance and saw the kids running to the food and eating happily. He couldn't risk being seen by them. They may recognize him.

Alex felt very happy. Poverty is something that even the modern technology and policies were not able to abolish. And he was not the king much less he is just a child with limited allowance. He felt very sad at the fact that these kids may be able to get food today but no one knows if they will have something to eat tomorrow or the day after. 

"Why are you sad when you just now made many poor children happy" He heard a deep voice behind him. 

Huh! Alex turned around. Whoa!!! The person who stood in front of him was beautiful. He had black messy hair and violet eyes. He looked like the kind of person you should stay away from if you don't want any unnecessary trouble. Alex stood in a daze looking at the boy in front of him.

That boy noticed it and smirked. I Reincarnated As A Cannon Fodder Villain??!!! - Chapter-5

"Kaleb" The handsome stranger said and brought his hand forward.

"Ohh!! ahhh.....yeah." Alex shook his hand. Kaleb raised an eyebrow at his action.

"And you are....." He said dragging out his sentence. 

"Oh..yes. I am Alexander." Alex mentally slapped himself for making a fool out of himself in front of Kaleb.

"Can I call you Alex?" Kaleb gave a charming smile which Alex doubts anyone can say no to.

"Yes." Alex also smiled automatically. Kaleb gave a warm smile.

"So why were you sad? You made the day of many children by giving them food they can only dream of having. You should be happy." 

"I was just thinking about the huge amount of poor people that our country has. Its sad that we cannot provide everyone with the same life." Alex said sadly.

"Hmmmm" Kaleb thought for a moment and then said, "Let's go." He grabbed Alex's hand and started walking out of the market. 

"Huh! But where?" Alex asked as he was getting dragged. Alex didn't understand why he was letting a total stranger man-handle him but there was something about Kaleb that seemed sooo------Right.

"Just come." 

Alex finally gave in and let himself be taken to an unknown place by an unknown person. But while he was getting dragged he notices that Reebell was nowhere to be found. 

Reebell!!!Reebell??? Alex called him out a few times in his thoughts hoping he would hear but Reebell did not appear. 

Alex didn't notice the way they were going since he was too busy searching for Reebell but when they stopped he was stunned at the view in front of him.I Reincarnated As A Cannon Fodder Villain??!!! - Chapter-5

It looked like something straight out of a book. But he was in a game so the existence of places like this was possible. But the only weird thing is that this place was never mentioned in the story nor was the handsome boy that was standing beside him holding his hand.

Holding hands!!!???  Alex started blushing madly. He was already infatuated with the boy and holding hands would only lead to his feelings developing further. 

Alex was a gay in his past life so he was not able to control his heart from beating loudly. 

"So?? How is it? Do you like what you see?" Kaleb asked looking at Alex.

"Yes. Its beautiful." Alex replied although he didn't know that if he was referring to the scenery or the boy...maybe both.

They both crossed the weak-looking bride and reached the sakura tree in the middle. The tree stood tall and proud. Although it was old it was easy to tell that the tree would still live for almost a century.

Kaleb sat down below the tree with his back against the tree trunk. He patted down the place beside him asking for Alex to take a seat so Alex did. 

There was a long silence. But it was not awkward rather it was a comforting silence. Alex could feel his worries about the game and future slowly fading away. Due to those worries he was not able to sleep for more than three hours a day but now that they were gone he could feel the sleep slowly take his consciousness away. 

The last thing he felt was someone tilting his head and putting it on their shoulder to use as a pillow. Kaleb!!!!

Kaleb's POV (Well not exactly)

Kaleb looked at the sleeping figure that had his head on his shoulder. Kaleb didn't understand that why he was going to such lengths for the boy he met today. 

When he saw a strange boy coming into the alley with a bunch of food in his hands he was intrigued. He watched the boy from a distance trying to predict his next move. But when the boy removed his cloak Kaleb was awestruck. 

The boy had dark brown hair and gentle green eyes that held pure excitement. He watched the boy eat happily. But suddenly the boy stood up and left all the food on the ground and walked away. 

Tch!! What a waste for those angel like looks when acts like a spoiled rich kid. 

But later he saw the boy hide behind a tree trunk and watching the food. Soon after many poor children came and started eating the food. At this Kaleb felt a sudden need to protect the little boy and hide him away from the prying eyes of the cruel world. 

When he saw the little boy look sad he couldn't help but want to make him happy so he took him to the beautiful place that was strictly off-limits for the humankind. 

Kaleb liked to come here whenever he felt like running away from all the responsibilities. It was like a secret paradise to him and it was the first time he brought a human to this place.  

Although humans were not allowed here but no one had the authority to question Kaleb's actions.

Soon Alex fell asleep in a rather awkward position so Kaleb put his head on his shoulder to give it support. 

Looking at the sleeping figure which looked calmer than before Kaleb had a sudden change of heart. 

He now wanted to keep the boy locked away from the rest of the world so that only Kaleb could see his bright smile. This way he would also make sure that Alex could see no one else other than Kaleb. But he also knows that doing so would make Alex hate him so he would control his feelings. 

At least for now.


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