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  • His Beloved

    His Beloved


    I would make this short and simple so Imagine this Your dad died at the age of thirteen in an accident you both were involved in and you miraculously …

  • Bewitched



    A princess who spends years trying to break a spell cast on her by a wizard, only to slowly fall in love with him.

  • better than Romeo and Juliette

    better than Romeo and Juliette


    hello this is my first story, so prepare for a little cringe, and I am not very good at cover designing, I based this off Romeo and Julliette

  • The Royal Patron | Park Jimin Fanfiction

    The Royal Patron | Park Jimin Fanfiction


    She's not perfect, she's a raging storm. He's utopian, yet far from Elysium. Kang Ambrosia: the quintessence of femme fatale, an austere workaholic with absolutely ZERO time for romance. …

  • i hope you have a nice chirstmas 👨‍❤️‍👨🇸🇪

    i hope you have a nice chirstmas 👨‍❤️‍👨🇸🇪


    August x quirky reader 😍😍🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪 (tw: sex, death, august, pet play)




    pray to your dead, wear these thorns as a crown, and off with your head. [ Book One of the REGAL saga ] [ original novel ] [ historical fiction ] [ medieval era ] [ …

  • Venom || kth

    Venom || kth


    "The best revenge is to change the hearts of people." prince!taehyung x unidentified!reader (royalty borderline psycho au) #1 minyoongi #1 junghoseok #10 jin #16 jimin #24 parkjimin #26 jeonjungkook #32 taehyung #64 kimtaehyung Genre: Yandere/Tsundere Dark Fantasy Start: 13th August …

  • Someone – Young Royals

    Someone – Young Royals

    Author: ,

    Christmas break is almost over and Wilhelm and Simon have to go back to school soon and see each other again. *** My version of season 2 of young royals …

  • Instinct



    Cliff has lived his entire life as an heir in Eshanas, and he always intended to keep it that way. But when his parents announce that he needs to …

  • Vampires Don’t Drink

    Vampires Don’t Drink


    It all leads up to the Midnight Ball. In a world divided by halfwits and full-bloods, Princess Daphne must convince her father, the King, to allow her to marry her …

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