The Villainess Wants to Run Away

Chapter 1

The young woman gazed outside the window. The thin, pale right hand supported her chin. Once in a while, she let out a sigh of resignation. Her lips moved to blow the smoke rising from the cup of tea on her hand.

She took a sip and closed her eyes. A moment later, the cup was shoved away. She covered her face with both her hands. Resting her head on the table, her body shivered all of a sudden.

It was not winter season. She wasn't feeling cold either. The young woman's name was Solesia Vianden, the daughter of Duke Vianden.

A noblewoman.

That was who she was supposed to be.

If only she, Renesse Solesia didn't wake up in this body.

Renesse Solesia didn't even remember how she died. The moment she opened her eyes, she was already inhabiting Solesia's body.

As someone who woke up in a different environment all of a sudden, she panicked. She ran around the room while checking the mirror for her appearance.

The unmistakably dark violet silky hair combined with the similarly clear doe-like light violet eyes shocked her greatly. This kind of strange combination of color on a person wasn't something that existed in the 21st century. Unless, they weren't natural color.

However, looking at the people around her, she knew that it wasn't the case. This violet color was natural.

The next thing she did out of her panic was to shake the girl who had just entered the room. The girl was startled, thus trying to calm her down. But how could she stop her anxiousness just like that?

"Where is this?" She asked frantically. Solesia was her last name. She admitted it. The name now sounded somewhat strange. It was a name that people she had known from childhood had called her.

"My Lady, this is the duke's mansion?" The girl answered readily, bewilderment etched on her face.

"Duke's mansion?" Solesia was confused. "Why am I in the duke's mansion?"

The confusion showed in Solesia's face seemingly had caused the girl, who looked to be around seventeen years old to be startled. A moment later, it was her turn to be anxious.

"My Lady, do you not remember anything?" The girl asked as she scanned Solesia from head to toe. She was looking for any possible injuries.

Remember what? Solesia didn't even remember how she got here. She didn't know anything, and the place was completely unfamiliar. All the furniture in the room looked luxurious and pretty. However, the feeling of foreignness they brought seemed like a hand grabbing into her throat, suffocating.

Solesia's body staggered back. She would have fallen to the floor if not for the quick response of the girl, who rushed over to support her.

"You still haven't recovered, My Lady. Just take a rest here." The girl led her to the bed.

Solesia took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. The choking feeling gradually eased up. The bitterness in her mouth tasted like the slap of reality.

She couldn't accept that she just appeared in another world like this. What had happened to her body in the 21st century? She had tried to remember, but no matter what, she couldn't.

The memory was rather blurry. She couldn't remember what the last thing she did before she became Solesia Vianden. Perhaps, she could gradually remember and figure things out slowly? She calmed down slightly at this thought.

"His Grace, the duke is coming back home as soon as he heard that you've met with an accident, My Lady." The girl said slowly.

Solesia thought about her for a while and decided not to respond.

"Who are you?" She asked the girl, slightly confused that she seemed to be tending her much.

"I am your maid, My Lady. My name is Leah." The girl replied. She seemed like a competent person who was also good at reading the room.

Solesia narrowed her eyes briefly before her expression returned back to normal. There were weird things like duke and maid, something that was a common existence of nobility in the medieval era.

She didn't return back to the past, did she? Solesia unconsciously bit her own lips. This girl, Leah was a maid, and she said that the duke will be coming home soon.

How should she face him? Solesia was afraid that she didn't act similar to how the original owner of this body usually did, thus causing suspicion. Would they doubted her identity, and conduct a ritual like an exorcist to get her soul out of this body?

"What is my name?" Solesia didn't even know her own name. Such a big mistake I almost committed.

"My Lady's name is Solesia Vianden."

Holy crap!

That's was my real name, Solesia thought with confusion. Her mind swirled in chaos. Whether it was Solesia or Renesse, they were her names. It didn't matter much as she lived in a country where people usually don't have a last name. She had the fair share of people who called her by each names.

Solesia was especially a name used to call her by people she had known since childhood.

Ah, Solesia let out another string of curses as she bit her nail in anxiety. She remembered another piece of memory.

Solesia was the name of a villainess in the book she had read in the past. She spent a whole afternoon reading it.  However, as the name Solesia came up, she was depicted as a girl with a devious heart hated by everyone.

She was uncomfortable when her own name was similar to that villainess, so she just jumped to the ending and didn't read the whole book. Now, thinking about that again, it seemed that the name Vianden was also familiar.

Isn't that the last name of Solesia from that book? Solesia faltered momentarily. A moment later, she shivered inwardly.

Those kinds of novels with antagonists like that were commonly cruel to the ending of the villainess. What if she had a bad ending here?

Solesia also remembered a piece of information that the duke also had two sons older than Solesia in the book. They seemed to hate her just as how Solesia was feeling contempt for them.

How was Solesia's ending in the book? She couldn't help biting her nail harder. She regretted that she only read the book halfway.

The whole thing seemed so inconceivable that Solesia thought it was only a dream. But when she pinched her own cheek, it did hurt.

"What happened to me before?" Solesia heard that the maid mentioned things about her recovering. Did the original owner of this body was sick?

The maid, Leah had curly orange short hair with skin that similar to almond. She bit her lips in hesitation. She seemed to be having an inner turmoil before she swallowed and decided to tell her.

"My Lady fell from the second floor." She said, glancing at the balcony outside.

"Oh," Solesia muttered lowly. No wonder that this maid accepted the thought of her having a memory loss pretty easily. She must have hit her head somehow.

Did the original owner die then? Solesia felt slightly sorry for her. She was also somewhat guilty that she had taken over Solesia from the book's body.

However, she needed to do this. Solesia wanted to figure out what had happened to her, and if it was possible, she wanted to go back. Living in this unfamiliar world and given such a prestigious identity, which was originally someone else's, she didn't want that.

And if that isn't possible, Solesia would try to live somewhere else with a new identity. A duke's daughter or whatnot, indeed had the life filled with riches. But thinking that there was something, an existence out there that control her fate, she felt uncomfortable.

She didn't want to be controlled like a doll.

Solesia wanted to run away.

At the moment, looking out the window, Solesia, who her head put on the table muttered lowly in frustration.

She had seen those knights guarding and patrolling the duke's mansion, and the number wasn't small. How was she supposed to run away with things like this?

Ah, Solesia remembered. This kind of force was the point that had brought the duchy of Vianden to be nearly on an equal footing with the royal family. The military force.

The Vianden duchy had such strong military force that the prince, who was supposed to be Solesia's fiance wanted to draw power from them. The prince, hmm, Solesia didn't exactly remember if he was the main love interest in the story. But now that she intended to walk away from this bullshit story, she just wanted them; whoever should be together to be married already so that she can live her life peacefully.

She wouldn't need to deal with bothersome people.

Solesia sighed in resignation. She should try to act like a noble, befitting of a duke's daughter, and then she could try to run away.

Avoiding the main characters is also a must. Or should she try to make things flow just like in the book? Solesia pondered about this option quietly.

Two days had passed since the duke's notice about him coming home. Tomorrow was the day when she would meet the duke.

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