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  • Mirrors of Blue

    Mirrors of Blue


    In a world of fairytale magic and mystery, where liars are round every corner and nothing is as it seems, only one side can discover the truth. Elliot Boot is …

  • Silent Soul

    Silent Soul


    disclaimer: This is my first fan fanfiction so it could be a little cringe. This story is about George Weasley. This story is based on both the books and …

  • Light Series Extras

    Light Series Extras


    Welcome to my Light Series Extra book, which was created when I realized there was so much more to explore. New character sides to discover and possibly some awkward …

  • Harry Potter and the Land of Loss (Hedric)

    Harry Potter and the Land of Loss (Hedric)

    Author: ,

    "He really is quite a handsome boy," said Voldemort, foot resting hard on Cedric's face, pressing it down into the ground. The cold soil of the graveyard digging into …

  • The Electric Gate

    The Electric Gate


    Six different students begin their senior year in another dimension in a school made for training killers. If they make it through their senior year they'll be sent to …

  • An Elemental Difference – FIRE – Book 2 (Stefan Salvatore)

    An Elemental Difference – FIRE – Book 2 (Stefan Salvatore)


    Aella's existence in Mystic Falls had changed many things for the better. But with Katherine Pierce now in town, and the Originals on their way, how can Aella protect …

  • The Unwanted Child

    The Unwanted Child


    This story is Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone from the point of view of Alexandra Granger, the unwanted twin of Hermionie Granger. Alexandra was always picked last in …

  • The Golden Awakening

    The Golden Awakening


    History is bound to repeat itself if nobody recognises what occurred in the past, a buried past, as power can blind people and societies of their own actions. Sarah Wilson …

  • The Marquis’s Scum Son

    The Marquis’s Scum Son


    Created on 04/19/2022 Trevor Scott was a young adult, living paycheck by paycheck for himself and his little sister. Disaster strikes on the job, and he's now found himself at …

  • Closer to the Sun  ||  A Fairy Tale on Hiking Trails

    Closer to the Sun || A Fairy Tale on Hiking Trails


    🌲 🦊 🐭 Campbell was ten the first time he turned into a mouse. The only person he could tell was his best friend Shea, but on that same …

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