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  • His Beloved

    His Beloved


    I would make this short and simple so Imagine this Your dad died at the age of thirteen in an accident you both were involved in and you miraculously …

  • Truth or Death

    Truth or Death


    All rise we are here to charge the defendant Mia stones for the murder of Richard and lisa stones What do you plead Guilty of all charges my lord And there you have …

  • ¿AHORA ERES TÚ? #2

    ¿AHORA ERES TÚ? #2


    Han pasado cuatro años desde aquel gran amor en Nueva York que vivieron Zack y Jade. Las vidas de ambos han dado un giro. Nueva ciudad, nuevos amigos y …

  • One World Away

    One World Away


    Aris Scarlet is quite literally the definition of 'average'. His grades were average, he didn't participate in sports, had a fairly plain look, was at the direct middle in …

  • Glittering Flith

    Glittering Flith


    DiverCity a city of beauty and versatility. . But when Mia Langley returns home after two years it's only then she realizes how filthy her beloved city is underneath …

  • Entitled – editing

    Entitled – editing

    Author: , , ,

    Adrastos Sante-Silvestri and Raeah Emmery were once best friends. But that was three years ago, now they've changed. Secrets are being hidden and the question is, how long can …

  • Lost in the Forest

    Lost in the Forest


    Olive had heard rumors and myths about werewolves. They were large scary creatures with huge teeth. That's what she thought of them at least until she met Elijah. Elijah …

  • Chelsea boots and cigarettes

    Chelsea boots and cigarettes


    "Like friends with benefits?" "Yeah, just... without the friends part." Highest ranking: #5 in friendswithbenefits #7 in louiswilliamtomlinson #8 in benefits #11 in neighbors

  • The Paperback Pixies

    The Paperback Pixies


    Snuffle Scratchbutt is an exile of the Scratchbutt clan and denizen of the Netherglade, where pixies of ill-repute make their home. Indebted to the famously violent Scatterbloom twins, he …




    Burvington Preparatory Academy. Home of the "Burlie" Boys, The richest , said to be strongest and some of the most genius minds in Britain. The 4 most powerful boys …

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