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  • The Twins

    The Twins


    Veronica and victoria were 2 when their mother stole them from their family. years later when their mother was murdered by their stepfather they found a note to look for …

  • High School Love story

    High School Love story


    This story is just a imagination-based story which I made.. Hope I dont dissapoint ya'll Hope it is interesting!❤

  • Dark Beauty

    Dark Beauty


    Leila just moved to a new city and all she wants to do is fit in. However she is not a normal girl, she can talk and see ghosts! …

  • When Ice And Speed Meet

    When Ice And Speed Meet


    Based on the CW show "The Flash." & DC Comics This story is about a romance between Caitlin and Barry as I am forever bitter about the writers not …

  • Ray of Light

    Ray of Light


    This is a Mafia siblings story. It will have some cliche sweet siblings moments. It's not like other Mafia sibling stories, I will try my best to make it …

  • Until I found You (SH Series 1)

    Until I found You (SH Series 1)


    Natalie Angel Merovingian is the only daughter in Merovingian Family, their family is a well-known family in their city, from a trauma that was given by her ex she …

  • Purple~Smoke



    Men and women can never just be "friends". Amarta was best friends with Abel in high school. Her only memories of him were blunt. She forgot about it all, …

  • Overcome



    a girl who's life was turned upside down after a tragic accident, when she was thirteen,carries around a burden which weighs her entire life down...but after a certain biology …

  • We Got Each Other

    We Got Each Other


    this is a story about adolescent that each one have a problem for example one of them have depression. another one lost their dad or another one have mental …

  • The Ferris Wheel

    The Ferris Wheel


    A short love story with two highschool boys

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