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BTS in Zombie Apocalypse Au - Chapter 4

BTS in Zombie Apocalypse Au

Chapter 4

Jungkook sighed of relief "Phew! Did you get lots of fo-?" J Hope jumped out of the van and ran to open the van's back door. Jungkook asked "What happened? OH MY JIN?!" J Hope said "NO TIME TO EXPLAIN!" Ri barked. RM carried Jin out of the van carefully. RM said "He's fine, just that he needs rest." RM went into Jin's room. He laid Jin down. He realised if any member was bitten, it could be cured by the vaccine before the progess gone too far. RM went out and explained everyone what had happened. J Hope took out the bags of food. Suga sighed and went up to te edge of the roof. Suga resumed writing his diary. RM went to help Jungkook to cook dinner as Jin was in charge of cooking. Jimin was sitting on the fallen log. J Hope saw Jimin feeling down. J Hope went to Jimin "Hey, you okay?" Jimin shook his head quietly "No... I have a question that no one can answer. How long will we survive? How long will rescue come?" J Hope kept quiet for a moment. He replied "No one knows at least we have those nice people." , turning to look at V and Ri. Jimin smiled and nodded. V was playing with Ri. RM shoutted "DINNER IS READY!" Jimin turned at saw a bowl of ramen. Jimin said to J Hope "Let's eat." They ran to eat. V carried Ri to eat. RM said "I am not the best chef so I hope it is okay." 

Meanwhile, Jin woke up and saw the window was filled with stars. He sat up and looked around. He touched his neck and remembered that he was bitten. He put on an mischevious smile. He remembered RM pranked him at the supermarket so he wanted to do the revenge. He quietly walked down the stairs. He saw the group of members eating ramen. He tip toed to RM. Ri barked at Jin. J Hope turned around and saw Jin. Jin put his finger at his mouth "Sush!" Ri kept on barking. J Hope smiled and turned around. Jin grabbed RM's shoulder. Jin groaned like a zombie. RM turned and screamed. Jin bit RM's neck. RM screamed even louder. All the members except J Hope screamed "OH MY GOSH! RM!" Jin laughed. RM pushed Jin's head away. Jin laughed so hard. RM shoutted "I ALMOST SHIT MYSELF!!!! THIS IS NOT FUNNY!" Jin was laughing louder. Jungkook was laughing. Suga bang the table "JIN!!! OMG WHY?!" Ri barked at Jin angrily. Jin said "Whoa whoa, why are you angry?" Ri barked even louder and went to bite Jin's arm. RM grabbed Ri and asked "He is not a zombie anymore!" Jin sniffed his shoulder and said "Maybe I smell like a zombie. I have to shower tomorrow. Continue eat. I gotta sleep now." RM realised Jin lost his appetite. RM said to Ri "Hey, I want you to apologise to him tomorrow." Ri sat down. RM patted Ri and walked to check Jin. He turned to Jungkook "You can have mine. I am not going to eat." Jungkook nodded. RM saw Jin laying on the bed. RM asked "What's wrong?" Jin said "I don't know. I have some pain in my neck." RM opened up the bandage. The blood was flowing. Jin said "Yea." RM said "I will treat it better. Stay still..." He changed the bandage. Jin fall asleep. RM was sleepy but have to keep an eye on him so RM sat on the chair next to him. 

The next morning, RM was woke up by Ri. RM patted Ri and said "Go wake Jin up." Ri went to Jin and licked Jin's face. Jin woke up. He woke up and said "Hey. Thanks!" RM said "It apologised to you that it barked at you." Jin smiled and said "I will prepare breakfast first." Jin was so energetic that day. RM was surprised that he was back to normal. Suga wrote another diary entry "Dear diary, it is just another day. We won't be alive forever..." Jin carried the pot over to the table and shouted "HEYYYYY!!!!!! BREAKFAST TIME!" Suga jumped down and went to the table. Jungkook greeted Suga "Hey! Morning!" Suga smiled and continued eating. J Hope shouted "HELLO!!!!! MORNING MORNING!" V growled "HEY! SHUT UP! I AM TRYING TO EAT!" These boys continue having fun and trying to survive. 

3 years passed by. Suga was sitting on the roof as usual. He wrote "It has been three years and three days. Yesterday, we celebrated Happy New Year. We became closer these years and we filled three years of memories. These boys meant to me more than my family. More than siblings. Rescue has not come yet. I am wondering our relatives and families in the other parts of the world had forgotten us... We may die here some day." Jungkook picked up the stick and threw. Ri ran off to fetch. RM was in his room caculating how much food he had left and which place have more food and supplies. The television was on suddenly. He saw his mother is the news. She shouted at the police. "YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW THAT HE IS ALIVE OUT THERE!" The police was protesting "It is too dangerous to rescue him out there." The reporter said "It has been three years and people are still having trauma about their family. I am afr-" The television went off. He ran out and climbed up to the roof. He saw Suga leaning on the antenna signal. He said "I am idiot! SUGA, MOVE!" Suga got startled and moved aside. RM adjust the antenna until the television was back. He called everyone to come into the room. They quietly watched news. Jungkook saw his mother crying out loud. His tears begun flowing down. J Hope saw his sister talking about. "He is my everything. I hope he is alive. I still dream he will be alive even though he is dead." J Hope smiled and then cried. The news ended. V turned to RM and said "I think I have idea but it is risky." RM turned and said "Just tell because it will be worth it." V explained "I know where is signal tower but we need someone who is expert in electricity." RM replied "I am!" Jimin said "Let's go now." RM said "NOW?! WE ARE NOT PREPARED FOR TH-" He saw Jimin's tear flowed down. Jimin said "I want to be rescued right now."