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  • Fallen Beyond Enemy Lines (BOOK 2)

    Fallen Beyond Enemy Lines (BOOK 2)


    THIS IS BOOK NUMBER TWO: Read Beyond Enemy Lines First! Marine's turned fugitives, Mickey and her team run from the law in hopes of finding that which was stolen. Can …




    Bunch of oneshots #BTSoneshots KIMseokjin KIMnamjoon Minyoongi JUNGhoseok PARKjimin KIMtaehyung JEONjungkook Boy×girl

  • hes the one

    hes the one


    y/n has a rockey relationship.. until he showed up.

  • More Than Brothers

    More Than Brothers


    "Albus. Albus Dumbledore!" I said giving my hand to him smiling brightly eventhough smiling was far away from my emotions. "Gellert Grindelwald" He said with the most deepest voice I've …

  • Tundra Book One: Archer

    Tundra Book One: Archer


    Friday night is business as usual at Tundra for Archer. The last thing he was excepting was to meet Faye. And let alone have his first one night stand. …

  • xiao x reader

    xiao x reader

    Author: ,

    made this bc xiao is the best ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ew this story sucks smut warning.. I'll try and update regularly! I do not own any of these characters, Mihoyo owns them.

  • Seductress Of The Night

    Seductress Of The Night


    When Azia's mother was murdered, she was only 9 years old at the time. Her father, Sorin Emerson, then became the most wanted man in Europe when going on …

  • GENTLE for her |book is in progress|

    GENTLE for her |book is in progress|


    This is my first book iv wrote!!!! And I don't expect It to be that good but I will at least try my best!!! ------------------------- This is the story behind ace …

  • Tied to the sinners

    Tied to the sinners


    Lydia, an 18 year old girl, joins the mafia following after her mother and father. Her mother hesitant to let her join, but her father excited and ready for …

  • Cookie run One shots!

    Cookie run One shots!


    Requests are open. I will try and respond as fast as possible! You can request more than once, just don't break the rules! ☺️

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