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BTS in Zombie Apocalypse Au - Chapter 3

BTS in Zombie Apocalypse Au

Chapter 3

The man woke up and turned around. He saw a group of man cuddling each other and sleeping. He turned left and saw RM fanning him while RM was sleepin. He saw a ice pad on his head and chest. He became confused and looked down "Am I being rescued? Where is my mother?" RM woke up and saw the man's tear flowing down. RM comforted him "Hey... You don't have to cry." The man said "Where is my mother?!" RM said "SNAP OUT OF IT! Now, we found you in the hot car. Do you mind explaining your history?" The man looked at RM's face and explained "My mother and I were trapped in the car. She does not want me to die and she told me she wanted to get out of the car to call for help but I wanted to follow her. She was frustrated so she tied me up and went out of the car. I was trapped in the car. I passed out after a few minutes." RM patted his head and said "Everything is fine now... What is your name?" The man replied "Hoseok." RM said "I think I want to name you J-Hope. Let me introduce the other." That is how  BTS formed.

Days passed by, they settled their life in the small building. Jungkook was securing the fence with high volt wires. Suga was sitting at the edge of the roof. He was supposed to be night watch but what he does was just writing his diary. RM was in the storage room, calculating how much they had used the supplies and had left. He found out that they were low on food. He walked to Jin and said "Ok, we have problem that we have shortage of food. We have to gather now." Jin took the frying and spoon. He banged it. Jungkook jumped and turned around. He sighed and thought "What is it this time?" He switched on the engine to power the high volt wires. He walked to Jin. Suga stopped writing and jumped down of the roof. All the members gathered. Jin said "Okay! We have RM to talk!" RM stood forward and announced "We are low on food so we have to search more food somewhere out there! I need accompany." Jin raised his hand followed by J Hope. Ri barked. RM carried Ri "Yes, you will follow. The rest of you stay here. RM took his bag pack and a small gun, M&P shield. Jin picked his rifles, Al Kadeshi and J hope picked his gun, M9. Jungkook said "Have a safe trip and don't be chomped by those freaks." RM and Ri went into the van first. Jin brought the first aid in. RM asked Ri "What kind of food do you want?" Ri barked. RM understood what it wants already. J Hope went into the van and started the van. He had a little trauma of the car so he blocked all his memories. RM turned to J Hope and remembered a few days ago in the bedroom. J Hope had a worse childhood and lost his mother the day before he was saved by people. Jungkook opened the gate and let the van go. He closed quickly before any creatures goes in.

J Hope was driving to the mall where it has endless supplies. They reached the desitnation. RM said "Hobi and Ri, stay here." He went out the van with Jin. Jin told Ri "Don't worry. I will get you what you want." Jin picked his rifle up and went off into the mall with RM. Jin saw his favourite cafe where he always date with his girlfriend. He went into the cafe. RM was checking some clothes. Jin saw a coffee powder packet. He carried it to RM. RM laughed and put it into the bag. Jin went into the market with RM. RM adviced "Stay close. They could be anywhere." Jin nodded. RM and Jin went into the market. RM suddenly pointed at something. Jin jumped and saw nothing. He asked "WHAT?!" RM replied, walking towards the packet of food "I found Ri's favourite treat!" Jin was lost for a moment and said "You like Ri that much? You scared me. STOP IT! THIS IS NOT FUNNY!" RM laughed so hard. Jin saw a curry packet. He picked it up and kept it. RM saw a ramen and everything what he needs. He quickly packed them. After a few minutes, they had finished taking supplies. Jin stood up and turned around. He walked between the shelves. RM turned to look at Jin and then the mirror on the wall and turned to his things. When he realised he saw something in the mirror, he slowly pick his M&P shield. He whispered "Jin! Jin! Jin!" Jin could not hear anything so RM quickly grabbed Jin's bag and pull. Jin screamed but RM covered his mouth with his hand. RM pointed up to the mirror. Jin saw a zombie on the other side of the shelf. The zombie was getting closer and closer. It turned to them. RM and Jin frozed. RM shot the zombie three times. He picked his bag and pulled Jin out of the market. Soon more zombies were appearing, RM tried to run past every zombies with Jin. One of the zombie grabbed Jin's arm. RM turned around and tried to save Jin. He shot the zombie's head who was trying bite Jin's neck. RM pulled Jin into the van.

Ri barked at Jin angrily. RM turned to look at Jin. J Hope drove the van off. RM saw a blood flowing down from Jin's neck. RM was shocked to see a bite on Jin's neck. RM said "I think I cure it as I seen every movie, using vaccine... Ok, where is it where where wher VACCINE?!" He looked into the aid box. He adviced "Don't move too much or else you will progessed too far. Ok, I found vaccine and the syinge." He dropped vaccine as he was too shaky and scared. He picked vaccine quickly and tried to inject vaccine into Jin carefully. J Hope picked up his phone and called Jungkook "Hey! OPEN THE GATE RIGHT NOW!" Jungkook was confused. J Hope said "Never mind! CALL SUGA TO CHECK THE THING! OK NEVER MIND NEVER MIND! OPEN THE FUCKING GATE RIGHT NOW!" Jungkook replied "Okay..." RM said "Done!" Jin said "I am feeling dizzy right now..." RM said "Rest now and I am not sure whelter it is right but I will do my best." He was wrapping Jin's neck with the bandage. Jin slowly closed his eyes. Meanwhile, Jungkook opened the gate. Suga saw a van rushing away from zombies from 15 metres away. He shouted "GET READY!!!!!! ZOMBIES ARE ABOUT ONE METRE APART FROM THE VAN!" Jungkook sighed and shouted "V! HELP ME!" V came to push the gate with him. Jimin was standing next to the engine. When the van just got in, Jungkook shouted "GO!" V and Jungkook quickly closed the gate. Jungkook quickly locked the gate. By the time Jimin heard the lock clicked, he powered the engine.