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  • Agents Of The Island University [EDITING]

    Agents Of The Island University [EDITING]


    Isang Unibersidad na saklaw ng Gobyerno ngunit itinatago sa publiko. Nakatayo ito sa malayo sa sibilisasyon. Na para bang nasa kabilang dimensyon. Pero hindi, tagong-tago lang talaga ito sa lahat. Hindi normal. …

  • SARANG – Everlasting Love

    SARANG – Everlasting Love


    To have an everlasting love we need to undergo so many unavoidable situations . To be together till the end is to survive all the odds together as one …

  • E.C.E and The Mighty Antimagic Spell

    E.C.E and The Mighty Antimagic Spell


    Who would expect a story titled ANTIMAGIC to be about wizards, mystical creatures and fantastic, unusual adventures? Yet, it really is ... It's even more than that. You'll see if you …

  • Bloom



    Aiko loves, until she starts coughing up flowers. ☘︎ notes: • A Hanahaki romance story • ‼ Warnings that will be in this story: blood, vomit • English isn't my first language so …

  • Lost Girl

    Lost Girl


    The blazing heat of the sun spreads across my skin, kissing it with its damaging flare. I let out a deep sigh waiting for the inevitable. The fact of …

  • “Pillow Buddy” ✔

    “Pillow Buddy” ✔


    Penelope Price just wanted to graduate from High School with excellence and honors but her goal is too hard to achieve because she doesn't do well in school or …

  • My Business Life

    My Business Life


    My mother and father died when I was in 6th grade. They killed by some guys that I don't know who they are, I want to revenge and give …

  • What If

    What If


    - oc story (demon au) - romance/sci-fi/fantasy - tw: cursing, sensitive topics, lgbtq+, slang - you are in the POV of Tora (MC) - ocs: Tora (he/him) Sally (she/her) Sumi (he/it) Hanao (she/they) Kina (she/her/it)

  • You’re my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye🔞 (On Going)

    You’re my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye🔞 (On Going)


    "You will always be my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye Allissa"

  • Love Beneath the Sun (HighSchool Series #3)

    Love Beneath the Sun (HighSchool Series #3)


    She's the girl who always kind to anyone. She have a lot of friends because of that but she didn't know na kapag nakatalikod siya ay sinisiraan siya ng …

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