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18 Novels
  • Not Just Chubby ~ Kiara’s Story

    Not Just Chubby ~ Kiara’s Story


    Do you ever look into the mirror and have two completely different opinions about yourself. Like one moment you're like damn I'm a hot chick and then the next …

  • For you Only (bxb)

    For you Only (bxb)


    Royalty and serve Coming soon xx

  • A Girl From Wonderland

    A Girl From Wonderland


    *^* What if everything you ever wanted came true? *^* As the Copenhagen Art Institute welcome new arrivals, Y9 student Bella Ilesse befriends the only girl that transferred; soon to …

  • ♚ Afterhours ♚

    ♚ Afterhours ♚


    Persephone pulled out a book from her handbag, to read it out to Xavier. Xavier examined the book cover. It was a thick yellow book, with the face of …

  • Sherlock Holmes- The case of the waxed Murder.

    Sherlock Holmes- The case of the waxed Murder.


    Sherlock Holmes And Dr.Watson are assigned to the most thrilling case in all Of Sherlock's careers join them in the Case of the waxed Murder. ( I do not …

  • POSH



    'Posh' seems quite intrigued with the full happiness around they, and tries to find answers to some questions, when a different perspective of life and world arrives on his …

  • Ex-Detective | Hiatus

    Ex-Detective | Hiatus


    Helping a dead ex has never been harder. |-| Humour dripping nineteen-year-old Peter Collins must find true love anew, while helping his dead boyfriend's ghost solve his murder. *-*-*-* Peter's a nineteen-year old …

  • found love. Prince Taehyung X Y/n

    found love. Prince Taehyung X Y/n


    Harsh language Kidnapping and assault warning. Y/n = your name Short chapters. a princess named Y/n has not found love yet , and the royal family needs a prince to go along with …

  • She Never Left

    She Never Left


    SHE'S DEAD WHAT DO YA THINK SHE CAN DO! A story of a dead girl named Debby who was back for revenge. When it says this comes in the category …

  • The Heart of the Devil

    The Heart of the Devil


    ❝I TOOK YOUR HEART, BUT YOU STOLE MY SOUL❞ Elyon, a young and rich girl born centuries ahead of her time struggles with finding anyone she connects to, until she …

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