The Villainess Wants to Run Away

Chapter 2

The duke was rushing home. Meanwhile, Solesia was pondering about how she should act. She didn't know whether the maid, Leah had told him about her memory loss or not.

In case she hadn't, Solesia should just be honest then? After all, she had zero memory about how the original Solesia Vianden had lived from childhood until she was sixteen.

Solesia could felt a faint throbbing headache began to take a root in her head. She took a deep breath as her perturbed emotion gradually calmed down. She would try to act as naturally as possible.

A day later, Solesia was daydreaming as usual when the door was slammed open, jolting her out of the reverie. She was startled.

In the door, a man in his forties with a few traces of white hair was standing with a somewhat urgent look. He had a stern face with a thin mustache, short jet-black hair, and golden eyes.

His features had no an ounce of similarity to Solesia, but his undeniably noble aura made his identity crystal clear. Solesia rooted to the spot rather awkwardly. She couldn't have known that the duke would just barge in just like that.

"How do you feel, my daughter?" The duke's tone sounded worried. He approached the sitting Solesia in large strides.

Solesia looked on with a blank look on her face. Only then did she recovered her wits when the duke stood beside her, examining her from head to toe for any possible injuries.

"I am fine..." Solesia's words got stuck in her throat.

It seemed that Solesia had a good relationship with her father. The duke doted on his sole daughter excessively. Solesia racked her brain, finally just stayed silent when she couldn't recall how the original Solesia had addressed the duke. Does she call him father or Your Grace?

Judging from the two's good relationship, the second option seemed unlikely.

"Do you feel hurt anywhere else?" The duke asked again with a serious face.

Solesia blinked, then shook her head. "I am alright... Father." She gulped.

When she noticed no changes within the duke's expression, she guessed that her thought had been correct.

"The grass outside makes the fall less hurtful." Solesia inwardly winced when she said this. What a lame excuse.

The duke didn't seem to be convinced. He immediately called a maid over. It was Leah, Solesia's personal maid.

Leah recounted everything that had happened. From how the two noble ladies, Solesia's friends were there when it happened. Solesia tripped and accidentally fallen down from the balcony.

The duke's face darkened the further he heard about Leah's recount. Solesia had a strange expression as she secretly listened to their conversation. She couldn't help but glance at Leah's calm guise.

"Who are those ladies?" The duke asked grimly.

"The daughter of Count Dianne and the daughter of Baron Salinthe," Leah answered readily, lowering her head.

The duke frowned, then he shifted his attention to the tense Solesia, who had her ears perked up to listen to the conversation. His eyes gradually turned gentler.

Solesia was a bit taken aback, and couldn't help the uncomfortable feeling welled up in her heart. She unnoticeably trembled.

"Do you truly have recovered?" The duke asked her.

Solesia nodded earnestly. She was lucky that Leah hadn't told the duke anything regarding her memory condition yet.

The duke sighed. He turned to Leah. "Prepare the dinner for Solesia. I will eat at the dining table."

Solesia suddenly realized that she had been coped in her room since she inhabited this body a few days ago. She didn't know the interior of this seemingly grand mansion.

"Can I eat with you, Father?" Solesia subconsciously blurted out. She widened her eyes afterward. The duke's gentle manner in his doting toward her had made her subconsciously put her trust in him.

She sensed familial love from him, something that was foreign, yet at the same time also pleasing.

The duke gazed at her worriedly.

Under that gaze, Solesia hurriedly explained. "Don't worry, I can walk myself. I won't fall or trip."

He seemed reluctant but nodded in agreement nonetheless.

Solesia stood up, and Leah rushed over to help her. Her mouth twitched at this. She had strangely fully recovered, but the weak body was another problem.

Had the original Solesia's body always been like this? The thought of her transmigrating to the world in a book had been an odd matter. It somewhat made her existence special in some sense, or rather cursed...

She made a conjecture that this specialty had made Solesia's body recovered at a fast rate. After all, the original Solesia had died from that fall.

After the duke had left, Solesia followed him. She walked out of the bedroom, discovering the long hallway and stairs leading to the first floor. Leah was by her side, ready to catch her anytime in case she fainted again. The duke was such a worrisome person.

Solesia couldn't help but marvel at the elegant furniture and decorations. This place wouldn't be so bad if only she hadn't known it was inside a book.

When they arrived at the dining hall, Solesia was taken aback when she noticed another person besides the duke sitting there.

He had a head of silver, combined with sparkling golden eyes. There would be no mistaking that he would be Solesia's brother.

Solesia racked her brain. She didn't remember his name. A sudden panic engulfed her entire being at the notion, but she forced herself to calm down. It wasn't the time to panic. Perhaps, she could recall him if she calmed down a little.

She had tried to explore the mansion, but Leah didn't let her since she thought that Solesia hadn't recovered enough. So, Solesia hadn't actually gotten her chance to familiarize herself in this new environment.

Leah pulled the seat, allowing Solesia to sit there. She noticed the brother's indifferent glance and couldn't help but frowned. His sister nearly died and he didn't seem to care at all.

"How about getting a new bedroom on the first floor?" Duke Henry suddenly spoke, looking at Solesia and waiting for her answer solemnly.

Solesia was a little taken aback that the duke had brought up the topic so abruptly. She noticed his serious expression and didn't have the heart to refuse. "As you say, Father."

"If you agree, then we can start renovating the room beside Cayden's a bit." The duke gestured at the man sitting at the opposite of Solesia, whose name she had finally gotten to know.

However, the sudden realization of the duke's words nearly made her choke in shock.

Is it too late to say that she didn't want to move her room now? Solesia felt somehow betrayed and bitter.

Looking at the duke who was discussing her room renovation with the butler, she knew that she couldn't get out of this.

Solesia noticed the sudden gaze of Cayden from the corner of her mouth. She snorted coldly at him and looked away, surprisingly finding it as something natural, as if it was what she was supposed to do.

The duke seemed to notice the two's hostility but he rebuked neither of them. Instead, he only faltered slightly before continuing to speak with the butler.

The maid came while bringing the dinner afterward. Solesia looked at the dinner table and winced. She was feeling slightly nauseous at the thought of the oily meat somehow.

Solesia decided that she would only eat the soup, finding it less nauseating.

"Solesia, is the food not to your liking?" Duke Henry's concerned voice sounded again.

Solesia hurriedly shook her head, accidentally dropped her spoon. The spoon actually hit the table before it went, almost hitting Cayden in the process.

"I am sorry, brother..." Solesia accidentally blurted out in her state of shock.

However, she was even more shocked by what she uttered just now. Her lips parted slightly as her eyes widened. She turned to look at Cayden, dreading his response.

They both stared at each other with the same look of disbelief.

Cayden had accidentally dropped his fork. He gazed at Solesia with incredulity as his voice turned sharp. The penetrating eyes were looking at Solesia full of interrogation.

"Who are you?"