The Villainess Wants to Run Away

Author's Note

This is my first time writing a story with light novel as the theme.

English isn't my first language, so if you want to correct the grammatical errors or sentences that don't make sense, please feel free to do so. I will be grateful.


Thank you and enjoy!


Renesse Solesia had never imagined, even in the most insane dream that she would wake up possessing a character in a book she had read some time ago.

What worse, she had inhabited the body of the villainess and a duke's daughter, Solesia Vianden. Isn't all those villainesses usually meet a bad ending?

Solesia Renesse wanted to run away!

However, why's now those characters begin to act so strange?

The brothers who showed mutual hate to the original Solesia Vianden seemed to care more for her lately.

As she threw away the kingdom's crown prince, what's this neighboring Empire's prince doing with her?

If the heroine saw this, wouldn't she want to burn her at the stake? Thinking about this, Solesia shivered.

Can she get a peaceful life in this world when mysteries, even about her past life in the 21st century begin to resurface again?

Please, also do note that this story will be a slow update. The author is a college student with a lot of experimental reports to write!

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