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  • The Hero, the Princess, and the Cursed King

    The Hero, the Princess, and the Cursed King


    For centuries the wielders of the Triforce have been trapped in a seemingly endless battle between good and evil. It's simple really, the Hero and the Princess destroy the …




    Short Stories featuring Taejin/Kookjin/Taejinkook ship. This is my first ever book, I started writing this book to practice my skills. Top:Taehyung, Jungkook Bottom: Seokjin

  • Falling for you

    Falling for you


    Harry Potter and Haikyuu cross over Akaashi transfers to hogwarts after a difficult year in the hospital. Once at school he finds himself falling in love with a gryffindor, …

  • Liam’s love story

    Liam’s love story

    Author: ,

    Liam finds love in a café with a beautiful Greek girl over hot drinks and snacks She immediately falls in love after seeing his artwork and listening to him sing. …

  • Musical Embrace

    Musical Embrace


    A competition which is to be taken out in the whole of LA to get the best band ever gets amazing bands into the game. There's a lot of fun …

  • Sweet Jane

    Sweet Jane


    Jane, an accomplished pickpocket, unwittingly ran into a gang and witnessed a murder. After being let off, she later found out that the man who let her off was …

  • The CLASSIFIED Agent (3)

    The CLASSIFIED Agent (3)


    "Not a day ago I was in a mind prison and I'm back in space. We get through this I'm quitting. Space. obviously. The only thing we haven't …

  • Enemies to lovers

    Enemies to lovers


    Veles Villarreal and Bedelia Amana have long hated each other since they were children. It was always a competition against each other to be the best and always despised …

  • The Muted Game

    The Muted Game


    What if the planned destiny of a ship that sails had a person who controls its direction except for the captain? What if, someone from the dark side suppressed …

  • Forbidden Love

    Forbidden Love


    Rosaline is a simple girl, just trying to peruse her dream career as a model in Italy when she is troubled by a stunning man, only to be kidnapped …

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