Goddess of Qilong

chapter 1

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"After them now! Quick!"

"It will be your lives to replace theirs if you ever lose sight of them, so don't lose them"

"Sir!" The Wen disciples responded as they went after their targets.

Further away from them, five figures were running away from them in a huge forest as fast as they can, you can imagine them running very fast breathlessly, panting heavily with bearly enough stamina. All of them just wanted to drop to the ground and rest.

However one of them fell down as an arrow shot her leg. She grabbed her leg in agony as one figure stood in front of her.

"Are you alright?!, can you stand?" One of the teenagers asked her worriedly as he and the other boys looked around frantically to make sure that the enemies have not caught up to them.

She gave them a solemn look. As if reading her mind, the guy responded.

"Nope! I will carry you!, you better come with me!"

"I will slow you'll down! Just don't worry about me, I will be fine I am a dragon after all! Now go and find a safe place for you'll!"

The guy looked at her angrily, he gritted his teeth to calm down. He knew that shouting would make the situation worse. The girl was about to speak when the guy cut her off

"Their target is you and your brothers, Yan! I'd rather die than let you or your brother Xun be one of their concubines!" The boy said firmly helping Yan up.

Before Yan could say anything, she feel arms wrapping around her. She hugged the boy back and she heard him whisper, "I'm not letting another loved one leave me alone like how my both my families died ever again, do you understand that"

Yan remembered the disaster of Yungmeng-Jiang Sect. Her eyes softened as they were filled with tears and she whispered back "I'm sorry, I love you too its just that I thought  your lives are more important than my own"

They both let go of each other and stared into each others eyes. She nodded and said, "let's go, shall we?"

He nodded and extended his hand to help Yan stand up

Suddenly, Wei Wuxian felt something was wrong and he looked up to see an assassin on the tree holding a dagger. 

Wei Wuxian tried to warn the others, with all his might he covered Yans back with his own and waited for the attack but it never came, Yan was so confused and looked back to see Wuxian covering her back.

To her horror she saw her father was blocking the attack of the assassin with his body.

Wuxian felt that something was wrong and turned around when he saw Yans horrified face, but what he saw made him realize that Yan would never be the same as before from now on.


The others looked back to see that Yan and Wei Wuxian were calling the almost lifeless Qilong Sect leader who was stabbed right at the heart.

Yans brothers immediately attacked  the assassin and killed him then rushed to where their sister is.


Yan called out again as the emporor coughed blood and held his daughters hand while smiling, he touched Yans cheek with great difficulty and once he did his hand fell to the ground. Yan was shocked to see her father die right in front of her, she had tears running down her cheeks nonstop.

Yans voice shouts as she roars in agony.


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