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  • Thalassophile



    ~Sometimes in the wave of change we find our true direction~

  • Dead Roses

    Dead Roses


    Will y/n be able to control her magic? What will she do now that shes fallen for Draco? Will Harry, her twin brother, be understanding? Find out how y/n …

  • Falling for Faren

    Falling for Faren


    This is another Draco Malfoy story, or is it? Faren Thornwood is the average everyday teenage psycho, and she is in her 3rd year of Hogwarts School of Witch …

  • The Secret Of The Warlock

    The Secret Of The Warlock


    When one seemingly peaceful evening Chloe McAlister is poisoned and almost killed by her own sister her life is thrown into chaos. When when she finds her sisters diary …

  • The Prophecy of the Vanished

    The Prophecy of the Vanished


    Kaia has spent her entire life being ignored and pushed aside. Having no magic herself, she has worked as a servant for the witches within Castle Caliginous from the …

  • luxe – h. j. p.

    luxe – h. j. p.


    started: 3/29/21 completed: harry x OC slow burn <3 Veronica Juliana Luxe. That is who I am. Veronica Juliana Luxe. All I will ever be. . . . I don't take …

  • The Fifth Season

    The Fifth Season


    What does it mean to be a Red Blood? To Snoh Encre being a red-blooded human was the epitome of mediocrity. Especially when her entire family has magical powers …

  • A Witches Battle

    A Witches Battle


    Luna started off as an average girl trying to make ends meat. Although yes she had magic of a warlock living along made it hard for school and there …

  • Admiring the Stars | D. Malfoy

    Admiring the Stars | D. Malfoy


    Follow Y/n L/n through her years at Hogwarts as she slowly falls in love with the arsehole known as Draco Malfoy. Year 1: 1-10 Year 2: 11-*ongoing* Updates every Saturday

  • Hunters of Tenma

    Hunters of Tenma


    A young man born without any special abilities wishes to become a protector, willing to save anyone and protect everyone, he finds himself in a team, together they face …

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