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BTS in Zombie Apocalypse Au - Chapter 5

BTS in Zombie Apocalypse Au

Chapter 5

"Here we are!" RM said. Suga said "The dream is coming nearer." He showed his gummy smile. J Hope ran and said "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!" Jungkook picked up the tool box and engine. The rest of the member and Ri followed. RM opened the door and went into the generator house. He saw a lot of blood and broken wires. He went to fix wires. Suga walked out of the small house. He looked around the place. He tucked his hands into his pockets. He turned and saw something shaking at the bush. He slowly walked nearer. He picked up te nearest twig. He moved the bush aside and saw a deer biting the human. He realised that the deer might be the cause of spreading zombie around. He walked backwards as the deer approached. He saw a deer wearing a tag which was used for experiments. 

RM was done with fixing the wires and suddenly everyone's phone was notified. Suga's phone was notified and the sound provoked the deer. The deer went to attack Suga. The deer dug its jaws into Suga's neck. He was choked and could not screamed for help. V went out and saw Suga was bit by the deer. V shouted "GUYS! SUGA!" Jin ran out and saw the scene. He shot the deer down. Jin ran to Suga and said "RM! TAKE THE VACCINE FROM THE VAN!" Suga tapped Jin and whimpered "No... It is too late. Now, I- I" He started to breathe heavily "want you to record me because I got something to say." Jungkook started recording. Suga said "I might not be able to fin (coughed) finish explaining everything. The cause of the zombie was by the experiment of the deer. The deer escaped. The culprit is the guy who said he wanted to create zombie. Please find him. He appeared on the news saying "I want to create something with this 098-" He begun to breathe heavier and slowed down. His eyes turned white. Tears flowed down. He said "I love you, mom. I won't be able to come aliv-. Shoot me, V..." V shot Suga before he could attack Jin. 

RM went to take the tag from the deer. Jungkook stopped recording and falled down. He sobbed loudly. Ri went to Suga's body. Jin closed Suga's eyes. RM called the rescue. "Hello, 7 of us are alive here in Seoul. 6 man and 1 dog. Just at N Seoul tower." Jin took Suga's diary and said "I will pass it to your parents..." V suddenly said in the choked voice "I w-want to- to to go home!!" Jimin hugged V and comforted him. Jungkook saw the flower that Suga mentioned was his favourite. Jungkook walked to take flower and laid it onto Suga's hand. RM finished his call and said "We need to give him the proper funeral." Jimin started digging the hole. Jungkook started too. Everyone started digging the hole, even Ri. After a few minutes, Jungkook planted the flowers into the dirt where Suga was burried. They waited for rescue.

After half an hour, the 3 helicopters flew over. RM waved at them. J Hope used his phone light and started waving at the pilot. Soon, the helicopters flew down. Jungkook's tears flowed down with joy. The doctors and nurses came out and checked everyone. The one of the nurses said "You survived the bite! It looked awlful and infected! You need proper treatment." The police came out and saw Ri. He patted Ri. He said "She is a good girl!" The doctor said "All of you survived in good condition! No dehydration and famine! I am very surprised!" RM explained everything. They got into the helicopter and flew to Japan. All lots of people and reporters came at the hospital. The security said "Give way! Give way!" The woman was shaking up and down. She saw the familiar face. RM came out strongly. He was covered with blood and plasters. The woman sobbed happily "NAMJOON! NAMJOON! NAMJOON!" RM turned and turned, confused. He saw many people pointing in the same direction. The security opened the gate. The lady ran up to RM behore he could turn. RM said "MOM!" The people were cheering. J Hope saw his sister walking away. He shouted "JUNG DA WON!" His sister turned and saw J Hope spreading his arms to her. She ran up to him. They reunited with their family. The next day, they went to Suga's family. 

Years passed by, BTS were still hanging out some day. RM became the rapper. Jin became father and chef. V became toy maker. Jungkook became artist. Jimin became teacher. J Hope became child care teacher. Ri became Jin's pet! One day, the group of important people disscussed about getting Korea back. They needed the BTS's help to clear zombie. They sent secret agents to BTS.

To be continued: BTS in Zombie Apocalypse 2.


Suga:Dun worry! I will be back in next book.

Me: I need sad moments in every story because it will enhance the interesting story.