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  • Strings



    Carter Denholm is a second-year college student living at the small town of Brooksteen. His life is as simple as it can be. But as the past clashes with …

  • Juniper Vs. the Universe

    Juniper Vs. the Universe


    According to Juniper, everything has always been looking down for him. He's trying to navigate his senior year of high school at a new school in a new state, …

  • Following Her Heart [GirlxGirl]

    Following Her Heart [GirlxGirl]


    Jenna Wilson and Chloe James meet during a class, they're both entering their seniors, Jenna has just moved to Manhattan from Minnesota and Chloe has lived in Manhattan her …

  • Tumse Hi

    Tumse Hi


    "What the hell is she doing here?" On their way to college, Siddanth's sister Naina told him that she wanted him to meet a girl. Hold up. A girl? …

  • Savannah



    22 year old Meriam Jabari was happy to get a job at Savannah House. Her new life soon sets in motion a course of events that leave her questioning …

  • Hate, actually ✔

    Hate, actually ✔


    UNDER EDITING Enter the world of Sadie Torres, a 19 year old intellectual. The girl with a hundred and one problems, but takes it all in her stride. When her …

  • Of Love and Death and Everything In-Between  |  ONC 2021

    Of Love and Death and Everything In-Between | ONC 2021


    Like any college freshman, Ian wants normal things like a car, a girlfriend, or another tracksuit, but his issues are far from normal. He's seeing people and things that …

  • The Duchess in the Dorm [Published – Sample Only]

    The Duchess in the Dorm [Published – Sample Only]


    Lizzie was on the run; not from bad guys, international criminals or terrorists. She was hiding from her mother! At age 20, she had left her grand …

  • dahlia. ➢ harry styles

    dahlia. ➢ harry styles


    *mature content and trigger warnings* in which a young mother is protectively sheltering over her daughter from their previous life and a man who's established a meticulous, professional career, has …

  • Lips Red As Blood

    Lips Red As Blood


    When Cora accidentally summons a devil, she has to face the consequences - which include falling in love and moving on from her ex or risk getting her soul …

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