5 Novels
  • CHERRY AFFAIRS ‘ jungwon

    CHERRY AFFAIRS ‘ jungwon


    Falling in love under the moonlight, the magic induces his adrenaline. At first, he thought it was because she resembled his first lover. Soon, it was her personality that …

  • LOVERS CONCERTO ‘ taehyun

    LOVERS CONCERTO ‘ taehyun


    Maturity, elegance, and a ton of broken piano keys. When a retired violinist meets a piano prodigy, she feels the need to pick up her broken past once more. …

  • NEVER NOT ‘ sunoo

    NEVER NOT ‘ sunoo


    No second leads, no drama, no lies. Just a story of a shy boy and his lovely. long-term admirer. Through this, we fall in love with not only them …

  • INTERSTELLAR ‘ jaemin

    INTERSTELLAR ‘ jaemin


    the meaning of interstellar was to be situated between stars. could love be interstellar? possibly. however, when a girl who loves astronomy falls for a boy who loves someone …

  • Privacy



    The boy was too open- as if he were a book that could never be closed. Being neighbors with a boy who couldn't settle his expressions straight nor his …