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  • Kore



    Rudy wakes up in his room only to see that it seems to be disconnected from his house, the wall from which the door was attached to now broken …

  • Fate vs. Choice

    Fate vs. Choice


    A past is forgotten. A struggle to remember what was stolen to unveil the truth. A kingdom shrouded in darkness and in desperate need of the light. A decision to …

  • Descendant Of Olympus

    Descendant Of Olympus


    Ash is a normal teen taking care of their siblings whilst having to deal with their own personal troubles. Trouble constantly finds them at school and just when …




    Aurora has lived for more than 200 years, and all of a sudden a company called GENESIS was founded, where species of all kinds were welcomed there. M RATED: SWEARING …

  • Beyond Black and White

    Beyond Black and White


    Once upon a time, this world belonged to humanity. We were born with magic, and from a young age, we were taught how to use it. And in due time, we …

  • Magic and Battles

    Magic and Battles


    Un Castillo, Jóvenes de la Realeza y Familias Billonarias, Magia, Peleas, Guerras, Situaciones Amorosas, Rencores, Música, Bailes, Juegos, Risas......Suena loco ¿no? pero..... Al final todo vale la pena......Acompaña a …

  • A Challenge Unanswered

    A Challenge Unanswered


    A young girl finds herself in a strange land, the life of a young prince in her hands. Is it a dream or reality? Can she control her magic before …

  • The Potter Twins

    The Potter Twins


    The Potter twins went though their years at home before heading off to Hogwarts. You had Emma, red ginger hair like a Weasley, with brown eyes and freckled face. …

  • WildWood



    Two wounded men. One semi mythical, magical pool. A forest full of monsters out for blood... Danel Aizalde wasn't born in the WildWood. Scarred by fire and years of fighting …

  • The Immortal’s Reckoning

    The Immortal’s Reckoning


    A familiar sounding story takes a sharp twist when a young man winds up in another world and realizes he isn't the Chosen One of this story. The Chosen …

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