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  • The Murder Of Mr. Waters

    The Murder Of Mr. Waters


    Her parents are going on a business trip for seven days. She is going to be all alone but she had another idea. She invited her best friends over …

  • The Agency – Operation Delta (Book 1 & 2)

    The Agency – Operation Delta (Book 1 & 2)


    Vanessa has been assigned to fight the rebels and enemy spies that threaten to destablise the nation. Conscripted to serve The Agency, her world is torn apart after discovering …

  • encounter || lee taeyong ༄

    encounter || lee taeyong ༄


    " stop it right now tesoro before I lost my control , or else you will regret " ✯ love triangle ✯ gang au ✯ soft romance ✯ company Kindly remind that this …

  • WHY..?? AGAIN??

    WHY..?? AGAIN??

    Author: ,

    **experience the pure love 💕*********** 🦋🦋 Not a fake love ... Only the real love feel it.. " I didn't choose you my heart did"💕 ____ …

  • Revenge



    Diana is a college student who lives with her brother Lucas living a normal life a normal life but everything changes when a stranger starts stalking her, what …

  • The Fairy Tale

    The Fairy Tale


    As all say a 'FAIRY TALE' contains a sad princess and a loving prince my story is also inspired from this only .. story is of a different phase …

  • [DD #2] Slaughter the Darkness

    [DD #2] Slaughter the Darkness


    Julius Cain, the gun-wielding liar. Freya Lorenzsen, the inexperienced prodigy. Two unlikely allies, one unlikely enemy. Arrested and held for questioning, Desdemona knows that there's only one way out, and …

  • when kingdoms collide

    when kingdoms collide


    in which four royals, each from a different kingdom must embark on a dangerous journey to bring back the four key gemstones to save their kingdoms from the dark …

  • Where is my worth ?

    Where is my worth ?


    Ryan came back to the mansion after having a tiring day in office He went straight to his study room That's his routine. He is a thirty one year …

  • Waiting On A Miracle

    Waiting On A Miracle


    Stranded on an unidentified island with a group of military trained soldiers, she doesn't know what to expect. ------------ A virus brought on the apocalypse. 'Bombs' lined with the deadly virus …

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