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  • Moon Eyes 🌒 – Taekook ( Ongoing )

    Moon Eyes 🌒 – Taekook ( Ongoing )


    ඔහුට තමා මේ ලෝකයේ තියෙන ලස්සනම ඇස් දෙක තියෙන්නේ... සාගරයේ මුතු කැට වගේ නිල්පාටින් දිලිසෙන ඒ ඇස් දිහා එක පාරක් බලපු කෙනෙකුට ඒ ඇස්වල බැල්මෙන් මිදෙන්න තියා ඒ ගැන …

  • Purge



    The government had too much people in the population, they decided to have an annual purge. You end up having to run and hide, and are found. He attempts …

  • Lost De Villa Vòulldarès

    Lost De Villa Vòulldarès


    "Death is for suffer" "Suffer is for death" Ang kamatayan ay matatagpuan ang pagdurusa, ang misyon niyang magdusa ang kamatayan ay napalitan ng awa at pagmamahal. Posible kayang mahulog ang …

  • The Game || Mafia Au|| JJK ff

    The Game || Mafia Au|| JJK ff


    Two life's gamer. One is behind love and another one is behind power. What will happened when they come together? Who will win? Love or power? It's the story of …

  • Short Stories Ft. Loki or Tom

    Short Stories Ft. Loki or Tom


    A collection of short stories featuring Tom or LoKi. Generally these will be reader requests. Smut will be indicated in title. Enjoy!




    In a remote city on the edge of the Kingdom of Colivar, a teenager named Ara encounters a demonic assassin and somehow survives. Not realizing the extent of the …

  • A Bridge to Paradise

    A Bridge to Paradise


    A Bridge to Paradise

  • Helpless



    Celeste Sarmiento, the quiet smart girl.

  • A Tale Of Love

    A Tale Of Love


    "You will never succeed in demolishing them. They are indestructible." I said back to her. I had enough of her bickering and self praising. "What did you said you …

  • Dimensions



    LOL this is gay and kinda sad tbh Anyways i have this rlly great oc story so you gotta read it too,, have fun😋

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