5 Novels
  • Car crash

    Car crash


    A boy is in a car accident and the local news reports it, and a podcast was made. A girl goes to the boys high school her name …

  • Bitten in love

    Bitten in love


    Ashley Walters is a well known vampire. She goes to Baker high school in New Orleans. A new kid a boy named Andrew begins to like her as he …

  • Phoenix fire

    Phoenix fire


    A girl is part of a mysterious family. On her 18th birthday she learns her family secret. That secret will change her life forever.

  • I’m A Singer!

    I’m A Singer!


    A girl moves to Cali to sing at a dive bar. She meets her long time crush who's a famous actor. He begins to like her back.

  • Perfection



    10 people are brought to a tropical island. There's 5 women and 5 men, they are fighting to find their perfect match. They all have to get to …