5 Novels
  • The Billionaire’s Poisonous Lily

    The Billionaire’s Poisonous Lily


    Lily Walters, a famous model, knew that she was a thorn in Zion Whiteford's side. That man disliked her. He was indifferent to the point of suffocating. But, how could she …

  • His Rejected [DISCONTINUED]

    His Rejected [DISCONTINUED]


    He was so stubborn, adamant not to marry the girl he never had encountered with. She was left alone standing in the altar. Her soon to be husband refused to …

  • The Villainess Wants to Run Away

    The Villainess Wants to Run Away


    Renesse Solesia had never imagined, even in the most insane dream that she would wake up possessing a character in a book she had read some time ago. What worse, …

  • The Pretend Wife

    The Pretend Wife


    Their relationship was based to the agreement and money on the table to begin with. Even so, she left carrying his baby who was still inside her belly. Mia Ford …

  • The Girl Who Refuses an Alpha

    The Girl Who Refuses an Alpha


    There's nothing certain in this world. When two people were supposed to be together, are they what really is called soulmates? The moment Mirabella accidentally stumbled upon the famous Alpha, …