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  • Draco’s love

    Draco’s love


    After almost 11 years and never seeing Draco since he was 17, Pansy, Blaise and Theo all get worried and start looking for him. And when they find him …

  • Tamakis blind sister

    Tamakis blind sister


    Your tamakis sister your older brother is super protective over you because your blind. Since you were a kid you've went to a school for blind people but now …

  • The one I used to love

    The one I used to love


    Almost a year into Lucius's divorce with Narcissa, he has to met with Dracos favourite teacher who Draco won't stop talking about, and how pretty she is. But Lucius …

  • The secret singer at ouran

    The secret singer at ouran


    For years you've kept a secret from everyone but your best friend you've even kept it from your boyfriend Kaoru Hitachiin

  • Jumins sister

    Jumins sister


    One day when you were walking around you get a text from an unknown number to return a phone What will happen when you meet your ex again

  • Unexpectedly dating

    Unexpectedly dating


    When scorpius ends up cheating on you and you both break up, let's say your next partner is very shocking to scorpius (The reader is 18 in this story, …

  • The mermaid at Ouran

    The mermaid at Ouran


    Y/n l/n a girl who has a big secret your a mermaid Your family tried to keep you a secret so they took you out of elementary and homeschooled you …

  • Erzas daughter

    Erzas daughter


    Your the daughter of Erza and Jellal life isn't easy especially since your father doesn't know you exist but one day you go out with natsu and happy and …

  • The hated triplet

    The hated triplet


    Your Hikaru and Kaorus triplet but ever since you were little they've always bullied you and been mean to you just because your a girl One day your brothers …

  • Kaorus daughter

    Kaorus daughter


    (Ages will be off a lot for this to work) Your y/n Hitachiin your Kaorus daughter your mother you have no clue who she is your dad never talks …

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