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  • Escapism



    "The first thing I noticed, even before opening my eyes, was the almost silence. The quiet whispers and whistling of songs blew past my face, through my hair, flapping …

  • New, Unwritten Destiny

    New, Unwritten Destiny


    Diana's brains and discoveries have been ignored and underestimated, undervalued and patronised since... forever. So it's time to use that to her advantage. She's a princess, a philanthropic soul. …

  • Escaping Royalty

    Escaping Royalty


    The youngest prince in the land of Marygold is given a choice. He can rule a neighboring land by marrying the princess, or he can run away and escape …

  • Trapped in a Spider’s Web (Naraku x Reader)

    Trapped in a Spider’s Web (Naraku x Reader)


    Naraku x Reader ~ (Y/n) was a somewhat mysterious character.. She's a pure blood spider demon. One that started out pure somehow. She once acted as a priestess until her cover was …

  • Supernatural Hybrid
  • Wyomings new tribrids

    Wyomings new tribrids


    Haley is a very traumatized girl who hides it very well her whole life she has been in abusive family, but she had a plane when she was 15 …

  • Crowned King (Throne of Thorns #2)

    Crowned King (Throne of Thorns #2)

    Author: ,

    'Heavy is the head who wears the crown.' Rafail knew the words to be true as he weighed the gold piece in his hands. He had finally managed to avenge …

  • Queen of Flame

    Queen of Flame


    Seraphina Arrington has grown up as the youngest daughter of the Alpha of the Moon Stone pack, making it difficult to connect with other kids her age. Her older …

  • Realms of Magic: Demon Invasion

    Realms of Magic: Demon Invasion


    Everything seems fine in Irvine. The economy is great, public satisfaction with the monarch and the nobles is excellent, and life is comfortable for most Irvinians. Not for Violleta …

  • Strange Tides

    Strange Tides


    Percy finds out that he is a descendant from a very powerful dark wizard. And because he is the only person that is half demigod and half wizard, the …

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