Goddess of Qilong

Chapter 4

After Yan had defended Wei Ying from Qiren and had their breakfast together they left for their classes. The eldest prince and the princess stayed in a separate corner where it was covered in white silk clothing.

Wei Ying kept using his paper dolls sending Yan asking things from her. Uncle Qiren noticed this and told Wei Ying to stand up and asked him about how the Nie sect began and more questions. This went on until Wei Ying made uncle Qiren mad by talking about resentment energy and got kicked out of class. Uncle Qiren told Yan and Wangji to escort him to the library and make him copy the sect rules for 500 times.

Everyone wanted to know how Yan looked like and waited till she came out. And as she came out everyones' hopes went to waste because Yan had worn her hat which covered her face and head but everyone started whispering when they saw that Yan had white hair.

Wei Ying and Lan Zhan saw that Yan was uncomfortable and they both glared at the others which made them quickly shut and pulled Yan to the front. With that the three made their way to the library. They made sure that Yan was alright and made way to the library.


At the library.........


"Yan I'm bored and I'm tired of writing the rules!!"

Wei Ying said as he was leaning against Yan's table where she was reading.

"Wei Ying, if you concentrate on writing the rules I will bring you food made by myself alright!"

"Ok!!!" Wei Ying said out of excitement

"Princess, the headmaster is calling for you" one of the disciples said

"Tell uncle I'm coming" Yan said as she got up to fix her dress and made way to the headmasters place

"A-Ying don't trouble A-Zhan please and keep writing the rules until I come back" Wei Ying nodded his head like an obedient kid when Yan said that


At uncle Qiren's place...


"Uncle you called for me?"

"Ah! Yes come in dear, a letter just arrived from your father" Uncle Qiren gave Yan the letter as she received it and read it

"It's nothing uncle just that father misses us very much that he wrote to see how we are doing here and lastly he said that he will come to Gusu to talk with the Jiangs and you about something important"

Qiren gave out a sigh and agreed with Yan

And with that Yan bowed and left for the kitchen to make a meal for Wei Ying. Once she was done she took it to the library pavilion and gave Wei Ying the food he finished it within seconds. Yan smiled and wiped the messy eaters face with a cloth and told one of the servants to take the dishes away

Yan excused herself because she was feeling tired and Wei Ying made sure he troubles Lan Zhan to get to talk with him and he continued to irritate Lan Zhan.

The next day uncle Qiren had to leave for some urgent work so everyone was free to do what they want for the next two weeks.

Before Lan Qiren left he told Yan, Zewu Jun and Lan Zhan to look after Gusu while he was gone specially Wei Wuxian from causing trouble.

All the disciples who heard about the two week holiday decided to spend their time either training or relax in the cloud recesses

Yan decided to go down the mountain to Caiyi Town with her guardians to explore and buy somethings for her brothers.Goddess of Qilong - Chapter 4

Wang YongGoddess of Qilong - Chapter 4

Zhang Yong

While Yan was walking she bumped into someone accidentally and stumbled back a little but was held still by her guardians Wang and Zhang.

Before Yan could even apologise to the person who she bumped into, her hand was grabbed in a harsh way and the other person was about to remove her veil when he was stopped midway by Yan's guardians. They forced the mans' hand off of Yan's hand and stood in front of her.

"You dare to come in between me and what I want. Do you know who I am? I'm the crown prince of Wen Clan Wen Chao"

Yan stiffened when she heard that he was from the Wen Clan and moreover he was the crown prince because her uncle is the current empress of Wen Clan and has heard from him that his son is very hard to handle and is very evil and gets what he wants by force

Yan started to breathe heavily and wanted to leave this place as soon as possible. Wang Yong saw this and quickly sent a signal to Lan Zhan notifying him of the situation by burning a talisman without anyone knowing.

Lan Zhan and Wei Ying were in the library when Lan Zhan received the message. He got very angry and left immediately from the library with Wei Ying following him. Wei Ying looked at him and was confused as to why Lan Zhan was angry.


At the marketplace........


"Move let me see her face and don't get in the way!!!!!!" Wen Chao shouted angrily making chills run through Yan's spine. Just then Lan Zhan came with Wei Ying behind him.

Wei Ying saw that Yan was shivering out of fear so he went near her and hugged her to make her calm down and it worked like a charm she stopped shivering and slowly turned her head to see who was hugging her and Yan quickly hugged back Wei Ying tightly making Ying to gasp in surprise.

"Take her away from here now"

Lan Zhan said to Wang Yong as he unsheathed bichen shielding Yan and the others.

"This is not over yet, we will meet again beautiful" were Wen Chao's last words eyeing Yan before leaving without creating trouble with the Lans.

Lan Zhan sheathed bichen back and looked at Yan who was hugging Ying tightly.

"D-d-did h-he l-leave??" Yan asked Ying while stuttering

"Yes, shhhhh now look at me Yan" Ying told her in the most softest and kindest voice other than Yan's mother.

Yan looked at Ying which made him flustered because Yan was looking very cute with puffy eyes and a cute pout.

"Do you want to me to carry you back to cloud recesses??" Lan Zhan came in between Wei Ying and Yan and asked her. She nodded her head slightly from shyness.

"Young mistress we shall leave then" Wang Yong and Zhang Yong said and vanished into thin air after Yan gave them approval. And Lan Zhan carried Yan on his back to Cloud Recesses.


Back at Cloud Recesses.........


Everyone was surprised to see that their hanguang jun is carrying someone on his back and most of all a girl. When Lan Zhan and the others passed by them Yan heard the whispers of other disciples and his her flushed  face even more onto Lan Zhan's back.

"Cute" both Lan Zhan and Wei Ying thought and a smile spreads on their faces which no one can see.

"You can let me down now" Yan said with a small blush appearing on her face when they neared Yan's room.

"Mn" was Lan Zhan's answer and he let her down.

"Thank you for helping me back then" Yan said bowing down to both Wei Ying and Lan Zhan.

"That wasn't a problem at all, and do call for us if you need our help we'll be their in a flash" Wei Ying said witha big grin on his face.

"Thank you again and I will call for you'll if there is any need" Yan said and bid farewell to both of them.

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Some pics for you'll to enjoy.....Goddess of Qilong - Chapter 4Goddess of Qilong - Chapter 4Goddess of Qilong - Chapter 4Goddess of Qilong - Chapter 4