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  • Lost in the Jungle

    Lost in the Jungle


    A life story of a family is connected to a business empire, a rebellion in the jungle, social unrest and a bookshop.

  • Hidden



    A few years ago, the U.S.A was taken over by a dictator. How you may ask? Because people supported him. Now they call him King.  …

  • Blackstone Academy: The Rebellion (Book 2)

    Blackstone Academy: The Rebellion (Book 2)


    The Training Games are over. Let the Rebellion begin. ◼◼◼◼◼◼◼◼ After the Training Games get canceled, Troy Roman and his friends will face an enemy no one suspected. His caring facade …

  • What It Once Was

    What It Once Was


    The War happened many years ago, The Enders created Mutants, nuclear weaponry, they went to war. One continent remained, Dalmore, unfortunately under siege of the Mutant's reign. The corrupt …

  • Baby of Panem

    Baby of Panem


    Convince me, snow said. What better way than a baby, Katniss is pregnant and is being forced back into the games for the quarter quell She was forced into …

  • The Catalysts: From the Depths

    The Catalysts: From the Depths


    Hundreds of years ago, supernaturals built an underground city and called it Codena where the four races, Ignibellas, Glyphics, Electroids, and Keneyes, could live together in harmony. Electra Minor …

  • On Thin Ice (Prequel to Guild)

    On Thin Ice (Prequel to Guild)


    THE WAR IS YOUNG, and the gods are hungry. Ogonsekai has been warring for twelve years, so many remember the age before. An age of submission. An age of …

  • Easily Broken

    Easily Broken


    The magicat orders an attack on Brightmoon in hope of conquering and showing everyone that she is strong without the help of a certain blonde. The attack on the …

  • What If My Bully Slammed Into My Window?

    What If My Bully Slammed Into My Window?


    To say Lily was exhausted was an understatement. A more accurate phrasing would be that the fifteen year old felt like she had been hit …

  • Victory of the Stars

    Victory of the Stars


    Vi just wants to belong somewhere. Every time she turns around, her life is changed, and not always for the better. She's lived in four different places in the …

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