4 Novels
  • Meet You In The Middle (A BeeDuo Fanfiction)

    Meet You In The Middle (A BeeDuo Fanfiction)


    The Enderwalk's been difficult on Ranboo. Too difficult. It's begun happening more and more frequently, and he's remembering less and less. It feels like he's spending more time in …

  • Loki For President

    Loki For President


    We all know and love President Loki from the ragingly popular Marvel TV show, "Loki," but we didn't get much time with him. What's his backstory? Well, he ran for …

  • apples



    Ester White is the fabled descendent of Snow White. Though she herself is disgusted in the rumour, her parents have embraced it. They even bought an apple orchard and …

  • Roomates (A Sterek University AU)

    Roomates (A Sterek University AU)


    This is an AU where Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski are college roommates. _____________________ Stiles Stilinski did not expect his roommate to be a person like Derek Hale. Derek was so mysterious, …