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  • Until Next Time, J

    Until Next Time, J

    Author: ,

    Olive Adler is about to begin her freshman year at San Diego State University. Eager to leave her small town and branch out into the big city, Olive couldn't be …

  • “Pillow Buddy” ✔

    “Pillow Buddy” ✔


    Penelope Price just wanted to graduate from High School with excellence and honors but her goal is too hard to achieve because she doesn't do well in school or …

  • Solid Gold – A Johnnyboy Fanfic

    Solid Gold – A Johnnyboy Fanfic


    Ponyboy and Johnny have always been best friends, but then weird things start happening to them. They accidentally almost kiss all the time, the gang constantly teases them about …

  • {Paul Stanley x Gene Simmons} |Fanfic|

    {Paul Stanley x Gene Simmons} |Fanfic|


    Sexiest coolest most delicious fanfic ever! Watch sexy rockstars Paul and Gene embark on all kinds of extraordinary adventures! (The fourth and fifth chapter is when it starts getting good, …

  • My Bad Boy

    My Bad Boy


    this is kinda like a trend so i decided that to jump on it

  • amoretto | yeonbin

    amoretto | yeonbin


    [ ongoing ] a yeonbin au in which soobin and yeonjun are polar opposites in romance but are destined partners for each other ---------------------------------- - gay - fantasy / university-based au - everything …

  • Broken Heart

    Broken Heart


    Can misunderstanding break love ? Love is an incredible feeling but have you though the things you would have to face to get your love, the suffers you go …

  • Sudden Princess

    Sudden Princess


    Mina is just a normal girl living deep in the forest of the magical world. She isn't special or rich however she soon finds an object that will change …

  • Fortune Favors the Bold

    Fortune Favors the Bold


    Kalani Makoa's barely managing her life in the Vlasteri, the poorest of all five provinces of her country when a letter arrives for her in the mail. She is …

  • Accepted the animal

    Accepted the animal


    Camellia Rosenfelt is a young girl whose death of her mother causes her father to change and ends up abusing her ever since she was five though manages to …

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