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  • Sweet Nightmares!

    Sweet Nightmares!


    Sequel to "Show me your Tentacles". Death kept Jessica on his world, unafraid of Zalgo and Rebecca's reaction of him having his daughter. Alongside Slenderman, Zalgo plans to retrieve Jessica …

  • PA 3.5: End of a Tail

    PA 3.5: End of a Tail


    A certain dalmatian escapes from the cats and dogs of the communal day after healing Hachiko's students; things almost went perfectly, aside from a single unforgivable 'mistake'. Now, Patches …

  • ADRENALIZE. apply fic

    ADRENALIZE. apply fic


    IN WHICH a bunch of strangers have to figure out how to escape a maze and uncover secrets while doing so. ❛ welcome to the maze ❜ ❪ original apply fic …

  • A Vampire’s Rotten Heart

    A Vampire’s Rotten Heart


    Garrett's got a case of rotten luck. First, he finds himself sick with a mysterious illness, and next, he's grown a taste for human blood and a pair of …

  • Dark pixel✔️

    Dark pixel✔️


    "The fourth wall, is not meant to be broken, but yet it did." - slight smut - creepy This is a story that is mainly a game.

  • the boy from camp (ben drowned/the boy x reader)

    the boy from camp (ben drowned/the boy x reader)


    Ben wanted to check out the summer camp near the slender mansion but he saw someone there... at first he wanted to target them as his next victim... but …

  • Oneshots



    This book involves oneshots or short storys that i made!

  • Blood of the Moon

    Blood of the Moon


    A broken love story but restored once again but now it's different. Aevara Devon a vampire in a human world where Vampires are above the food chain. A …

  • An Omegas Baby

    An Omegas Baby


    They told us no. But we did so anyway. A vampire falling in love with an omega wolf. It was a twist we both needed in our once simple lives. But now we …

  • A Fighting Life

    A Fighting Life


    A boy named Candy Cain is kidnapped from his village. After he finds that the kidnappers work as a family and act as one. The Unusuals they call themselves …

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