• Tangled Heartstrings | Severus Snape X Reader

    Tangled Heartstrings | Severus Snape X Reader


    -POC, hijab, and size friendly y/n story- The year is 1991 and you're returning to Hogwarts as the Care of Magical Creatures Professor. The excitement you're feeling to return to …

  • Genshin x DSMP fandom <33

    Genshin x DSMP fandom <33


    Title says everything , have fun.

  • One World Away

    One World Away


    Aris Scarlet is quite literally the definition of 'average'. His grades were average, he didn't participate in sports, had a fairly plain look, was at the direct middle in …

  • My brothers enemy.

    My brothers enemy.


    Y/N has been in an a all girls bording school for two years and has come back to enroll into UA with her brother Katsuki, but what will happen …

  • “What Should I do if my husband is the future demon King?”

    “What Should I do if my husband is the future demon King?”


    Part 3. Continuation of their life's journey and adventure ❤

  • Ready..set..GO!



    He's a street racer,his a professional guitarist shes a flag girl,and she's a street racer.

  • Darkness (Completed)

    Darkness (Completed)


    Some people survive chaos and that is how they grow. And some people thrive in chaos because chaos is all they know

  • Beyond Black and White

    Beyond Black and White


    Once upon a time, this world belonged to humanity. We were born with magic, and from a young age, we were taught how to use it. And in due time, we …

  • Come for the Money

    Come for the Money


    A 17 year old prostitute living in 3020 has to do what she can to survive after a nuclear war that destroyed the earth's crust. Looking for a cure to …

  • Newtypes in the lylat system

    Newtypes in the lylat system


    This is a star fox event horizon story I know I've done this one's but this one is staying I'm not going to delete this one I've already figured …

  • Magic and Battles

    Magic and Battles


    Un Castillo, Jóvenes de la Realeza y Familias Billonarias, Magia, Peleas, Guerras, Situaciones Amorosas, Rencores, Música, Bailes, Juegos, Risas......Suena loco ¿no? pero..... Al final todo vale la pena......Acompaña a …

  • Monte the cannibal

    Monte the cannibal


    Cannibalism and Bowie yeah. Don't read this story please. I'm on meth.