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  • The Thalmor Hunt

    The Thalmor Hunt


    Larskar. The last Dragonborn. The legend who defeated Alduin with the help of fallen heroes in Sovngarde. The hero who saved the world from an era of darkness using …

  • Willing


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    Harper lives the normal, boring life. She has had no one friends, or family to support her. They all hated her. She didn't know why. Harper did the right …

  • A New World half an Ocean away

    A New World half an Ocean away


    After strange readings were picked up on military satellites that usually are for detecting nuclear bomb tests, the US navy races out to investigate, only to find Fog, and …

  • The Dawn That Never Came

    The Dawn That Never Came


    The first-ever intergalactic war has affected the Earth majorly, and it's up to eight incredibly unqualified people to save the entire galaxy! Can three teenagers, a "totally not suspicious" …

  • Expositive Love ~ Mortar x Reader

    Expositive Love ~ Mortar x Reader


    You are Medics helper, you've known medic for years, but one day after a rough battle against the fallen king himself. A wounded Mortar comes into the medical ward, …

  • When Are You Coming Home

    When Are You Coming Home


    Sodapop and Steve get sent to Vietnam to fight in the war, leaving his siblings and life behind. It's crazy just how much can change within a few years. …

  • Lone Pigeon

    Lone Pigeon


    Fritzier "Fritz" Helger, a pigeon from the Federal Republic of Pigeons or simply the FRP, was different from the rest of the other pigeons in his nation. Instead of …

  • Terraria: The War Against Infection

    Terraria: The War Against Infection


    In an alternative timeline where the player doesn't exist, the bosses have peaceful lives. But that all changed one strange night, a night that would cause war with life and …

  • Blue



    Tallulah hated everything her family stood for, she hated that they married her to a man that would rather torture her than nurture her. She hated the scales she …

  • The Assassin Core Book 2: Tides of War

    The Assassin Core Book 2: Tides of War


    A year has passed since the invasion of Andrea. The second Infernal-Flamontian War has torn through the lands of Flamonts leaving hundreds displaced. Matthew Andros, the one who helped …

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