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  • I Have Found You

    I Have Found You


    "she is just a housewife " that's what my father say whenever , he introduced my mother to others. after getting married a girl supposed to be a housewife …

  • YOU Owe Me

    YOU Owe Me


    The price for everlasting love must be paid in full... Corey was only thirty-one years old; he wasn't supposed to feel used up. But what did he expect after spending …

  • Stay or Go

    Stay or Go


    Innocence meets Arrogance...Stormee Waters is a young woman with little money, loads of responsibility, and a new job in a new city. Her first assignment as a writer for …

  • The Cherry Blossom

    The Cherry Blossom


    Its a Love - Hate relationship story with our loveables Ashwin and Sivaangi💜.. They bicker, They fight, They argue, They part ways, But They love each other a lot.. …

  • Destiny



    Bani is fierce girl , who has has a harsh life . It seemed like even destiny was against her happiness, but nothing broke her ___________________________________________ Veer is a ruthless mafia …

  • Red String | Minsung

    Red String | Minsung


    Minho and Jisung had known eachother since kindergarten, and had been enemies for as long as they could remember. Though, everything changed when a red string connected their fingers. _________________________________________ Red …

  • Hide & Seek Marriage

    Hide & Seek Marriage


    Two strangers or Two Soulmates One is Fire other is Water. One is emotional other is over practical. One enjoys life to the fullest other is hell bent on destroying everything. One is …

  • Destructive Love

    Destructive Love


    . Mithra, She grown up as a warrior, an avenger. She was strong enough to destroy everything that came into her way until she met him. She was ready …

  • Sin Bound

    Sin Bound


    ♣A Dark Mafia Romance♣ "I can see it right through you, you desire me." He started eyes turning dark as night before his finger snapped towards my chin clasping it …

  • Raghvi – The Soulmates (MHRW)

    Raghvi – The Soulmates (MHRW)

    Author: ,

    PALLAVI DESHMUKH- A beautiful girl living in Hyderabad from last 3 years. She very chearful , fearless and a very honest girl. She was anything but week, he ocean …

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