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  • Ethereal



    Thalia is next in line to inherit the throne, but in order to become queen, she needs to find a partner. That had been the rule for centuries. The Ethereal …

  • Queen of the lost

    Queen of the lost


    Magic. A concept that exists in Fairy Tales. A concept that's long forgotten when you step into adulthood. Sometimes, you may wish that the world requires magic to fix …

  • Mafia Queen Reincarnated as weak princess

    Mafia Queen Reincarnated as weak princess

    Author: ,

    What if a mafia queen got reincarnated as a weak? bitch?slut? princess....... and that body becomes her body??? will she accept the truth??or not?? She'll experience a rollercoaster of emotion... Hellmonica Develough …

  • Our Forbidden Love

    Our Forbidden Love


    Clarie Parker, one of the best women mafias in the world. She is faced with a decision that could potentially change her life. Her father sets her on a …

  • Electra



    "I am the lightning that makes no sound until it strikes." --------------------------- Born in a life of blood and gore, Astrea Rose chose to raise hell. --------------------------- Being the only daughters of the …

  • Scales and Swords

    Scales and Swords


    They say keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. In the war-weary Kingdom of Kreatier where wizards and ogres and creatures of all kinds inhabit, lives Mo, a …

  • The true queen

    The true queen


    Estheria has a twin name Alexia. Estheria has always been special. Turns out on their 18th birthday estheria is mated to the werewolf king and alexis is mated to …

  • Riansh – Perfectly Imperfect ❤❤❤

    Riansh – Perfectly Imperfect ❤❤❤


    A fun loving handsome person Vansh Raisinghania falls in love with a cold, heartless, ruthless business tycoon & underworld mafia queen Riddhima Sisodiya. Is she really heartless?? Will he …

  • A Light in the Shadows.

    A Light in the Shadows.


    "So, what's your story?" I asked. "Story? I don't really have a story." Jelequi explained. "Sure, everyone does." I replied. "Tell me your story first. I don't know much …

  • Nerd Turn Into Childish Queen/Mus-Alonlym Book Awards 2020/

    Nerd Turn Into Childish Queen/Mus-Alonlym Book Awards 2020/


    [COMPLETED] :June 25,2020 :September 1,2020

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