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  • Our Love Story

    Our Love Story


    Artemis Garcia. 17 years old. A Saint.... sometimes. Heir to the Spanish mafia. Apollo King. 18 years old. The devil as they call him. Heir to the Italian mafia. Complete …

  • forbidden love [gxg]

    forbidden love [gxg]


    "i saw a girl today" -one sentence story -lower case intended -enjoy♡⁩ •based on real life events - characters names changed for obvious reasons.

  • Possessive


    Author: ,

    Simon Matthews was off limits. Everyone knew that. The football team knew that, the teachers knew that, hell even Simon knew that. But the one thing he didn't know …

  • My Mess

    My Mess

    Author: ,

    Cole Reeves, God he's a mess. You might be wondering how. Well... let's just say this book starts off with the sentence; 'Ookay, so the shed is collapsing and it's not …

  • The Girl from the Window

    The Girl from the Window


    Due to punishment for a forbidden romance, Stella has been trapped in a window for one hundred years when suddenly someone from her past reappears. And he has a …

  • My protector

    My protector


    "Get your hands off her right now!" I yell at the top of my lungs "Who are you her boyfriend?" He chuckles not moving an inch. I take a step closer …

  • dreams || remus lupin x oc

    dreams || remus lupin x oc


    "thunder only happens when it's raining players only love you when they're playing they say women, they will come and they will go when the rain washes you clean, you'll know you'll know" [remus …

  • Then And Now

    Then And Now


    Bunch of thoughts and feelings ♡

  • Celestia Academy

    Celestia Academy


    Celestia Academy is a prestigious institution for all who are capable of attending. Those with a Vision are typically accepted with no issue, but those without have to prove …

  • 2.6 | Forget Me Not | ONGOING

    2.6 | Forget Me Not | ONGOING


    It's always been Dylan and Emma, and Emma and Dylan, for as long as anyone can remember. Until, one day, it isn't anymore. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2021 …

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